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Different Kinds of Padlocks – What is the Most Secure Type?

There are many types of padlocks out there, but which one to pick? Surely you would opt for the best one. But each padlock is used for different circumstances, and purchasing without any knowledge could lead to suboptimal security down the line. Below are the types of padlocks you need to know about and which will be the best to keep your belongings safe.

Types of Padlocks

1. Closed Shackle Padlocks

Closed shackle padlock Image

The closed shackle padlocks are a good security measure for your home and offices. You will see these padlocks being used often. These are pretty common when it comes to types of padlocks that are used in everyday life. Compared to other, newer designs, padlocks fall short of inefficiency. However, they are still a satisfactory measure against intruders who use saws to make their way through.

The lock is shaped like a rectangle with a square cavity at the upper half. The two sides of the padlock extend upwards and are closed by the shackle. It is worth noting that companies are starting to reduce their production due to the better safety provided by newer designs.

2. Locker Padlocks

Locker padlocks Image

As the name suggests, these padlocks see use in locking the locker. It comes with a key and a code key variant. Whichever one you pick is up to you. It is also a good measure when you forget to code the locker door, you will not have to worry about locking your forgetting, plus it feels safer.

3. Straight Shackle Padlocks

Straight shackle padlock Image

Just like the closed shackle padlock, the straight shackle padlock sees its fair share of use. But unlike the closed shackle, the straight shackle one is most likely used as a heavy duty weatherproof padlock for warehouse and shutter doors. Some even refer to it as a shutter padlock. The steel roller shutter could use its protection. Despite its simple looks, it provides great protection in commercial circles, and on top of that, it sees good utility as the strongest storage padlock.

4. Round Shackle Padlocks

Round shackle padlock Image

The round shackle padlocks are circular padlocks with a U-shaped cavity and an enclosing shackle. They have been in common use for some time., so much so they have gotten their nickname, discus locks. The reason for that is due to its shape being that of a disk. In terms of security, they provide solid security, succeeding the security provided by a closed shackle padlock. The thing that sets this padlock apart from its predecessors is its durability. No amount of saw, brute force or even drilling put up as much as a dent on these padlocks. If you want security with uttermost assurance, these padlocks are the way to go.

5. Long Shackle Padlocks

Long shackle padlock Image

To hide some secrets, these locks are good to go for personal use. They are designed as a square lock with a long U-shaped bar. They do not differ that much from their previously mentioned predecessors, just that they have a different design and follow the same principle. These padlocks do have a sense of aesthetics to them. But that sense of style comes with safety costs, so it is not recommended to use these padlocks if you require high safety.

6. Combination Padlocks

Combination padlock Image

As the name suggests, these padlocks use the combination to open them up, the dial type. Yes, these are the vintage padlocks that see use to this day in locking the luggage when you are off to go for big travel. It also gives you the edge in never needing a key to take care of when many other things already occupy you. They have a heavy-duty lock that only requires a pin to open.

7. Smart Padlocks

Smart padlock Image

These padlocks are the very definition of safety that meets modernity, which gives them an edge over everyone else. Just as our many tools and luxuries are getting more tech-savvy, so should be the protector that protects them. These high security padlocks are just that. Do not be daunted by their price. They are worth every cent.

These cool padlocks come in many variants. Let’s go over them one by one:

  • Bluetooth padlocks: When it comes to functionality, they provide the same utility as wi-fi padlocks, but the advantage they have over wi-fi ones is the less use of your phone’s battery. When the BlueTooth is enabled, it will open itself. You need only to get close to the lock.
  • Combination locks: Also called keypad locks, require you to enter the lock code to open it. They have many variants unto themselves; keypad door knob, combination deadbolt, just to name a few. Even there are some types of weatherproof outdoor combination locks available in the market to serve in harsh weathers.
  • Fingerprint smart locks: Fingerprint smart-lock scans the fingerprint pattern and converts it into data accessed as the key for these types of locks. These biometric padlocks are safe and maybe too safe, so it’s best to get a keypad or mechanical bypass in case of emergencies.

Final Thoughts

A good padlock is worth the cost, not just for financial bearings but for peace of mind. And at the end of the day, that is what counts. Keep in mind the things you need protection for, consider your area and make your judgment on what you need. You will be good to go. But you should not drive yourself to paranoia and go overboard, it is easy too, but that hinders your internal well-being; again, peace of mind.