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What is the Best Type of Lawn Sprinkler – 8 Different Types for Garden

Water is the ultimate source of life, not just for humans but for every living being, including plants. Sprinklers are the best way to give life to your plants, but what are they? Sprinklers, to be precise, are also spray machines but not for you. They are used to spray a larger area in a shorter time. Sprinklers can be useful to water your garden without much labor or struggle with your pipe. They are adjustable simple machines that can be fixed in the garden to provide equal water to the whole area. Also, sprinklers are used against fire alarms to turn down fire. Sprinklers come in various kinds and have vivid purposes. Here we will only talk about the lawn sprinklers, mostly, and the types of sprinklers that have existed till now!

Why Should you Choose a Lawn Sprinkler?

No irritation, just irrigation!

That is precisely what a lawn sprinkler does for you. Lawn sprinklers are attached to the water source, and they irrigate your plants and grass, making them all green and growing. They not only irrigate the lawns but also add power to you by reducing all the efforts. In addition, lawn sprinklers, if managed properly, can also reduce your utility cost as well as water usage.

These tiny fittings come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.
For instance, lawn sprinklers award you with convenience, cost-saving, and consistent hydration of your beloved lawn. The disadvantages are not too big to consider, but they do include planning the system followed by breaking your ground and then maintaining it from time to time.

8 Different Types of Sprinklers for Lawns / Gardens

Since you have learned about a sprinkler, better understand its types and what it provides you with. Sprinklers come in all modifications and qualities. Choose for yourself from the below list on best types of lawn sprinklers.

1. Traveling Sprinklers

A tractor without a driver? Yes, precisely. Traveling sprinklers, as the name goes, are not static machines. It is a moving mechanism but does not require moving around and watering your plants. Also, they are fixed at a certain level. So, no encounter of tipping tapping on them.

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A traveling sprinkler uses the water force to move around. They are connected to the hose carrying the water from the source, which ultimately drives the axle or vehicle while watering your plants. These sprinklers are comparatively cheap and a good way to water the whole of your lawn with more than enough water, though you have to make sure it doesn’t exceed the limit.

They are perfect if you are fixed on a budget but want to put in the best for your lawn. Some of the best brands to buy a tractor sprinkler are John Deere, Kifco, Rainwave, Craftsman, Orbit, Nelson, and Caterpillar.

2. Pop-Up Sprinklers

They are the most common and complex type of sprinklers but still have a soft spot among users because they are most efficient with their work. Have you ever seen small pop-up heads in large fields that suddenly start to drizzle? Those are the types. They have an underground irrigation system attached to them and start working when turned on for use with its head popping out. Pop–up sprinklers are hard to install as they require a lot of work during the installation process. Therefore, you make sure to choose them only when you need them for the long term.

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3. Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

How about a rectangular approach? Oscillating sprinklers, unlike many other sprinklers, throw water in rectangular form. These are long tubes with holes on top of them. The holes throw up water. They are essentially not mostly preferred but are indeed a good choice. The reason is the force of water after some time allows the water sprays to move back and forth, covering a particular area at best.

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This sprinkler type also has an adjustable operator to minimize or maximize the area you wish you cover in the rectangular area. In addition to the area coverage, it gives gentle irrigation, which is beneficial for your soil and vegetation as a whole.

4. Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary defines the movement of these sprinklers. They move and provide for the water requirement in circular form. A rotary sprinkler is considered ideal for large ground due to its tendency to throw water at longer lengths with the force of water coming. Although, due to the length, the amount of water is reduced, making them inconvenient for fast soaking soils.

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You can always go for a rotary if you have large lawns and good water pressure as they can operate only in water pressure above 40 PSI. Also, make sure to adjust the diameter you require for the water to reach.

5. Misting Sprinklers

Have you come across the fire alarm sprinklers? Those are what you call misting sprinklers. A misting sprinkler allows the outlet of very fine and small droplets of water which is why they are also called micro-sprinklers. They are not useful in a large lawn with enormous vegetation. Rather, these sprinklers are used in compacted spaces and close to the plant, somewhere with a requirement for personal care and delicate watering. The tiny pores are much worthy on compact soil and for your flower petals. If you are much of a flower person and have a low-pressure water source, go ahead and install a misting sprinkler.

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6. Stationary Lawn Sprinkler

The fixed sprinklers! As the word stationary suggests, these sprinklers are fixed at a point and therefore cover a lot less area than the lawn mentioned above sprinklers. It is a mediocre device level due to its inability to throw water at longer distances and low water level. However, if you have a small or medium size lawn, it is the perfect kind of sprinkler you need.

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Although, remember that it waters in a circular formation, either in half circle or full circle rounds, and therefore be effective and accurate with the fittings.

7. Impact Sprinklers

It is all about being driven by the impact! In an impact sprinkler, the head of the sprinkler is driven in a circular motion by the force of the outgoing water. The more pressure of water, the faster it goes. Impact sprinklers are widespread due to their ability to circulate and spray water in all directions. Due to their popularity, they also are available in different materials, right from brass to plastic.

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Along with providing for large areas, these sprinklers also give you the liberty to choose the force of spray you want from gentle to force, which brings them a little at the top of the priority list. Impact sprinklers can be used for lawns, agricultural purposes, and dust suppression. However, this kind of sprinkler can be expensive to buy if you have small areas.

8. Sprinkler Hoses

Not exactly sprinklers and not hoses. They are a combination of movable hoses and holes like a sprinkler attached to the hoses. These can be held by hand and thus call for little more attention. If not for manual labor, you could also fix them up statically towards the area you wish you moisten. They are more often used to water small vegetation such as indoor plants because of the low water pressure. However, you also use them if you wish to water a particular garden area.

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Watering Tips

As we mentioned earlier, water is life, so you should follow some tips to do one thing right for your plants. Plants are serene beauties and they only provide beauty and good health, which makes them precious. Therefore, here are some tips to follow while you go watering your lush beauties.

  • Do not throw water. Spray water gently on your plants as too much force could rub off the layers of soil, eventually destroying your plants.
  • Do not overdo or underdo. Try to water them regularly, based on their needs. Every plant requires a different amount of water, take a note and then make it a habit.
  • Do not water the leaves. Keep them dry to prevent any disease to the plant.
  • Water as gently as possible so that the water reaches the roots.
  • Water all the places of your vegetation equally and not in just one place. The practice would help in the proper development of the plant.
  • Use sprinklers for better water distribution if you have a big lawn.

Features to Consider while Buying Water Sprinklers for Yard

The best lawn sprinkler could always vary depending on the type of lawn you have, the soil you put into it, and the plants staying there. Of course, there are physical factors, such as the size of the place, the region you live in, and the budget you prepared for this system.

So, before you go out searching for an ideal sprinkler, consider these points:

  • Good water pressure: If the water pressure is good, your work will ultimately become easier.
  • Reach of the sprinkler: It depends on the size of the lawn. There will be different types of irrigation sprinkler heads. Not all kinds of nozzle suits your garden. Make sure you choose a sprinkler that can cover your lawn areas.
  • Water conservation: Since you need water for your plants, make sure you check if the sprinkler does not waste a large amount of water because that would result in cost adding.
  • Adjustable lengths and pressure: Sprinklers that allow operation on adjusting the length of the water sprays and water pressure should be preferred. They could make things easy.
  • Easy to install: No sprinkle would be easy to install but try not to take home the hardest to install. Install something that does not tie you up
  • Pocket and convenience: It is good to decide the lines between these two terms as they might contradict when you go out to buy the sprinkler. Make sure you bring in pocket-friendly convenience.


Your lawn needs water more than anything, so choosing the right sprinkler is very important. So, wrap up some sprinklers for your lawn. Make sure you know what you need as per your lawn’s size, vegetation, and plants because all of them are different. They have their pros and cons, which gives you no option but to think.

A lawn sprinkler is necessary, but it is also essential to knock on the right door before you kill something (we just meant your plants). Make a note of the features you require and ask your pocket when you are both on the same page. Buy one!