10+ Best Pet Stain & Odor Eliminators for 2023 – Powerful yet Safe-to-Use!

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Pets can be your best companions; whether you have a cat or a dog, you won’t need anyone else. People will get tons of fun and entertainment throughout with their pets’ adorable faces running around the house. But let’s forget that they do have their fair share of stenches. Most dog owners would relate to it now because cleaning after such stinks is a task that hardly brings joy. Besides, your fluffy creatures’ smells that reside in places will lead to unfavorable conditions for living. This is where some necessary tools like the best pet odor eliminator come into the picture.

Today, pet odor eliminator spray is one of the commonly known cleaning agents used by dog and cat owners. Tools like this can be a blessing in disguise, especially when individuals are dealing with stains, residue, and smells. Hence, we have formulated this list of the best odor eliminators. After thorough research upon products of varied brands that are currently available, here comes this list. Basis of the decision can be your paw mates’ habits, requirements, and what would suit your home as a pet household. With our help, stains and pet stenches won’t be something you worry about anymore.

Top Rated Cat and Dog Odor Removers

You will find many brands selling specific products like best cat urine remover or best pet stain remover. But we suggest people spend their money wisely. Apart from all that, one should go for products that are of high quality and safe for those who live in a house, including pets. However, considering such features while deciding to buy an odor eliminator can be a tricky task. Well, to minimize such a difficult job for you, here we have come with this review and buying guide.

14 Best Budget Pet Odor Eliminators Review


Rocco _ Roxie 32 oz fsec Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator image

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

  • Great for carpet, upholstery, concrete, hardwood
  • Chlorine free and color safe
  • Eliminates stain, odor and residue
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Natures Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator P-96994 Image

Nature’s Miracle Advanced

  • Easily eliminates toughest messes 
  • Kills viruses and bacteria 
  • Safe for both pets and home
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


ANGRY ORANGE Ready-to-Use Citrus Pet Odor Eliminator Urine Remover and Carpet Deodorizer Pet Spray image

ANGRY ORANGE Odor Eliminator

  • Smells like fresh oranges
  • Convenient and Ready to use formula 
  • Multipurpose pet odor eliminator
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Nature_s Miracle P-98230 Laundry Boost 32 Ounces Laundry Stain and Odor Removing Additive image

Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost

  • Safe to use both in hot and cold temperatures
  • Breaks down different stains
  • For laundry stains and odors only
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Simple Green 32 oz Hose End Sprayer _ 1 Gallon Refill Outdoor Odor Eliminator for Pets image

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

  • Safe for pets and grass, concrete, more
  • Breaks down odor quickly
  • Ideal for patios, yards, decks
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


ARM _ HAMMER SPOMHNK4083 20-oz Cat Litter Deodorizer image

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

  • Adds extra freshness to litter box 
  • Great for everyday use 
  • Safe around pets
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Fresh Wave 913298 7-oz Pack of 3 Odor Removing Gel image

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

  • Natural smelling gel 
  • Safe for pets and planet
  • Non-toxic formula with no harsh chemicals
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Mister Max AIP-OR-G Original Scent Anti Icky Poo Gallon Size Odor Remover image

MisterMax Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover

  • Deodorizes any offensive substances
  • Works effectively without any damage to surface 
  • Environment friendly solution to odor problems
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Nature’s Miracle P-98223 2nd Edition Cage Cleaner 24 fl oz image

Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner

  • Effectively cleans small animal cages
  • Emits no harsh scents
  • Uses bio-enzymatic formula
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


BUBBAS 64oz Super Strength Commercial Enzymatic Stain Remover Cleaner image

BUBBAS Pet Stain & Odor Terminator

  • Uses natural dormant enzymes 
  • Suitable for all areas of house
  • Gives professional grade cleaning
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


STAINMASTER 22578 22-Ounce Carpet Pet Stain _ Odor Remover Cleaner image

STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover

  • Leaves a light and fresh scent
  • Removes tough pet stains in no time
  • Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Kaytee 100079554 Clean _ Cozy 32 oz Extreme Odor Control Cage Cleaner image

Kaytee Clean Cage Habitat Deodorizer

  • Gives long lasting results
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Best for small animal cages
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Marshall 8oz Pet GoodBye Natural Waste Deodorizer image

Marshall Goodbye Odor

  • 100% natural formula
  • Safe to use with every water or food
  • Best for ferrets
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Whip-It OB32 32oz Odor Bully Instant Odor Neutralizer Spray image

Whip-It Odor Bully

  • Works amazingly on multiple surfaces
  • Powerful plant-based formula 
  • Effective and easy to use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Rocco and Roxie Supply Stain & Carpet Pet Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Has natural enzymatic bacteria
  • Professional strength formula 
  • Chlorine-free and color safe
  • Certified safe for all carpets
  • No hazardous propellants 
  • Eliminates residue

Rocco and Roxie Supply Co. manufactures this great pet urine odor eliminator that has topped our list because of its quick action. We liked how it is available as a simple spray bottle that is easy to use and store. Our team has appreciated how it started working within a few minutes of use. Natural enzymatic bacteria in it gets activated right on contact, which is why it can break down tough smells and remove stubborn stains as well. It was surprising for us to know that it keeps feeding on ammonia crystals and organic matter until all of it is completely gone from surfaces.

We also found that it isn’t much of a hassle to use as well. No aggressive rubbing is necessary. All a person has to do is just spray this solution onto stains and later wait for 10 minutes for it to work. We would suggest diluting a stain using warm water before spraying on this cleaner. There is no need to worry about a rug’s color or upholstery fading away, as it is color-safe and chlorine-free. With the Seal Of Approval by the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute, this one becomes the best urine remover.

2. Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine & Other Messes Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Powerful enzymatic formula
  • Safe for all dogs and cats
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Discourages re-soiling 
  • Cleans intensively 
  • Light fresh scent

Those who have to deal with a severe cat mess regularly can go for this particular solution. Nature’s Miracle pet odor neutralizer is our best bet in removing any messes that your fluff mates create. Thanks to its enzyme-based formula, urine stains, and smells will get ridden effortlessly. Any bio-based accidents will get taken care of with the help of this cat pee cleaner. It will be intriguing for individuals to see how it can clean up anything like urine, feces, vomit, and other dog and cat stains in no time. After cleaning, it leaves a slight citrus fragrance behind, which generates a fresh feeling. According to us, such a citrus fragrance will also discourage re-soiling of the same spot by your fluffy creatures, which is a great feature.

Many pet owners get worried that odor eliminators they use might be harmful to their dogs or cats. But this brand assures that their product is good for use even when your paw friends are around. Meaning, Nature’s Miracle pet odor neutralizer to be on our list is that it is safe for dogs and cats. Thus, no need to worry about your dog’s or cat’s health while using it in your house. Stains need 24 hours for soaking and getting dried up, but you can trust the best pet urine remover to remove even the toughest stains there could be.

3. Angry Orange Pet Urine Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Bio-degradable and non-toxic 
  • Multipurpose odor eliminator 
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Smells like fresh oranges
  • Ready to use formula 
  • Attacks on contact

Made from orange peels oils, here comes Angry Orange’s natural odor eliminator. It is an effective one, and if you love the smell of fresh oranges, this is a go-to product. We are fans not just because of this, but also it is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. This means one can use it even if their pets or kids are around without having to worry about them. With a 1-gallon bottle, one can get a long-time service without any additions required in the mixture. However, one can make dilutions with this product as per their requirements.

Anyone looking for a multipurpose cleaning agent that doesn’t affect their upholstery or carpetings’ color should buy Angry Orange’s odor eliminator. It will work perfectly on tiles, wood, carpet floorings, driveways, grass, and even litter boxes. Both liquid and solid waste stains will get ridden, all thanks to this natural pet stench eliminator. We were also very impressed by its double-strength fighting formula, which is where most stains and smells will fade off. Convenience factor comes from its spray bottle form, with which there is no need for any unnecessary stress and fuss.

4. Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost Pet Stain and Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Removes laundry stains and odors
  • Effective with any temperature
  • Bio-enzymatic technology 
  • Phosphate-free cleaning
  • Brightens clothes
  • For laundry only

Meant for use along with a laundry detergent as an additive, this one comes prepared to help remove odors in clothes and other laundry items. Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost is a great product at home when people regularly deal with fur mates’ smells. It eliminates all needs for the extra effort required in removing any clothing that has a pet smell. This one brightens and whitens clothing apart from removing stinking smells. Thus, it becomes the best pet odor remover.

Nature’s Miracle pet urine neutralizer is a surprising product for us, given it is safe for use with every load of laundry. Temperature outside won’t be a hindrance, for it works with both hot and cold areas. Reviewers love its phosphate-free cleaning formula, which we are also a fan of now. Anything from urine, blood, vomit, grease, and oil will get wiped and removed by employing this pet deodorizer. Dog and cat beds specifically are washable very well with just a bit of Nature’s Miracle Laundry boost stain remover and deodorizer. Besides, the bio-enzymatic formula won’t leave even a single stain behind.

5. Simple Green Outdoor Pet Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Natural enzyme formula 
  • Has a hose attachment 
  • Safe for use outdoors
  • Doesn’t harm pets
  • Breaks down odor 
  • Ideal for patios

It is hard to find the best pet odor eliminator for outdoors, even though patios is where the maximum number of cats and dogs relieve themselves. But we got one that is specifically for such purposes, Simple Green’s odor eliminator. We like how it can quickly remove smells of urine, stool, or vomit, especially on materials like artificial grass, decking tiles, or any other kind of outdoor flooring. Strength of this dog stench remover comes from its natural enzyme formula, designed to eliminate stinking particles at their source. Most other cleaning agents cover up foul smells without killing any harmful bacteria. But quite the opposite, Simple Green’s reek eliminator eradicates smells and kills any germs on areas applied.

Patios, decks, yards, or any place outdoors where dogs and cats usually play or hang around are places one can use this pet stench eliminator. It won’t harm those creatures at all as it arrives certified safe for use around them. Besides, there is a hose attachment provided in its package that individuals can employ to use easily and quickly. We could see how convenient this would be because it will help people spray around their entire yard without much effort. A fresh feeling, clean scent, and safe environment are outcomes after using Simple Green’s outdoor pet odor eliminator.

6. Arm & Hammer Cat Litter 30 Oz Pet Deodorizer

What We Like?

  • Can be added straight to litter
  • Works with all litter types
  • Moisture activated scent
  • Helps prevent clumps 
  • Lab-tested formula 
  • Safe around pets

This is the best odor absorber which we would recommend to feline owners who often find themselves dealing with their picky mates’ stenches. Known for reducing smell levels in cat litter boxes, Arm & Hammer Deodorizer arrives formulated for felines. Our team was awestruck to see how it has a moisture-activated scent that will refresh a litter box every time a cat uses it. Meaning, it is like an automatic action that works to get rid of stinks. Moreover, Arm & Hammer deodorizer is capable of accommodating any kind of cat litter.

Once you start using Arm & Hammer Deodorizer, you will be able to remove cat urine smell from your surroundings. Within 9 days, any kind of stench will get reduced compared to what it would be without using the pet stench eliminator. Our experts found that it is also safe for use around dogs and cats; none of its ingredients will be harmful to felines or other paw friends. No clumps get formed either, which is something most cat owners worry about. Furthermore, this can be an everyday use item that will eventually help people have favorable living conditions.

7. Fresh Wave Pet Odor Neutralizer & Absorbing Gel

What We Like?

  • Plant-based ingredients 
  • Safer choice certified 
  • Evaporative function 
  • Natural smelling gel 
  • No harsh chemicals 
  • Non-toxic formula

We have one of the best odor absorbers here. Fresh Wave’s great neutralizer removes a stinking aura around spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere your fluffy mates are usually around. All kinds of stenches, including trash or moisture itself, will fade off with this absorbing gel. It is not just meant for neutralizing pet stenches but works as a general stench absorber for all kinds of smells. Thus, we were impressed with Fresh Wave’s gel. All a person has to do is place it in locations where reeking is more.

Fresh Wave’s absorbing gel for us is its plant-based ingredient formula made from pine needles, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. Whole gel emanates a fresh and eco fragrance, leaving a very refreshing feeling after it. However, it keeps evaporating as one employs it, and its signature fragrance will also be gone soon after that. Simplicity of use is what our reviewers liked most about this natural odor eliminator. Moreover, the product is entirely non-toxic, GMO-free, and non-hazardous, being safe for pets & children. No harmful chemicals are present in its preparation.

8. Mister Max Anti-Icky-Poo Cat & Dog Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Combines proteins and enzymes
  • Works on all organic waste
  • Removes odor completely
  • Doesn’t pose any threat
  • Protects wooden floors 
  • Environment friendly

Get rid of dog pee smell easily with this particular product. Mister Max’s anti icky poo odor remover guarantees that reeks of bio-waste will get ridden. Many reviewers have also appreciated how it works effectively without causing damages to any surfaces. It works on varied flooring types, ranging from carpets, hardwoods, softwoods, tiles, plastics, fabrics, drywall, and even leather. Kind of flexibility it exhibits is great, and our suggestion would be to employ it for carpets. It is a definite and permanent solution to any kind of reeking problems that one might have in houses.

Mister Max’s odor remover works so well on all floors without damaging them, not even slightly. And all thanks to its formula, which is a combination of protein and enzymes. This is why Mister Max’s carpet pet odor eliminator can deodorize smells from offensive substances. Moreover, people won’t expect any foul reeks to return as well, once they treat substances well with Mister Max’s anti icky poo stench remover. Stains of any kind will also fade off with it. All a person has to do is pour this liquid on spots.

9. Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner Pet Odor Eliminator Spray

What We Like?

  • Odor locking technology 
  • Can be used around pets
  • Bio-enzymatic formula
  • Emits no harsh smell 
  • Removes debris

Made especially for small animals and cages, Nature’s Miracle Cage cleaner arrives formulated for deep cleaning. What appealed to our experts most was that it works on trapped debris, which becomes a tedious task otherwise. Cleaning cages will become much easier if individuals have an enzyme-based formula of this cleaner. Strong action will quickly get rid of any trapped dirt and stench, which will eventually clean cages. Nature’s Miracle’s bottle is also quite convenient, which convinced us about its usability.

Another feature that impresses Nature’s Miracle Cage cleaner is its odor locking technology. As a person sprays this cleaning agent onto a surface, it will latch onto any putrid stench to reduce it and leave a light fresh scent behind. We analyzed many customers’ reviews to conclude that this is a very harmless product, especially for small animals. So, those who own cute and fluffy companions in cages can happily go for it. People can be sure that it won’t just cover up any foul smells on areas, rather ensure to give fresh scent after cleaning.

10. Bubbas Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

What We Like?

  • Carpet and rug institute certified
  • Uses natural dormant bacteria
  • Multi-purpose solution
  • Effective on all surfaces 
  • Deep cleaning agent
  • Stays at full strength

We have the best enzyme cleaner on our list here, which is also a professional-grade cleaning solution meant to eliminate pet odors. Bubbas’ Rowdy Friends’ commercial enzyme cleaner is a unique concoction formulated scientifically to work on surfaces like flooring, upholstery, area rugs, and carpets. Natural dormant bacteria induced into this mix that is the cleaner itself gets activated when it makes contact with a strong-smelling cat or dog pee. Meaning no more need to rub or blot even on tough stains.

Most other cleansers carry active bacteria that become ineffective over time. But quite contrary to that, Bubbas’ cleanser has a dormant bacteria which stays put in, killing any reek-causing bacteria. Besides, the cleaning agent’s premium design offers compact storage without causing any mess. We like its versatility, being able to remove anything like shoe reek or odor-causing bacteria itself. Individuals can easily remove stains in any area of their homes. Moreover, Bubbas’ brand has also attained certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. And hence, there is no doubt in purchasing and utilizing it.

11. StainMaster Pet Odor Eliminator for Carpet

What We Like?

  • Non hazardous for children
  • Oxy-powered cleaner
  • Leaves a fresh scent
  • Penetrates deep
  • Best for carpets
  • Repels dirt

This is the best pet odor eliminator for carpet, among many others available in the market, with a similar function. We could conclude from all popular reviews that Stainmaster’s cleaner is a very well-liked product. It is useful in eliminating dog and cat odors and urine smells, making it money-worthy. Any tracked dirt inside a carpet goes off with its formula that penetrates deep. Quick cleaning is possible because of this reason, but deep cleaning will convince people.

Stainmaster’s carpet stain and odor remover prevent re-soiling of the same spot or the entire carpet where we spray it. Furthermore, it is the repulsion to dirt that makes it possible to clean without any effort. Invisi Tech technology fortifies an entire carpet so no dogs and cats won’t make the same mess again. Hence, no more cats and dogs messing around houses. We could easily term this one as the best dog urine remover simply because of its multi-surface cleaning properties. Moreover, it arrives powered with Oxy, so no one can expect tough cleaning along with a fresh scent that it leaves behind.

12. Kaytee Cage Deodorizer 32-ounce Pet Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Non dangerous for small animals
  • Leaves out fresh fragrance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Best for cages

We have found one of the best budget pet odor removers here from Kaytee. It is a great product to have when an individual has small animals at home. Its fresh-smelling formula is a combination of environment-friendly cleaning agents. Coming to its fast action, this deodorizer works efficiently, making users recommend it to others. Moreover, those who want long-lasting results where a stain not only gets covered up but also fades off can go for it. Given it is safe for use in habitats of small animals, like their cages, people can use it regularly without any worry.

Many reviews we came across agreed to our analysis, saying that it is money-worthy for people. Kaytee Cage deodorizer keeps things clean around a house, where people don’t have to deal with any kind of stench or debris on cages. Bottle that you get has a trigger, so you will be able to use the same without mixing anything else. Being convenient to utilize makes this the best pet odor neutralizer available in the market. Furthermore, it is a very generous 32-ounce bottle that will last for some time as well.

13. Marshall GoodBye Natural Pet Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Reduces ammonia and nitrogen
  • Amino acid and enzyme formula 
  • Veterinary tested and approved 
  • First internal deodorizer
  • Not for external use
  • Best for ferrets

Most other cat urine cleaners or dog pee cleaners treat reeking problems externally after the mess has been created. But Marshall’s odor eliminator works internally, which is something unique. This very uniquely designed product, meant to deodorize pet urine, waste internally, and body smells, is a must-buy. Formula of this cleaning agent is highly revolutionary because all a person has to do is add a little bit of it to a cat’s or dog’s water bowl. And that’s it, just forget about any problem with pet stenches. We appreciate this natural and best pet odor eliminator’s creative edge.

People need not worry about this product affecting a pet’s diet or health in any way as it is 100% natural in every way. Ingredients being amino acids and enzymes derived from mushrooms will assure safety. Thus, one can see reduced ammonia and urea nitrogen levels when a dog or cat takes this once daily. So no more need for an external cleaning agent to remove foul scents. We also found that it is the world’s first clinically approved internal deodorizer that arrives approved by veterinarians as well. For now, this formula is for ferrets only, so if you have any at home, this is the one to go for.

14. Whip-it Odor Bully Instant Pet Odor Neutralizer Spray

What We Like?

  • Removes malodors from air
  • Neutralizes odor molecules
  • Has no synthetic perfumes
  • Made from essential oils
  • Nu-Airo Technology  
  • Non-toxic formula

Often, one needs an instant fix for dog and cat biowaste foul smells because other cleaning agents take up some time for deep cleaning. This is why we have Whip-it’s odor neutralizer on our list because of its quick cleaning action. As soon as you spray it at spots where foul scents are coming from, it will neutralize them. Later it gets rid of bad-smelling molecules present on surfaces, in the air, or from stains. We love how it removes stenches from areas and surroundings.

Whip-it’s odor neutralizer is a product we would also recommend for kitchens and bathrooms or for dusting around houses. It is because this one instantly removes stench-molecules. Such instant fixes are regularly required, especially ones that are highly effective. Another reason one could use this natural odor eliminator anywhere is that it comes made from essential oils. Moreover, it has no synthetic materials that could be harmful to children or pets. We like its safe and non-toxic formula that has a slight fragrance as an outcome. This eco-solution is perfect for any home without needing anything else.

Buying Guide for Best Pet Odor Eliminator

Pets are adorable creatures, and we love seeing them run around, making us stress relieved. However, cleaning them up and taking care of their excretions can be a difficult task. And that is much of a task for all pet parents out there. You will also find your fur mates relieving themselves in inappropriate places. But what else can you do except laugh and complain at the same time? This is why tools like a pet odor eliminator come in very handy. Choosing one can be quite a decision because one wants to get an excellent one. That is why a buying guide would help you pick the best odor eliminator.

What is a Pet Stain Remover?

Pets like to pee in out-of-place spots of a house, even if it is a one-time thing. However, those tough and ugly-looking stains that they leave behind become a reason for worry. A pet stain remover helps people remove a urine stench and its stains from surfaces like carpets, wooden flooring, grass flooring, artificial turf, and even pavements. People can very easily find an outdoor pet odor eliminator or a carpet pet odor eliminator based on their requirements. Formula of any of such cleaning agents breaks down all those stench-causing molecules present on a surface, so no more reeking as well as no ugly marks. Basic function is the removal of dirt and debris along with foul smells, but one can find ones that are for specific types of animals and specific surfaces as well.

How Does Odor Eliminator Work?

Having pets around a house is great, but it does get a little tough when it comes to cleaning after their messes. This is why we have aids like odor eliminators that break down all foul smell particles through their enzymatic action. Meaning all kinds of stench will eventually disappear. A dog and cat stech eliminator does very well in getting rid of reeking smells that result from urine and poop. Most of these cleaning agents also target stains in addition to bad smell. Still, they prove to be most helpful by neutralizing reeking in targeted spots, so no one would find their pets relieving themselves in the same spot again.

Carpet pet odor eliminator doesn’t necessarily have to be something you spray on an area, but it comes in forms like sprays, atomizers, candles, oils, misters, and plug-ins. Kind of foul smell neutralizer a person picks will depend on the pets he/she has. Surely one wouldn’t want their dogs and cats knocking around these pet odor eliminator candles, in which case a spray would work better.

Who Makes Best Odor Eliminator?

Angry Orange

Angry Orange is a brand famous for its citrus-based formula that it uses in all of its cleaning agents. This brand has a wide range of pet-related products that are utterly safe for all of our paw companions. And Angry Orange pet odor eliminator cleaning agents arrive embedded with a strong orange fragrance based on a natural formula.

Rocco and Roxie

The fact they make a holistic product for all types of pets is what makes them recommended out of an entire lot of customers. Among reviewers, Rocco and Roxie has maximum face value as compared to others in the mix. Moreover, Rocco and Roxie stain and odor eliminator products are convenient and safe for use.


Febreze is a brand to go for when someone is looking for something that is budget-friendly and does its job perfectly. In addition, Febreze odor neutralizer has a very distinct fragrance, so most of its users are content with their purchases. Besides, this brand’s cleaning agents appear in spray bottles which is another benefit of buying them.

Simple Green

Before anything, all this brand’s products have an infused formula that is very environmentally friendly, which is again a great plus. Simple Green outdoor pet odor eliminator cleaning agents are good for use on grass and pavements. So this is a brand to go for when your needs are more for outdoors.

How to Clean Cat Pee?

It is not uncommon for felines to relieve themselves around our living spaces, especially on carpets or hardwood floors. Unfortunately, carpetings can quickly catch ugly marks, and all those new dog and cat owners will have to immediately clean their kitty pees in such areas.

  1. Individuals will have to blot as much as possible so that liquids will get absorbed. This will reduce the amount of pee that goes into a carpet or any other flooring type.
  2. Next step would be to cover an entire spot that a cat has peed with paper towels. These towels will absorb as much liquid as possible, and if it’s a lot, one must repeat this step several times.
  3. Now, it is time to have a cat pee cleaner. One can just pour or spray a little on a dried-up spot, so no stench will be left behind. Allow a cleaning agent to sit on spots for a while, so its formula removes stains and foul smells.
  4. Once a cat urine cleaner has dried up, individuals can take a sponge to extract any leftovers gently. Check to ensure that there is no smell in such places or around them.
  5. Finally, people will have to employ the best odor eliminator spray to get rid of any remaining stenches or marks there are. It would be best to keep felines away from all such spots while cleaning.

How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet?

Peeing accidents can often occur with kitties, where they relieve themselves outside litter boxes. This is quite common for new pets and sometimes happens with old felines as well. In a scenario like this, it is best to clean such areas immediately so no kitten would think that it is a spot where it is okay to urinate. There are some additional things one could do to stop their picky mate from making any mess in their living areas. Those are:

Choosing a Perfect Litter Box

Your cat might not like its litter box that you have picked for it. So it is best that you allow it to pick its litter box. Dark, enclosed, and smelly litter boxes are few aspects that felines dislike very much. Moreover, any of these boxes in which kittens can step in easily and are big enough for them to move will impress them.

Change Litter Box’s Location

A feline’s usual residual place in houses and its litter box’s location can be sometimes different. So, a person might need to evaluate a litter box’s location. It is best to have this bin nearby a kitty, and if it is a house with multiple stories, more than one of these bins is best to use. Those who see a spot where their kittens’ pee often is the right place to place a litter bin.

Lessen Territory Challenges

If there is more than one cat at your home, you will see them marking their territories by peeing in a specific location. Besides, felines that feel more secure in their territories will pee less on areas they shouldn’t. So it is necessary to make your picky companions feel secure about their personal spaces.

Consult a Vet

Urinating outside their litter bins can become a habit for some kitties, especially when it is in inappropriate locations, it becomes a true problem. This is when one needs to make an appointment with a veterinarian to address their cat’s inappropriate behavior.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odor in House?

There are many fixes for getting rid of pet odors, some of which are as follows:

Use a Pet Odorizer

A pet odor eliminator air purifier can help remove any kind of smells present in the air or on a specific spot. Such purifiers come in handy while cleaning up any mess left behind by a dog or cat. Furthermore, individuals can use such things simply to refresh a space by reducing lingering stinks.

Wash Your Upholstery

Smells can often seep into fabrics of curtains or upholstered furniture. If you have dogs and cats running around the home, it would be best to get furniture and curtains dry cleaned at regular intervals. Hence, by doing so, people can get rid of any unpleasant stenches in their residual areas.

Open a Few Windows

Letting fresh air into houses can be helpful in reducing dog’s or cat’s foul stenches that might be remaining. Proper ventilation will take out all those lingering stinks, and only fresh outside air will remain. Stuffiness can often be a common reason for smells to stay longer.

Clean Up Your Pet’s Belongings

People will often have to clean anything like a pet’s bed or litter bin. So any retained stinks in those things don’t seep into the air inside a house. Since a dog or cat spends the maximum amount of time with their belongings, that is the first place to maintain utmost cleanliness.

How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Carpet?

  • First step in getting rid of a urine stench out of carpets is by using baking soda or a cat urine remover. Baking soda is something anyone could use when a cleaning agent isn’t available.
  • Next would be to let a cleaning agent or baking soda, whichever you use, sink into a carpet padding. Let them rest on such a surface for a while and do their work.
  • Cleaning agents will break down molecules that form a reeking smell, thus eliminating any such unfavorable scenarios.
  • Finally, a person can remove a cleaning agent’s residue by using a soft sponge. This will get out stains as well as stenches entirely.
  • Letting these rugs to get dried out completely will remove any residues of stenches or ugly marks.

How to Use a Pet Odor Eliminator?

  • Simple way to accomplish this task is by letting an odor eliminator do its work at the spot.
  • Let a cleaning agent sit there for a while so it can decompose molecules and break down stinks.
  • Always check for instructions from the manufacturer. They also recommend the time for which one should leave a smell eliminator on affected areas.
  • Later on, you can just rub off those places with a soft sponge.

Important Tips While Using Pet Odor Neutralizer

Cleaning after your furry friends is something most people do, but when they aim to remove that lingering stinks, some tips could surely come in handy.

  1. Grooming a dog or cat at regular intervals is a great way to avoid using any additional tools for removing any pet odors. Give them baths with proper shampoos, so they stay clean, keeping your homes clean as well.
  2. Many ingredients that can help in quick cleaning are in your kitchen itself. You might not have a feline or canine urine stench eliminator when you need it instantly, but baking soda, which will be right in a cabinet, will be very useful.
  3. Thorough cleaning is another recommendation because a dog or cat should not feel like it is okay to use the same spot again. This calls for proper removal of any smell, for which one will need the best odor eliminator. Clean those accidental messes up as quickly as you can.
  4. What most pet parents forget is cleaning out the air around a stench’s source. Cleaning just the source might not be enough, which is why a foul smell eliminator spray or room freshener is a must.

What to Consider When Buying Pet Odor Neutralizer?

Before choosing a pet odor neutralizer, it is important to understand the features and ingredients used in its manufacturing. There are some key features that one will have to check for. But choices will majorly depend on dogs and cats that they have at home. Some major features to look for as below:


Ingredients of even the best commercial enzyme cleaner shouldn’t be anywhere, something that could be harmful to your fluffy friends. Natural ingredients are always preferable, which also make any product safe to use. Your children’s and tailed companions’ health and safety should come first. And individuals can often see whether a product is safe for pets and children in its description or manual. Pet deodorizer we see has an enzyme-based formula which is good for households.


How you have to use a pet urine neutralizer when required will also decide if it’s the one to buy or not. Spray bottles are elementary for utilizing, which bring in great convenience for people to employ them. Hence one can say that these forms of smell eliminators are very much preferable. Liquid cleaning agents that just need to be poured onto spots are also a good option, but anything that needs more than that isn’t right in terms of ease of use.


An excellent pet odor eliminator will be certified for what it’s manufacturers are proposing in their product. Look for such certifications, so you know which ones are more trustworthy. Makers also specify if their product comes certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. This way, a person would know whether a cleaning agent is reliable for their upholstery, furniture and family or not.


Price is something we tend to look at while making up our minds about the purchase. Look at what a specific brand is offering under the given price for its cleaning agent. Quantity of a pet odor eliminator should match up well with its price, which is when it would become budget-friendly and worth buying.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best odor eliminator?

As per our expert analysis, Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is the best odor eliminator in all respects.

What causes pet odors?

Pets have their natural odors, which can often be pungent, or they might have a yeast infection that is causing such smells in their bodies.

How to clean dried cat urine from carpet?

Blotting a carpet’s desired spot with warm water and vinegar and then using a pet odor eliminator is one great way to clean dried urine.

Why does cat urine smell so bad?

Cat urine has bacteria that decompose the urea in it, forming an ammoniacal odor that smells bad.


Pets can be notorious creatures sometimes, and you barely know why they do what they do. This is why we need additional tools like a pet stench eliminator, so you and your furry mate both stay happy. Many people use cleaning agents and spray without the need for rubbing off a stain. Regular use of such pet odor cleaning agents can have a home smelling fresh, making it more favorable to living in. Hope this list that has focussed on the best pet odor eliminator will help you decide which is the product you should go for.