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Worlds Most Expensive Dog Breeds – All You Need To Know!

Every fourth average household in the US has a pet. Owning a dog is becoming increasingly popular these days. Owning a pet brings tremendous responsibilities. Pets can have their price, which depends on many factors. Being a pet parent, you have to know all the expenses related to your dog. If you are planning to buy a dog, researching the costs of the breed before adopting is necessary. You can correlate these expenses with your budget. But firstly, are dogs expensive? And if yes, what is the reason behind most expensive dog?

How Much Does a Dog Cost?

Dogs are undoubtedly bundles of joy. However, it is a living animal and has its expenses. Being a pet lover, you should spend a lot of money on your pet. But there are a few dogs that are counted as expensive due to many reasons. Owning them is enough to burn a hole through your pocket. It is because some breeds are exclusive. So, how much does a dog cost? Well, the prices are based on their rarity. A dog commonly found in Asia might be an expensive breed in America. The pure breed of a dog is also costly. It is because high-quality genes are used for breeding to create a pure bloodline. Some dogs, like bulldogs with abnormal body structures, must undergo surgeries to give birth to puppies. Therefore, their pups might be expensive. However, there are other expenses for a dog too. 

Many dog lovers like to get their dogs professionally groomed. They must do dog grooming regularly, which costs a lot of money. Newly born dogs require a lot of health care which is not cheap. Vaccinations and regular checkups are expensive. It is another reason why adoption is better. Adopted dogs are usually vaccinated and healthy. The cost of having a large dog is also higher. They need more food and care. Due to large sizes, there can be a lot of health conditions that need to be checked. 

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Top 20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

There are many different breeds of dogs available around the world. Here is a list of worlds most expensive dog breeds to own with their prices:

#1 Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are large dogs with double fur coats. They are guard dogs who are trained initially to protect livestock. They are available in many colors, like solid black, brown, and tan. The true-blooded breeds are exceedingly rare, So how much does a puppy cost? The prices can go up to millions.

Price: the Tibetan Mastiff pups are available from $1500 and can go up to $5000 and more.

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#2 Czechoslovakian Wolf dog

They are a recognized breed of Czechoslovakia. It resulted from a science experiment crossing two species, Carpathian Wolf and the German Shepherd. This makes it rare, and as it is hard to find in the United States, it has to be imported, which increases dogs price.

Price: Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are available for about $2000 to $8000 at a local pure breeder.

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#3 Portuguese Water Dog

These have been extremely popular in the United States since around the seventies. The leading cause for their expensive maintenance is increasing health issues. Before adopting a breed, some necessary tests are done, which are costly. This causes an increase in their adoption rates and maintenance cost.

Price: Portuguese Water Dog cost starts from about $2000.

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#4 Chow Chow

Chow cow is a small-built dog with a sturdy and squared body frame. They have triangular ears with a double and dense fur coat. They originate from China. These small dogs have a remarkably high grooming price of about $100 per visit. 

Price: You can adopt one for about $1000, but the total maintenance chow chow dog price might be up to $11000 and more.

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#5 Afghan hound

The Afghan Hound originates from central Asia. These are strong, aggressive, and wild dogs. They are purebred and are more expensive than usual dogs. They are available in many colours like Black, white and a few combinations of blue.

Price: adopting a puppy could cost $2000 to $3000. However, pure breeds from Asia and Europe can go up to $5500.

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#6 Saluki

Many names know this dog, including the Persian Greyhound and the Royal Dog of Egypt. Salukis have been beautiful domesticated breeds for a long time. They have thin bodies and are hunters by nature.

Price: the pups are available from a starting price of $2000. However, well-known breeders might have prices ranging from $3000 to up to $10000.

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#7 Akita

This is a Japanese breed of dog. They know Akita dogs for their strong and dominant behaviour. Due to their Asian origin, they are most popular dog breeds in the united states. They gained popularity after the famous dog Hachiko, from World War II. It even has a movie starring this dog. These dogs are amiable and affectionate.

Price: Good breeders sell this breed from $1000 to $4000.

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#8 Canadian Eskimo Dog

They named these dogs are one of the top 10 most expensive dogs in the world. They are hard to find, about five hundred in number in the United States. More commonly known as the Husky, these are intelligent and loyal dogs that make well-behaved pets.

Price: The minimum price of a puppy is $1500, which can go up to $8000. Well-known breeders start their prices at $3500.

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#9 Pharaoh Hound

This most expensive dog, from its name, has a remarkably similar look. It has a distinctive appearance which makes them unique. Also, they are good hunters and extremely good at jumping. Their alertness and intelligence make them good guard dogs for the family. They are also great for cuddling.

Price: it can price them between $3000 to $7000 from good breeders. 

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#10 Rottweilers

These are prevalent pet dogs around the world. Rottweilers are highly protective and alert. Also, they are perfect for a family. They merge with the members well and quickly.

Price: The price can range to about $7000 for a puppy without including its monthly expenses.

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#11 Azawakh

This is an uncommon breed which makes it expensive. Their distinct skinny and bony look makes them unique. Azawakh is one of the world’s fastest dog breeds and is known to be a skilled hunter. We can also call this the fastest dog in the world. They are intelligent and easy dogs to train. These qualities make it an excellent investment for dog owners willing to pay a decent price to buy a dog.

Price: It starts at about $3000 from a local breeder.

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#12 Löwchen

These small dogs are cute and cuddly. Their small size makes them highly active and even-tempered. A perfect blend of a house dog and a watchdog, they are alert. It also known them as little lions due to their unique appearance. They are rare to find, which causes a high price.

Price: They are available for $8000 to $10000 due to their rarity.

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#13 Samoyed

This is a rare dog breed due to its origin in cold locations. Samoyeds have heavy fur coats with very adorable features. Dogs are very cuddly and have the perfect social behaviour. It requires a lot of love and attention.

Price: These dogs can cost between $5000 to $11000 due to their attractiveness and cold location breeding.

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#14 Irish Wolfhound

They are giant dogs, and owning them can be very expensive due to their size. They are rarely found in adoption centres and must be bought from local breeders. The main reason is their maintenance can be costly. The most expensive puppies take a lot of cost for their vaccination and health checks.

Price: The puppies are available for $1000, but the charges for care can go up to $5500 in the first year.

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#15 French Bulldog

These are small, and cute dogs making them popular pets. They are great for cuddling and have a very distinct attractive look. However, breeding a French bulldog is not relatively easy. Due to their small size, natural deliveries do not take place. They are produced via artificial insemination, which costs a lot.

Price: the price of a french bulldog puppy can range from $1500 to $3500.

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#16 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog is trendy in the United Kingdom. The royal family of England loves this breed specifically. The dog is unbelievably cute and has small child-like attractive features with a friendly personality. It is also known as the toy dog and is available in many colours, like white, chestnut, and tan. However, they can suffer from heart and spinal diseases like hip dysplasia. It results in a high price for their maintenance.

Price: The price starts from about $1500 to $2500 for a locally bred-puppy.

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#17 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Commonly known as Staffy, this breed is friendly and great for houses with children. They are highly energetic and stubborn. The dogs are easiest dogs to train and are often attention seekers. They have a single fur coat and are easy to groom as well.

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Price: The puppies are available at breeders for about $1000 to $3000. But the expenses might be a lot. In the first year, the costs can be up to $4500.

#18 Dogo Argentino

Also known as the Argentine Mastiff, this breed is known for its loyalty to the owner. They are huge and have the qualities of a guard dogs. Being large makes them even more expensive due to their size and high maintenance. They require optimum pet care. 

Price: they sold These dogs for about $1000 to $4000 at local breeders. Some pure breeders might have a cost of up to $8000.

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#19 English Bulldog

This most expensive dog also requires a c-section to give birth. Therefore, it has to be bred artificially, and it priced the puppies slightly higher. They have a distinct and attractive look. Another reason for their expense is that they are prone to diseases.

Price: Ranges between $1000 to $6000 from a local breeder, and their supplies might be up to $500.

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#20 Bedlington Terrier

This is a popular breed for dog owners. They are intelligent and good-tempered. Their size is neither too big nor too small. Moreover, they are friendly and good with kids as well. It has a high life expectancy and requires good health maintenance.

Price: The average cost for a puppy is about $1500. Their medical expenses might go up to $3700.

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The dogs mentioned above are some of the most expensive dogs in the world. The reason for their high-cost ranges from their rarity to their monthly maintenance cost. These dogs are available at their local breeders. Purchasing a dog from a pure breeder is more expensive. In case you want to buy these dogs, adoption centres are preferred. All breeds are not available for adoption, but adopting a species can be cheaper than buying from local or pure breeders. Owning these dogs is an achievement in itself.