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Different Types of Torches / Flashlight – How to Choose the Right Type?

Flashlights can be seen as the greatest invention of mankind. Bright lights were invented to fight the darkness of the world. Everyone must have used flashlights once in their life. Yes! They are as common. While going to a dark apartment, trekking or camping, or visiting the forest, you must have used the flashlights. But, have you ever thought of the types of flashlights available for us? Indeed! There are several flashlights we can use for different purposes at various times. Here, we will be looking at the different kinds of flashlights and their various uses.

What are Flashlights?

A flashlight, also known as the torch, is a mobile and handy electronic object used to provide light in dark areas, which runs on batteries. The first battery-oriented flashlights were invented in 1899. Let us now look at the uses of flashlights and various types provided to us at our aid.

11 Types of Flashlights

There are 11 different types of lights which are as follows;

1. Incandescent Flashlight

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Incandescent flashlights are commonly found in households, workplaces, stores, and basements. They are the traditional type of lights. Incandescent lights provide a bright, glowing, shining, and dazzling appearance in the room and are used with the help of D-Lights. But there are some other batteries also used for these lights. Incandescent lights are very affordable and budget-oriented, thus becoming the customer’s first choice. They are easily available, accessible, and easy to use lights. These multi use flashlights are quite fragile. Incandescent lights also waste a huge amount of energy and can hype up your bills.

2. LED Flashlight

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LED Flashlights have emerged as an alternative energy source. LEDs are low energy-consuming lights that prove beneficial for your monthly budget. They are long-lasting, durable, and resistant. Due to their longer period, these are helpful for long trips like camping and trekking. The fact that makes them durable is the absence of glass filaments in these lights. These are heavy-duty lights as they need a high initial and maintenance cost. LEDs are available in different colors and natural white colors too. Customers find these lights very strong and affluent.

3. HID Flashlights

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HID Flashlights stands for High-Intensity Discharge lights. These not-so-common lights run on the electric current passing through a ball of ionized gas. They provide a dazzling glow in the room and sharply cut the darkness. HID lights are comparatively more expensive than the other lights. If you want your room to glow and shine, these are the best choice for you. The efficacy of this light depends on the long life span of the bulb used in this. This light can be recharged easily and is water-resistant too. This is the best choice in every weather and climate.

4. Gas Pressurized Flashlights

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These lights come with a high-powered bulb and are used in other flashlights too. The three gasses, i.e., Xenon, halogen, and Krypton, are used to make these lights, which give more light by burning less. Also, the battery performance is long-lasting and efficient. These flashlights are shinier and brighter than the other lights. They also run on multiple and standardized D-batteries. These are very useful in swift and rapid necessities. These are brilliant and astute for domestic as well as professional use.

5. Lanterns

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It is a very convenient type of flashlight for casual domestic purposes. Customarily, lanterns were run on kerosene and various gasses, now replaced with a LED. You must keep them near the place of work and not point them ahead. These work in the same manner as LED lights. These are easy to carry and affordable. Lanterns are used for trekking, fish-catching, hiking, etc. People also prefer this old fashioned flashlight because it looks beautiful and charming in the room. It gives a vintage look to your interior decor in a cost-effective manner.

6. Headlamps

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When both of your hands are occupied, and you want to throw some light in your path, this is the best option for you. These are very convenient when you are too busy to hold a light. They come with a stretchable head strap that can fit anyone easily. These are handy, well-designed and best flashlights for hiking, biking, and camping. Headlamps are high-quality, rechargeable, and practical flashlights. The light emitted by them can be adjusted to different levels and angles. This helps in providing the right amount of light. These are also cost-effective and reliable flashlights.

7. Novelty Flashlights

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These lights are less reliable than other flashlights. These lights can not produce dazzling, glowing, and bright lights, making them useless for many activities. They are less powered by AAA batteries. These are small and handy. Due to their small size, they can be carried easily and efficiently. However, they are cheap and less effective in many situations. They are useful for small tasks but cannot light up the entire room.

8. Diving Lights

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As the name suggests, these lights are meant for underwater uses. The light is waterproof, small, easy to carry, and high-powered according to its purpose. Most of these lights use LED bulbs for powerful light. They are water-resistant and do not degrade with saltwater or chlorine. It can be used for various water activities, such as scuba diving, underwater swimming, freediving, snorkeling, etc. As these lights provide high-quality services, these are relatively expensive.

9. Solar-powered Flashlights

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Keeping in view the environmental state, it has become important to invent environmentally friendly, conventional, and renewable flashlights. There are such flashlights that do not harm the environment. The solar-powered flashlights are cost-effective and efficient lights used without batteries. You don’t need to buy batteries and pay for high electricity bills as they can be charged with the help of solar panels. They are reliable and durable for a short period. These no batteries flashlights are also less effective than the other lights available in the market, such as LED and HID flashlights. However, if correctly charged, they can be of great use.

10. Shake Flashlights

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These are unique flashlights you can find in the market. It is very easy to use, as you don’t need to find a button to start it, shake it and the light will appear. Shakeable flashlights are less expensive. They do not run on batteries. Rather they run on magnets that fit inside the body. But with all the pros, the one con that may make this flashlight less desirable is the level of light it provides. This doesn’t make the room brighter or glowing. Instead, it provides a very dim light that may prove useless.

11. USB-charged Lights

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With so much advancement in technology, it is now possible to reuse the same battery over a long period. Now you can purchase flashlights with built-in batteries. You can charge these batteries just the way you charge any other device at your home. In modern times when people do not have enough time to spend, this can be a great escape. You need to plug in the USB and charge your flashlight with ease. They do not need a constant power connection and are bright too. Though it is more expensive than other batteries, they have a longer period.


These are all kinds of flashlights present in the market. It can be tricky to choose from a vast range of varieties. By going through the types mentioned above of lights. You can choose the best flashlight for different occasions. There are different pros and cons of various lights, which makes them unique. Only knowing the types of flashlights isn’t enough. You also need to look at the different features of each flashlight before getting one. By now, you may have an idea about the best lights. You can now choose the best among the vast variety.

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