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Everything About Dog’s Dry Skin Problems | Symptoms & Home Remedies

Your day won’t be happy if your dog’s health is not good. It will be livelier if you have a dog around, but did you know dogs can also suffer from dry skin problems like we humans? It is so sad that it will be uncomfortable for your dog and you. There are many causes for dry skin in your dogs, and if treated carefully, it is a good sign that your dog will be happier than ever. If you have this question of What can I put on my dog for dry skin? you will find your answers here. Don’t hesitate to consult your vet in case of chronic or severe itching. But, as in the case of minor itches, you can try many home remedies without fail.

Reasons for Dry Skin in Dogs

There are many reasons your dog suffers from dry skin. If the root cause is identified, treating your dogs with the utmost care will be easy. What are they?

#1 Due to Allergies

Like humans, dogs are more likely to suffer from allergic conditions because of food, ambiance, or seasonal variations. Other reasons include dust, pollen, feathers, animal dander, etc., leading to dry skin. If dog skin allergies not treated effectively, the occurrence of atopic dermatitis is possible. Because of it, your dog might have inflammation, itching, skin redness, etc.

Another major allergic condition is due to flea saliva, which is termed flea allergy dermatitis in medical terms. It is no wonder more American dogs might encounter this allergy often. Take medical advice before treating it with home remedies or insecticides. Also, in these cases, using flea and tick meds can also help.

#2 Due to Parasites

your dog’s skin is flaky, it may be due to parasites. If present, canine parasites cause severe skin conditions that should be treated carefully. Contacting a veterinarian to cure dog flaky skin due to parasites is a must.

#3 Due to Dry Air

Dry air is also the main reason for causing dry skin in your dog. Moisture is necessary for your dog to maintain its elasticity and resilience. You might have noticed that your dog might have some mild itchiness during winter due to dry air. In this scenario, using a humidifier may help avoid this situation, thus making your dog comfortable.

#4 Balanced Nutrition

Taking sufficient fatty acids makes your dog’s skin stay healthy. Make sure to check whether your dog’s food contains all the needed nutrients in it. Sometimes, additional nutritional supplements for dogs can help resolve this issue. Suppose dry skin is because of insufficient nutrition. In that case, Omega 3, as well as Omega 6 fatty acids, play a vital role in curing it. Either liquid or capsule form is more than enough to treat your dog with proper supplements. But note that the National Animal Supplement Council must approve these supplements for a balanced diet.

Some other causes for dry skin are taking baths frequently, infections caused due to bacteria or fungus, some systemic disorders (Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism), etc. It is a must to consult your family veterinarian if these symptoms exist.

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Symptoms of Dogs with Dry Skin

There are several symptoms of dry dog skin issues. Your dogs with dry skin might suffer from at least one symptom as below. It should be noted carefully, and seek help from your vet.

#1 Flaking/Dandruff

If a dead skin cell spotted on your dog’s stomach or underarm. If there are too many flakes, consult your veterinarian immediately for dog dandruff treatment for better relief.

#2 Scaling

It is a similar form of flaking, but the falling-off skin pieces will be larger. While dandruff is a common issue, scaling is not. Scaly skin on dogs may result in Seborrhea being one form of dermatitis.

#3 Shedding

Shedding is some form of hair loss and is seasonal. Some dogs suffer from this problem in Spring and Fall. Dogs like Golden Retrievers may suffer from this for half a year. Your dog’s skin is somewhat abnormal if you see any patches in your dog’s exposed skin.

#4 Pimples

A tiny red bump on your dog’s chin (especially in the pug-like short-haired variety) is a sign of canine acne. It is something that is not necessarily linked to dry skin problems.

#5 Inflammation

The skin turns red if it is inflamed. It could be some infection in your dog that causes this red skin.

#6 Odor

This might occur in the presence of bacteria, and your dog will start to stink when you ignore the symptoms of flaking and scaling.

#7 Itching

Due to itching, your dog starts to lick or scratch the infected area. This will damage your dog’s skin, resulting in something called Scabs.

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What Can I Put On my Dog for Dry Skin?

In most dogs, dry skin is treated just by taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements or using coconut oil, but it is not the case. You can also use best dog shampoo for dry skin available in the markets. Some home remedies you can prefer if your dog suffers from dry skin are. The best puppy shampoo for dry skin, conditioners, oils are the home remedies for dry skin on dogs.

#1 Oatmeal Bath

An oatmeal bath is one of the great dog dry skin remedy and the best way to treat irritated skin and is more effective for your pets. Avenanthramides are present in oatmeal, treating irritating skin for dogs and humans.

#2 Vitamin–E

Due to free radicals, your dog might suffer from dry skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps moisturize the skin coat of your pet and gives good dog dry skin treatment. If available in capsules, squeeze it and apply it to the dry skin. If your dog somehow licks it, no issues; Vitamin E oil for dogs is good for the liver and heart. But consult your pet’s doctor before applying it.

#3 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for dogs is the best home remedy for dry skin, which is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin sources. It can also be included as a supplement in your dog’s food.

#4 Apple Cider Vinegar

This helps to preserve moisture when applied to your dog’s skin. Using this vinegar will remove all the infectious bacteria, which also acts as a natural acidifier and finest dog dry skin home remedy treatment. It also improves blood flow and reduces the yeast population in your dog’s skin.

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Food Diet for Dry Skin in Dogs

  • As you probably know, diet is vital in treating your dogs with dry skin ailments. Check for the ingredients, whether it is a portion of dry or wet food. Some artificial ingredients and preservatives, when added to them, affect your dog’s health.
  • Some dogs will be sensitive to certain types of food, which may cause allergies because of some added ingredients. There are many food brands available, and depending upon the age factor, lifestyle, and breed, the food brands may differ for each one.
  • It is not that providing high-quality, grain-free dog food may treat your dog’s skin ideally. For some dogs, it is necessary to take grains for good skin.
  • Brown rice is a fiber-rich food that keeps your pup healthier. Yogurt contains good bacteria and can cure dry skin issues when consumed in small amounts (for small dogs – 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon for larger ones).
  • Veterinarians recommend olive oil for dogs skin, a moisturizer, and a vitamin source your dog may lack in the diet. Also, flaxseed oil can be recommended by your veterinarian, but in a small dose.
  • You can feed your dog fish oils, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This helps to improve and clear dry skin. Feeding your dog fish like salmon, sardines, etc., in moderate amounts can help your dog deal with dry skin problems.
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How to Treat Dry Skin on Dogs?

According to the breed, your dog will lead an everyday life with the proper intake of dietetic foods, plenty of water, and exercise. Following are some tips on how to treat dry skin on dogs condition:

  • Your dog must consume omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids-rich food as it contains a good source of essential nutrients for your dog.
  • Feeding a balanced diet to your pup is necessary.
  • A regular veterinary check-up is a must to monitor your dog’s health.
  • To prevent dirt, make sure to groom your dog.
  • As a dog owner, do as much research as possible regarding what are the dog skin conditions and how to prevent them.


With proper preventive care, and giving best dog food for dry skin you can manage your pet’s health condition. A balanced diet is mandatory for your dog to stay safe and healthy. When combined with a proper vet consultation, home remedies are the best treatment for dry skin issues. If you wish to change your dog’s diet, try to make an appointment with your pet’s doctor first so that they can look for all the complications and underlying conditions your dog might have. Their advice when taking care of your pets is a must for preventing more serious health issues. If done, your pup will have a long healthy life.