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Top 15 Famous Dog Breeds – What Makes them Favorite!

Dogs are the most popular pet, in general. It’s a recurring thought to a curious mind— Which is the most popular dog breed? All dogs are super cute, but some top the charts of popularity like none other. Read this article to find out whether your favourite breed or pet made it to the Top 15 most popular dog breeds list. 

Types of Dog Breeds

FCI, or the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, is a French organization that recognizes more than 350 breeds of dogs. The United States of America alone hosts about 190 canine species. Based on their size, appearance and function, they are divided into ten groups the types of dog breeds are

  • Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (Herding Dogs)
  • Pinscher & Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss Mountain & Cattle Dogs 
  • Dachshunds
  • Terriers
  • Spitz and Primitive Types
  • Pointers and Setters
  • Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs
  • Scenthounds and Related Breeds
  • Sighthounds
  • Companion and Toy Dogs

What Makes a Dog Become Popular?

While Disney’s famous character Cruella’s obsession with Dalmatians is over the top, Americans rank them at 51st. Chihuahuas, also known as perfect meme material, beg Rank 34 in the AKC’s list of most popular dogs. Several factors make a breed more popular than others. Some of those aspects for most popular dog breeds are listed below:

  • Pop culture influence
  • Movie features
  • Calm demeanour
  • Very less or no shedding
  • Pet’s health and longevity
  • Easy to train and care
  • Friendly with children
  • Demand among millennials

Can you believe that dogs are housed as pets in a whopping 63 million households in the United States? What is even more surprising is that millennials have surpassed boomers in let ownership. During the serious months of the pandemic and strict lockdown, shelter homes and adoption centres got numerous demands for which they could not provide solutions. They had run out of dogs! More than half of the millennials own dogs. They are likely to gain recognition and acclaim for their pet as they are aggressively active on social media. 

What is the Most Popular Dog Breeds?

American Kennel Club (AKC) releases a list of top dog breeds, ranking them according to their reputation among the general public. This list is released every year. Out of 195 contending candidates, we describe the top 15 in detail. What makes a dog popular? Which dog is trendy and why? Let us find out the most popular dog breeds.

#1 Retrievers (Labrador)

It has maintained its smashing popularity for the 30th year. One of the main reasons people prefer dogs over other animals is their pleasant and friendly nature. Labradors are high-spirited, fun-loving animals. They are good with family and other pets. And they belong to the sporting category as they are super enthusiastic and athletic. They are sure to make you smile, even if you hate dogs. That is a strong enough reason for them to contest for Number 1 for years to come.

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#2 French Bulldog

They are highly adaptable and easily trainable dogs. They are known to be smart and frisky. It is the most common dog breeds in cities. French Bulldogs can be differentiated from regular bulldogs by their bat ears. They usually serve their owners as watchdogs. They are adorable and friendly, nonetheless. This balance aids in making them famous. 

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#3 German Shepherd

They are classified as herding dogs because of their confidence and strength. The angry look on their face is often mistaken for hostility. This makes them excellent service dogs and obedience dogs since they can be hostile towards those they are trained against. But they are equally affectionate and friendly dog breeds as others. All you have to do is provide a delious dog food and proper training make this pet as the best campanion for you.

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#4 Retrievers (Golden)

Retrievers are brilliant and one of the most popular dog breeds available in USA. They show great openness to strangers and family members. They are active and agile dogs that make you find bouts of happiness. Retrievers serve as fantastic guide dogs owing to their vigilance and training ability. It has a double coat of fur, which is gold in colour. No doubt, they are fluffy little pieces of sunshine.

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#5 Bulldogs

They are extraordinarily adaptable. Their face screams courage and bravery that perfectly suit their personality. They are easy-going and agile. They are widely known as English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs. Their most notable characteristic is their scrunched-up and wrinkled face. At first, they were used to driving cattle to the market. Their energy level and potential for playfulness are particularly high. 

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#6 Poodles

They have been popular since the 15th century when they begged for their place in the royal court. The high-class and confident look of poodles perfectly describes their enthusiastic, confident and bold personality. They seek constant attention and can switch to being notorious quite easily. Therefore, they require proper training to keep their behaviour in check. 

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#7 Beagles

They are best family dogs. Not only are they companionable and social, but they are also distinctly vocal. They require a sufficient amount of mental and physical stimulation and training. Despite that, they are perfect family animals and can live in small spaces. In addition to having a great sense of smell, they also have a keen sense of sight. They can be quite lazy if ignored for too long. 

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#8 Rottweilers

These dogs belong to the working category. They are well-built, rugged and keen dogs. They require training and proper development tactics to become a balanced adult. There is no doubt that Rottweilers form strong bonds with family members and children, as well as being protective and caring dogs. They make extraordinary guard dogs; their jaws are super strong. 

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#9 Pointers (German Shorthaired)

Pointers are remarkable hunters and field dogs. In addition to participating in organized sports, Pointers are popular among the sporty population. They are fast, easy-tempered and agile. Their endurance ability is known worldwide. They rank high in friendliness, trainability and physical needs. They are sturdy and obedient dogs. 

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#10 Dachshunds

Everyone knows about Dachshunds; their low silhouette and long body famously recognize them. They can have different colours and sizes. They can hunt down small animals and hunt animals like badgers and rabbits. Dachshunds are the perfect dogs for novice owners. Unlike most dog breeds, they have three distinct coat types:  Wirehaired, Longhaired, Smooth.

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#11 Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Protection and attentiveness are the hallmarks of their behavior. Corgis are not needy, but they want to be readily engaged. They are one of the most popular small dog breeds. They are very smart and intelligent and can live till 13 years of age. Corgis are adjustable and flexible breeds that are eminently vocal about their needs. Their body language is powerful and easily understandable. 

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#12 Australian Shepherds

Australian Sheperds are popularly bred in California in the way of regional manners of Australia. They are quick-witted and tireless animals and love to travel to new places. Shepherd dog breeds can hoodwink their owners, which is why it is essential to know the details before getting one. Hence, they are not suitable pets for beginners. 

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#13 Yorkshire Terriers

Terrier dog breeds are known to be tomboyish and lively animals. They are very affectionate and have very long silky fur coats. Underneath the coat, they are spirited and exquisite. They are originally bred to be fearless and to hunt. Terriers adapt well to apartment living and remain suspicious of strangers, which is why they can guard your house well.  

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#14 Boxers

Boxers are bright, cheerful and playful dogs and are considered to be working dogs and guard dogs. They are very territorial and possessive; they require immense exercise and external stimulation to remain calm. Being so active they can be quite aggressive without proper training. They only like a few commands but can respond well to fun ways of training. 

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#15 Great Danes

They are abundantly friendly and patient. Also known as German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge, they are one of the largest dog breeds, which are good-natured, joyful and affectionate. They are referred to as gentle giants or the “Apollo of dogs.” They belong to the working dog category. Their size displays raw power and strength. They might look intimidating but are extremely sweet and playful dogs. 

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Dogs are man’s best friends. Somehow, some dogs are better friends and more popular among humans. Despite their ranks, each breed of dog is equally lovable and loyal. If you’re planning to buy, adopt or care for a dog, you must know the best dog breeds and their characteristics to make an informed decision and give a hospitable home to your furry friend.