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How to Use Upholstery Cleaner – A Handy Guide for Sparkling Furniture

Keeping your upholstery clean helps maintain the overall appearance of your house. Routine cleaning makes it last long, keeping the colors bright and the texture as new. It also removes dust and dirt from the surface of furniture, along with the removal of stains and foul odor. Upholstery cleaning tools will always come to aid when you want to improve the quality of your upholstery and reduce the dullness of your furniture. But before getting into action get to know in detail about how to use upholstery cleaner in different ways to get a new look.

Best Way to Clean Upholstery

Carpet Cleaner

You can use carpet cleaners to clean furniture upholstery as well. Using a carpet cleaner on couch is always preferable if it comes with an upholstery attachment for deep cleaning of the surfaces and dust removal. As this tool is convenient and easy to use, it can regularly clean furniture fabric. Proceed as follows:

How to Clean Upholstery Using Carpet Cleaner?

  1. To begin with the cleaning, first, test it on a tiny spot of the furniture to see if it works. As furniture is made of different kinds of materials and fabrics, it is important to analyze which cleaning method suits best for your furniture.
  2. Firstly vacuum the surface to remove bigger lumps of dirt and debris for the more effective performance of the carpet cleaner.
  3. Use an upholstery attachment with the cleaner on your couch and other furniture to wipe out all the parts.
  4. You must also carefully read the usage directions of your tool before using it to avoid any inconvenience.
  5. Lastly, use water-based cleaning solutions for a fresh smell and better results.
  6. Opting for a good cleaning solution would help remove accidentally caused stains by snacking or by pets and discoloration due to stains. It is a much more convenient method than hand cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery shampoos are also a considerable option to clean furniture when it gets stained or dull. However, it is always best to know beforehand what kind of shampoo you can use on a particular type of furniture. Regard the following steps for cleaning your upholstery with a shampoo:

How to Clean Upholstery Using Upholstery Shampoo?

  1. Before using any solution on the entire upholstery, test a small patch to for an assurance that it goes well with the fabric of the furniture.
  2. Many furniture manufacturers often use letters to indicate the cleaning solution that one can ideally use on the furniture for cleaning. For instance, the letter ‘W’ is used for water-based cleaning solutions, ‘S’ for solvents, ‘WS’ for both water solutions and solvents, and ‘X’ for vacuum cleaning only.
  3. Some of the upholstery cleaners come in a can with built in applicator which disperse foaming solution for easy clean. Just shake and press the can to disperse the solution.
  4. Fill the cleaner’s water tank with water and add an appropriate amount of cleaning solution as instructed by the manufacturer.
  5. Use this cleaning mix on your couch’s upholstery, cushions, and other furniture parts.
  6. Once the cleaning is done, properly dry out all the cleaned surfaces to avoid humidity and the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Other Methods to Clean Upholstery with Different Stains


Using vacuum cleaner for upholstery is a go-to cleaning method. All types of fabrics, furniture and upholstery, can be vacuumed to ensure proper cleaning and removal of dirt and debris. You can also vacuum the surfaces before performing any other clean processes for better results.

Using Wipes

Want to get rid of the small stains instantly and thinking of how to clean upholstery without a machine then grab a wet wipe and get the job done. Wet wipes are smooth and gentle on the upholstery material. These can be used to clean the fabric without causing any damage to it. These wipes are made of soap and water solutions to work effectively on upholstery.

Fabric Protector

Use a fabric protector to treat the upholstery of your furniture. These kinds of solutions blot away easily without staining the surface. Applying stain repellant or fabric protector also maximizes the life of the upholstery.

Rubber Gloves

If you are wondering how to clean upholstery by hand then rubber gloves are a good choice. These silicon gloves have static surfaces. You can use these gloves to attract and lift dust and clumps of dirt from the furniture and upholstery. They are extremely helpful in cleaning not just entire surfaces but also edges and hard-to-reach furniture corners.

Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet cleaning machines such as cleaners, extractors, shampooers, etc., are designed to work effectively on furniture fabrics and upholstery. These tools can help remove dirt and stain effortlessly from the furniture’s surface. These are ideally used to deep clean surfaces having embedded dust that cannot be removed by handpicking.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

  • One can install air filters in the house to trap all sorts of dust and prevent it from settling on the surfaces of furniture and upholstery.
  • You can use professionally designed gadgets and tools for touch-up and cleaning upholstery surfaces.
  • Avoid bleach or de-greasers as these can cause stains that do not blot away quickly and result in lost lasting marks.
  • Always use cleaning solutions like upholstery cleaner spray as mentioned by the manufacturers to avoid degrading of fabric and upholstery.
  • For pet messes, take the help of a vacuum cleaner and finish the cleaning process by using odor-controlling solutions.
  • Before beginning the cleaning process, do not forget to vacuum the entire surface to remove lumps of dust and debris.
  • Make sure to clean the upholstery from all directions. To clean the stains of oil or other organic solvents, you can use a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Only use warm water for cleaning, if required. Rinse the fabric gently with warm water to remove light stains. Damping an absorbent towel or wiping in warm water would also work.
  • Do not use excess water on the upholstery, which can give rise to odor-causing bacteria and humidity.
  • Make use to properly dry all the fabric. Give it enough time to dry before placing it back. Or else, you can also opt for steam cleaning to reduce the time and effort.


Furniture fabric and upholstery require regular cleaning. This would not just remove all sorts of dirt from the furniture but also prolong its life and comfort. Though there are various cleaning options, it is also important to read the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. You can also take professional help to restore the overall appearance and quality of the upholstery.