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How to Wash a Heated Jacket? – 5 Simple Steps to Wash it Safely

It is hard to go back to a regular one once you’ve owned and worn a nice, cozy heated jacket. Unfortunately, that jacket wouldn’t stay clean for long after being worn in the harsh cold weather during harsh activities like hiking, skiing, skating, or riding a bike. Washing fabrics that have electric wires inside them can be scary, but it is not insurmountable. All a person has to do is to be a bit careful in washing their heated jacket, and that’s it! Their heated jacket will look as clean as new without any damage. If you are wondering how to wash a heated jacket without damaging the interior wiring and fabric, you landed at a perfect place.

Step-By-Step Guide to Washing a Heated Jacket

A few simple steps as below can assure that your electric heated coats gets cleaned and stays perfectly insulated for use season after season. Washing heated jacket can be classified into – pre-washing, washing and post-washing:


Before going through all the washing procedures, it is good to take a look at your jacket’s label. A fabric’s label consists of some specifics that might change its washing and maintenance process or tell you what to do and not do. Some of such are as follows:

Step 1 – Remove the Battery

Make sure to remove your heated jacket’s battery before placing it in water, as its batteries may not be waterproof. Besides, a battery is generally detachable, kept in a simple zipped pocket. Although, keep in mind to not wash the electric jacket warmer if its battery is undetachable.

Step 2 – Put the Cable Back in Zip

Put the cable that connects your battery to heated jacket back into the pocket, and close its zip. This will save it during the wash time and prevent it from tangling with other clothes.

Step 3 – Remove Strong Stains

If your jacket has any strong stains that you think won’t be removed by just washing, then you should pre-treat them. However, do not use bleach. Use a mild detergent that is suitable for coats, preferably liquid. Dilute it with water in half and mix well. Spray that solution on each hard stain and let it sit for around 30 minutes, then clean that off gently.


A heated jacket’s wiring will be delicate, so that one should place it in a mesh washing bag or even a pillowcase separately while washing it in a washing machine.

Step 4 – Washing it

Most people think that they will ruin their heated jacket if they wash it, but that is not true. All an individual needs to do is follow all steps associated with cleaning carefully. Moreover, bleaching and dry cleaning are not at all preferable. Going ahead, you have two options – hand wash or machine wash.

  • Machine Wash – First question that comes to your mind will be can I put a heated jacket in the washing machine? Is it safe? The simple answer is yes if you follow the safety tips. Wash a heated jacket on a delicate cycle and don’t use fabric softener. Also, do not use hot water. On that note, maintain the temperature around 86°F or less. Keep its cycle time less than 45 minutes. Do not fold your coat too much, as doing so will cause compression.
  • Hand Wash – Mix the detergent in a large tub filled with lukewarm water. Carefully rub all stained areas by avoiding any twisting. Vigorous twisting will damage any wiring system. Once satisfied with the cleaning, drain the tub and rinse your fabric with cold water for two-three times.

After Washing

It might be tempting and an involuntary action to squeeze the water out of your wet clothes, but as mentioned above, doing that to the battery operated shirts will ruin its heat elements. So, avoid it in all situations. Post washing has this below step:

Step 5 – Drying the Jacket

Tumble drying a heated jacket is not a proper method as a dryer might damage it. Thus, it is best to let it air-dry in a warm and dry place. Moreover, you can put a towel on top of it to avoid direct sunlight. Drying a self warming jacket can be a long process in winter. Additionally, once dried, do not iron it.

And you are all done. If you follow those steps mentioned above carefully, you will have a fresh and comfy jacket, ready to keep you warm again.

How to Store a Heated Jacket?

After cleaning the vest, store or hang your heated jacket in a place that has good air circulation- this will get rid of any chances of residual dampness. Make sure that the storage place is not very humid. If you are storing the battery along with the jacket, you need to see that your storage place has a cool temperature and dry atmosphere.


Washing a heated jacket might look scary, but it is just about being careful and gentle, as said already. Additionally, it does not take much time. After washing, store your jacket in the summer, so it is all ready for you when winter comes. Besides, you do not need to wash your heated jacket too often. Just giving it a nice and simple wash before packing it away for the summer is a good idea. So follow all instructions given above and enjoy the sweet warmth of your favorite jacket for as many winters as you can.