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10 Different Kinds of Brooms & Types of Bristles

Brooms are great tools for cleaning surfaces. They don’t utilize batteries or electricity and are lightweight. Brooms don’t take up as much space as vacuums, are easy to use and can clean outdoor surfaces as well. That said, some are better at cleaning certain types of surfaces than others. Though they are not much fancy to talk about, it might be interesting to know a brief on different types of brooms. Read on and find out why!

Types of Brooms for Sweeping/Decor

Some brooms are designed to clean indoor floors, while others are designed for outdoor surfaces. Some types of brooms are even styled as decoration. It is recommended to choose the one as per your need and comfort:

1. Angled Brooms

These are modern brooms. They are pretty common for cleaning washrooms and kitchens in homes. As the name suggests, an angled broom has its bristles at an angle. The bristles are longer on one end and shorter on the other. This gives great access to corners and gets rid of the dust and dirt with relative ease. The floor corners are where dust usually gathers, so this broom is especially helpful for cleaning in such cases.

2. Standard Brooms

These are the most common type of broom available in the market. Standard house brooms have a long handle and an average brush size of around 30cm. These come in handy when sweeping indoor floors. They are also pretty cheap and widely available.

3. Push Brooms

Push brooms come with long handles and wide bases. The brush size of an average push broom is 60cm or so. These can sweep away dirt in the direction away from the user. A push sweeper is good for clearing large outdoor floors. The pushing motion of a push sweepers makes it easier to clear larger areas than standard brooms. However, these are not so good at cleaning fine dust and loose debris, leaves etc., quite well.

4. Water Brooms

Not used much at homes, water brooms are mainly used in commercial cleaning. Concrete patios, sidewalks, and tiles around swimming pools are places where water brooms are used. It contains an attached pipe which squirts small jets out of the brush head. After dislodging it, this helps remove any dirt stuck on the ground using the bristles.

5. Hard Brooms

These brooms have stiffer than normal bristles. This makes them more useful than standard ones in cleaning the dirt in holes and cracks. The bristles of standard and soft ones bend easily. So the standard ones don’t perform as well when cleaning holes as hard brooms. These sweepers also properly clean areas too dirty to use vacuum cleaners in.

6. Scented/Spiced Brooms

These brooms are not designed for cleaning. Instead, they play a decorative role in the house and help scent rooms. Most of them are scented with cinnamon. They come in many sizes. Some are miniature, while others can be full-sized.

7. Wedding Brooms

These are used in wedding ceremonies. When a couple gets married, they perform ‘jumping the broom’. In this ceremony, the couple jump over the broom as a sign of their commitment to each other. These are usually made of natural materials. They are also decorated with flowers, bows and ribbons.

8. Hand Brooms

Hand brooms are those that one can hold in hand. They have short handles, and the bristles lay along the length of the broom. These are usually sold in a set with a dustpan. Hand sweepers are used to clear up the dirt using the dustpan after cleaning has been done.

9. Besom Brooms

These are used as decorations during Halloween or similar events. These are show brooms usually linked with witches. Not too sturdy, these are made of twigs tied to a wooden handle. Originally used for sweeping, they are now used as decoration as they are not as strong as modern brooms.

10. Soft Brooms

Soft brooms are usually made out of corn. The bristles at the base of this broom are usually in a fan shape. The bristles in these are strong and tend to hold their shape. However, the bristles bend or break over time as the broom is used. You can use this type for cleaning both indoors and outdoors.

Picking what type of broom to get depends entirely on the use case. For commercial outdoor cleaning, water brooms are better than standard ones. While for personal indoor cleaning, angled brooms are a fine choice.

Types of Broom Bristles

While picking a broom, it is also important to pay attention to the parts of a broom like type of bristles. Not all bristles are suitable for all types of cleaning. Check out what are broom bristles made of, for different kinds of sweepers

  • Corn: A very old and common material for brooms. Corn is strong and stiff but bends with little effort. The fibers in corn can trap the smallest amounts of dirt. Brooms made of corn bristles are also quite cheap.
  • Polypropylene: Bristles made of this material are very soft. This ensures proper cleaning of smooth indoor floors. The softness of this material makes it less useful in sweeping outdoor areas.
  • Horsehair: Horsehair is soft and not ideal for sweeping on its own. It works better when used with materials that can handle larger dust particles. The other material can clear the larger dust, while horsehair can cover the finer dust particles.
  • Rubber: Rubber bristles attract dust and hair, making them great for indoor sweeping. These bristles are resistant to snapping and bending, which gives the broom longevity. However, these bristles are not stiff enough and properly clean outdoor areas.

The materials of bristles mentioned above are few of many. Picking the most suitable bristles comes down to preference and use. Some bristles are sturdier, while others clean better.


What are small brooms called?

Small and short brooms that comes without handle are called as Whisk Brooms and also know as Dusters.

How long is a broom?

It depends on the type of brooms. However, normal broomstick ranges from 3 to 4 feet and long one goes from 5 to 6 feet.


There are many broom types and just as many types of bristles. There is no one broom for all situations. Some will clean indoor floors better while others clean the outdoors better. Some sweepers are not even designed to clean and are just decorations. It is best to get the broom that best suits one needs.