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Most dog lovers associate dogs with innocence, fierce loyalty, unconditional love, and a lot of big sloppy kisses. The idea of most dangerous dogs harming you or anybody may come as a surprise if you have never had such an incident with you or anybody you know. But always remember that dogs have descended from wolves, wild animals with violent and aggressive natures. Humans started breeding them for various purposes. They trained and disciplined them to live amicably around other animals and children.

So, can a dog be dangerous for its best friend- aka human? Yes, a dog can harm humans with their bite, even causing death. According to 471 people were killed by dog bites in the USA between 2005 and 2018. Is that why you get worried and do not have a dog in your house if you plan to have one for the first time? No! Not all dogs are dangerous. Some breeds are considered more difficult than others because of their size, fierceness, and breeding purpose.

Mainly, it comes down to the purpose they were bred, how well they are trained, socialization with children and other animals, and other situational factors.

What is the Most Dangerous Dogs in the World?

Wondering What is the most dangerous dogs in the world? here are the dog breeds, that are primarily bred for hunting, guarding, or fighting purposes. So, their job demands them to be aggressive and dangerous if the situation arises. Do any dog breeds have the reputation of being the most difficult? Yes!

#1 American Pit Bull Terrier

The pit bull terrier, initial bred for dog fights, is consider the dangerous dogs by many people. Going by the stats, the American pit bull terrier breed accounted for 66% of fatalities by dogs over 13 years. That’s a lot if we see they form 6.5% of the total dog population in USA.

If you ask any pit bull parent if they are dangerous, their answer will be straight no. And rightly so. They can be as calm and as obedient as you can find a dog to be. But don’t forget they have been appropriately trained, disciplined, and socialized for many years by their owner. They were even used as nanny dogs earlier for their gentle and calm nature around kids.

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As Pit Bull Terrier breeds do well with a lot of attention and training, they can become difficult to handle if left on their own or are trained by vicious-minded humans. Their bite force is so great it can pierce through your bone and easily give life-threatening injuries. That’s why Pit bulls are banned in many countries and some parts of America, or you may require a license to own them.

15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Though Pitbull terrier comes first as the most dangerous dog if we go by the fatalities they have caused, other breeds are as strong as pitbull terrier. They included their names in the infamous list of the top and mainly because of their aggressive nature.

#1 Rottweiler

Many people may vote for Rottweilers as the second most dangerous breed in the USA. And rightly so. It accounted for the second-highest fatalities by dogs in the country.

Rottweilers are medium to large-sized dogs. They belong to Germany and is one of the oldest breed. They have also been working with police and armed forces from earlier times.

Rottweiler Image

Though pit bulls are more muscular, Rottweiler is a winner in size. They tend to be territorial and aggressive. They are fiercely loyal, too, and will protect their owner from a person they consider a threat. Again, rottweiler puppies can be trained to be calm and well-behaved with proper training, discipline, and socialization right from puppyhood. Otherwise, they may turn aggressive at a slight chance and may not like the company of other dogs, strangers, and children.

#2 Labrador Retriever

A Labrador Retriever breed parent will attest to its friendliest and gentle behavior. Labradors are also one of the most popular dogs in America. Then why are they on the top 10 most dangerous dogs list?

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Labrador retriever puppies were not bred as guard dogs. As some people may assume, they were born to fetch game birds after being shot down by hunters. But they have a guarding instinct when faced with a perceived threat or danger.

Genetics also plays a role when it comes to aggressive behaviors. An abusive past owner and painful conditions can make them even more aggressive if not handled well.

#3 Siberian Husky

Huskies look intimidating by their size, black fur coat, and fiery eyes. You might not want to go near them, looking at their physical demeanor.

But most huskies are social and friendly dogs. They are brilliant and love being with people. They are always full of energy and require a lot of activities.

Siberian Husky Image

Huskies were involve in 3% of fatalities towards humans. And siberian husky dangerous most of their victims were small children. As Huskies are very energetic, they may not know how to act around small children and may cause harm if stimulated negatively.

#4 German Shepherd

German shepherd breeders comes second in popularity among the masses in the USA. It’s the third most intelligent breed and is employed in police forces worldwide. They are the most dangerous breed based on bite severity and frequency of bites.

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#5 Bullmastiff

Also called ‘watch dogs,’ Bullmastiffs make great apartment dogs. Breeding Bulldogs and Mastiffs created them to catch trespassers. Bullmastiff puppies are loving dogs for their family but don’t do well with strangers. They are unsuitable for homes with small pets because of their natural hunting instincts.

Bullmastiff Image

#6 Akita

The Akita breed, a native of Japan, was initially reproduce for hunting. It is brilliant and easy to train.

A fully grown dog may stand as tall as 28 inches and easily weighs 28 pounds. Due to their hunting instincts, They should not mix Akita dogs with small animals as they might become aggressive in small animals’ company. It’s best to have one male and one female Akita if you want two dogs.

Akita Image

As Akitas are huge, they are not suited for people who can’t handle and control them physically.

It is very sensitive regarding their food and should never be disturbed while eating lest they can become aggressive. Firm and consistent training is the only way to teach them to behave well. They are protective of their owner and the family they live with and would harm anybody they perceive as a threat.

#7 Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher, bred as a guard dog, originated from Germany. They are one of the most recognized and most popular dog breed in the USA, and their nickname was ‘Dobie.’

Regarded as a family’s best guardian, Doberman Pinscher is a very loving and fearless creature. They will protect their human family at all costs. But, Doberman pinscher puppies is not a breed to have for anyone and everyone.

Doberman Pinscher Image

They are pretty significant and can weigh around 80 pounds. They need mental and physical stimulation through many activities and exercises lest they become bored and aggressive.

A professional trainer is required to train the Dobies. I use them as self-defense dogs and will immediately meet their threat with a voracious ferocity which can be lethal.

#8 BullDog

Some people see them as the most docile and dumb dogs. They may come across as less intelligent when they cannot follow a command. The reality is they can be too stubborn and training them can be a challenging task.

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The Bulldogs will only attack humans if you do not give proper training. It falls on their owner to be a consistent and firm trainer.

#9 Wolf-dog

As the name suggests, the wolf-dog breed is a hybrid of domestic dogs and wild wolves. It is not a dog for first-time dog owners. A wolf-dog owner must have a strong personality and be able to train them to be obedient.

Wolf dog Image

They are very energetic and need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation, the lack of which can turn them into aggressive and hostile creatures.

#10 Boerboel

The Boerboel, one of the rare dog breeds, are vast and aggressive creatures. They originated from South Africa and have incredible strength and fierceness, and it should not come as a surprise when we tell you that these breeds will protect cattle and sheep from lions and hyenas.

Boerboel Image

They are family dogs and don’t do well with people outside their families. You should train and exercise the Dogs regularly. Leaving them alone with small animals and children is never a good idea.

#11 Alaskan Malamute

A close cousin to Siberian huskies, Alaskan Malamute is very dangerous and can act aggressive when they perceive any threat.

Alaskan Malamute Image

They are large and not very easy to train dogs. It will help if you think twice before adopting or buying an adult Alaskan Malamute.

#12 Saint Bernard

Hailing from Switzerland, a fully grown Saint Bernard breed can rise to 27 inches in height and weighs around 120-200lbs. They are also giant dogs in the world.

Saint Bernard Image

Saint Bernard is call for their confidence and stubbornness. Though gentle and shy, they can turn dangerous and have aggressive outbursts toward anybody nearby if faced with weird situations. They are not easy to train and need a headstrong trainer to mold them into respectful behavior.

#13 Boxer

Known to have originated from a hunting breed in Germany, Boxer is a powerful dog with strong jaws and powerful bite. They are working dogs and need a lot of exercise and socialization to dampen their aggressive streak. They make great family dogs due to their guardian instinct and are only dangerous to other animals and strangers.

Boxer Image

#14 Rhodesian Ridgeback

A considerable dog known for its speed and strength, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were originally bred for hunting Lions to keep the livestock safe for their owners. And thus, titled ‘African Lion Hounds, ’ They are a family-friendly breed and don’t do well with strangers and potential threats to their families.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Image

#15 Chihuahua

One of the oldest breeds in America, Chihuahua, originated from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They are very loyal and love their owners to the point of jealousy, and they may get aggressive toward people who get close to their owners. They are not children friendly. For a dog, this small Chihuahua breed is best for its lousy temperament.

Chihuahua Image

As seen in this list, a dog’s aggressiveness depends heavily on how a human raises and trains them. It all comes down to nature vs. nurture.


There are many dangerous dogs out there, but the ones on this list are some of the most dangerous of them all. These dogs have been known to attack and kill people, so if you’re ever thinking about getting one of these breeds, make sure you know what you’re doing. And always be careful when around these kinds of dogs.