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Shoveling Snow – Most Efficient Way to Shovel Driveway

There is nothing more beautiful than the clear weather after a heavy storm until you remember cleaning all the mess. Clearing the snow is a huge task for people living in a winter wonderland. Fortunately, there are the best snow blowers that you can handle yourself without paying someone else. Snowblowers are available in both gas and battery-powered models. However, it is a difficult choice among varieties of models in different shapes and sizes. Read more about the techniques on how to shovel snow safely by ensuring all safety tips. Using the right equipment helps you clear all the snow without any injury.

How to Shovel Snow Fast?

Below we explained the easiest way to shovel the snow. Follow this step-by-step procedure to shovel a driveway properly and safely.

Step 1: Start Early

So, when to shovel the snow? Be sure to start shoveling early in the morning as the snow remains fresh and it is easier to shovel. The ground remains wet, and snow does not stick to it. Snowplows every morning move maximum snow on the side of each driveway. Wait for the snowplow to complete its work, and then you can start clearing the edges of the driveway. Start from the center if you plan to clean a rectangle area. It will help you to pile up maximum snow in the middle. This will not block access to the other areas. Strip some snow from the edges of the rectangular area and then push all the snow towards the center.

Step 2: Ensure Safety Precautions First

Clearing or shoveling snow is a manual chore people do after a heavy snowfall. However, there are risks and injuries involved in shoveling the snow. You can go through muscle injuries or cuts while performing these activities. Do not engage in the activity for a longer duration. As you already live in snowy regions, it will make your heart pump faster. This makes you prone to heart attacks. Stop shoveling if you experience breathing problems. Consult a doctor if the case gets serious.

Shoveling itself is an outdoor activity so engage in warm-up activities before starting. It will help in making your muscles lose and work efficiently. Always take short breaks in between shoveling. Do not pressurize yourself in doing the work faster; instead, do it at a normal pace. Before starting, the dressing is essential, so keep your hands and face covered. Do not wear open-toe shoes as they may cause injury. If you want to dig up some snow, then hold the shovel in a steady motion; otherwise, hold it at a specific angle.

Step 3: Usage of Appropriate Equipment

Before starting any work, go through the right kind of equipment that can make your shoveling easier. Nowadays, snow-shoveling equipment has an ergonomic design that lets you work effectively without any strain. The way shovels are held is the correct timing of work. Keep your feet appropriately while shoveling snow to avoid injury. Most of the blades in the shovel are made with metals. These metal blades work effectively in removing snow. You can use non-stick cooking sprays on top of the blades. These sprays are widely available for preventing ice from sticking to the shovels. Most of the shovel equipment is used to throw away snow and scoop it out from the road and driveways. However, not all types of equipment are the same.

Varieties of shovels are there for removing snow from different areas. A snow pusher consists of curved blades. These pushers accumulate snow from wider areas and roll them aside. In some areas where snowfall occurs, roof rakes regularly come in handy to remove snow from the ground. You can easily remove all snow in a standing gesture with telescoping handles. Snows removed in different ways for different regions, but ice scrapers are the common shovel. Use it to shovel snow from a car or bike. A snow broom pushes away heavy chunks of snow from the windshield and hood of your vehicle. After shoveling, all the snow melts all over the area. This will remove all other remaining snow.

What is the Best Way to Shovel Snow? – Proper Techniques

Using snow shoveling equipment, you can undergo injuries in your legs, hands, or back muscles. However, there are techniques to shovel snow carefully.

  • First, bend your knees to get a good grip, and then hold the shovel firmly using two hands.
  • Wear gloves to prevent your hand from being frozen.
  • Hold the shovel near the blade to accumulate more snow. It will reduce back muscle pain.
  • Do not try to fill the scoop fully every time you pick up snow.
  • Work normally and lift small quantities of snow in one go.
  • Accumulating large chunks of snow can be strenuous for you.
  • Spread a little bit of sand or salt on the areas when snow becomes slippery. This will prevent you from falling and being injured. It increases the friction of your shoes with the ground.
  • Do not bend your spine. Stand in a normal position while shoveling snow. Stay right in between squat and upright positions.
  • Lift the snow by keeping balance on your knees rather than the waist. Hold the shovel as close you can to your body. Stop extending your arms too much. Keep your stomach muscles tight and lift your leg to collect snow from the ground.
  • Put maximum strength on the shoulder muscles apart from the wrist.

While getting up after collecting snow, keep your body straight to prevent injury. Keep any empty place close to dump all the collected snow. Do not dump on the roadside, as it is dangerous for moving vehicles. It is quite impossible to carry the snow far away. Never make the mistake of throwing away snow behind your shoulder. It can hurt your shoulder muscles or any person behind you. Instead, move all the snow in 1-2 inches and take a rest in between. In this way, you can refill your energy.

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, as shoveling snow is an extremely strenuous physical activity. Dehydration will make you fall sick and leads to wastage of time. Instead, focus on stretching the back and arms muscles. Always seek help if you feel anything beyond control.

Drinking hot chocolate can boost energy, especially in snowy regions. Body fluids need to be replenished to work properly. Some coffee or tea is better than drinking water. After clearing all the snow, go and take a hot shower. It will relieve all the muscle pain and make you feel warm.

Do not worry about shoveling snow from around the car. More snow accumulates while you clean the rest.

Tips for Shoveling Snow

  • First, infuse a plan before starting your work. Always make sure to go outside when the snowfall has stopped.
  • Using a shovel, clear the path that goes straight to your vehicle. Clean the driveway carefully and turn on defrosters inside your car.
  • Stop at the point where the driveway ends, and Main Street begins. Otherwise, all the collected snow will be clumped together.
  • Do not shovel the same snow repeatedly. Throw away the scoops of snow far away from the driveway to be cleared.
  • Do not scrape away all the plants that covered under the snow. All those plants can get crashed easily with shovels.
  • Remove the snow chunks accumulated near the dryer vent of the house. Do not shovel in front of the vent; otherwise, it can get damaged.
  • If you use any traditional shovel, always remove snow from the exhaust area; otherwise, the whole house can become smokey.
  • A large amount of heat produced from your head while you shovel snow. Wear a hat or mufflers to retain the body heat.
  • Always keep your visibility clear. You can use a facemask instead of a scarf because it blocks the view.
  • Wear gloves that can keep your hands warm and prevent blisters
  • Clear snow from the mailbox every morning first; otherwise, the delivery man cannot deliver your mails.
  • Always help elderly people in the neighborhood by shoveling up snow.
  • Remove all snow from the public roads as per laws. Piled-up snow on the road prevents snow blowers from moving.
  • Get help from different people simultaneously so that the work becomes easier.
  • A simple broom can remove snow if the layer is light.
  • Do not follow any tarps methods to remove snow because they become dangerously slippery.
  • The end of each shovel is bent up or flattened due to constant friction with the ground. Use a hammer to make it a proper shape.
  • Never consume too much caffeine, smoke, or alcohol while shoveling snow. It can lead to heart attack or overexertion.
  • Clear up the snow whenever you notice it; otherwise, the thick layer will be difficult for you to clear.


If you get bored shoveling up snow for a long time, you can turn them into balls using the equipment. That will be much more entertaining and easier to work with. Therefore, it is essential to induce fun activities while performing strenuous activities. There are plenty of home items that can be used to clear the snow if you run out of ice melters. However, your hand works better while clearing chunks of snow. So keep in mind all the mentioned tricks and warnings before shoveling.

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