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How to Store Lawn Mower for Winter – Winterizing in 5 Simple Steps

If you have a lawn of your own, you most likely will have a lawnmower. Using a mower is like pushing a cart around the space, which requires little time and effort. Such equipment requires attention during winter so that it can maintain your lawn when the spring kicks in. This attention is in the form of winterizing them. If you forgot to winterize lawn mower before storing, it makes the starting difficult after winter and there are also chances for the unit to get damaged. Let us look into the steps regarding how to winterize a Lawn Mower and tips to keep it in good shape.

How to Winterize a Lawn Mower?

A device used to cut grass in equal height to level the surface of your lawn is what a lawnmower is. It is equipped with the blades revolving and cutting the grass tip. The lawn mower comes in varieties.

  • In terms of blades, they are either one blade or multiple blade mowers used in small yards and gardens and large areas like golf courses, big parks, etc.
  • And in terms of power, lawnmowers are either battery-powered or electric-powered. In addition, some lawn mowers can be used by hand.
  • In terms of rotation – cylinder mowers and rotary mowers. Then they are also categorized undersize like small lawn mowers for smaller space, big mowers for a bigger space. Robotic lawn mowers are also available, which is way more convenient as they operate independently.

Step-by-Step Process for Winterizing your Lawn Mower

Now let us look into the steps to winterize the lawn mowers despite their type; riding or self-propelled, push, etc.

Step 1: Clean

First of all, clean the lawnmower. Even if you have already washed it the last time, you used it. Take a brush with strong bristles and scrub it over the mower, especially under the deck and the blades. If the brush does not reach some narrow areas, you can use a toothbrush. After a thorough scrubbing session, rinse it with water. It could be best to use a hose instead of a soaked cloth for faster cleaning. You can also apply oil specialized in keeping rust away after the mower is dried. Note that you must remove the grass clippings from the deck tops as they have possibilities of catching fire when rubbed against the belts of the deck.

Step 2: Tend the Gas Tank

If you left gas in lawn mower over winter, there are chances that it will harden over time, inviting rusts and corrosion. Also, left-out gas will temper the quality of your lawnmower. So, empty the gas tank when winterizing them. You can perform this function with the help of a fuel stabilizer to first mix it throughout the system and then repeatedly run it until it refuses to run as it would exhaust itself from leftover gas. You can also drain the gas from lawn mower into any gas can or your car.

Step 3: Charged Battery

If a battery drives your lawnmower, you have to keep it fully charged. Low or no battery at all will hinder its restart program or damage the battery.

Step 4: Blade Care

Take care of the blades that do the frontline job for you. It is important to mention that cleaning the decks underneath will require removing the blades first. Put it on the side and then proceed to clean it. You can also sharpen the blades in the time your mower is being dried. Also, wear a pair of thick hand gloves to protect yourself from the blades’ sharp edges. After your lawnmower is cleaned enough, reattach the blades.

Step 5: Air-filters

If there is dust accumulated in the air filters of your lawnmower, then it will keep the machine from working at its optimum level. If you have a paper filter, replace it; in other cases, like an oil-soaked filter, wash the sponge, dry it, and then place it back.

Lawn Mower Winter Storage Tips

  • Spark Plug: While carrying out the above steps, utilize the spark plug smartly. Do not forget to disconnect it while preparing to clean your lawnmower, then replace it after the last step. If you are not careful enough, mishaps like the sudden start of the mower can inflict your injuries.
  • Storage: Moisture is inevitable in winters, so by chance, you plan to store the lawn mower outside in an open area and then wrap it with a plastic covering. But if you plan to store it in your basement or a garage, then place it in an elevated space with a few meters of distance from any source of ignition or fire-prone material.


Can you leave gas in a lawn mower over winter?

No, it is not recommended to leave the gas in a lawnmower over winter as it can lead to the damage of engine and tank. So, drain the gas out and winterize your lawn mower properly before storage.


As winter is around the corner, our lawn tools need winter care too. Winter is the only time lawnmowers get the maximum treatment for their service. Keeping the lawnmowers without proper care will clog them up and damage their usefulness. Not only that, grass growing rapidly after the winter ends will see no end if your lawn mower does not do its task. That is why winterize them for their next best use.