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How to Use Enzyme Drain Cleaner? – Get Rid of Slow Drain Very Quickly

After every month or two, drain cleaning begins to haunt you. People are always caught in a dilemma of how and what to pick for removing clogs from the drain. Undoubtedly, chemical drain cleaners will effectively clean your clogged pipe thoroughly, but they can severely damage the whole system. With time, the interior of pipes might release harmful fumes because of strong chemicals that can cause further damage. Therefore, one should prefer other alternatives like enzyme based drain cleaner or home remedies such as vinegar or baking soda. We here provide some useful information about how to use enzyme drain cleaner.

What is an Enzyme Cleaner?

Enzyme drain cleaners are ones that do not have any chemical content and are a natural eco-friendly way to clean clogged pipes. Enzymes are bacteria that feed on organic material and work to clear buildup by consuming through it. Scientifically, enzymes help break down soil, stains, and malodors at a neutral pH value. There are different enzymes present such as proteases, amylases, and lipases in an enzymatic cleaner. different functions of all enzymes, like proteases, can only work on protein-based soils such as blood and food.

At same time, amylases work on starch and lipases on oil and grease. These protein compounds consume and break down soil into two basic compounds, carbon dioxide and water. reaction continues, and bacteria gradually increase in number. This process persists till time food supply reduces. These bacteria cleaners can prevent further clog formation if used once or twice a month. However, it might not prove that beneficial when you try to run it through fully blocked drainage. It is an eco-friendly and natural product. However, it might take more than usual time to react as a catalyst.

Things Required to Clean a Drain

You need only a few tools that would help clean all backed drainage pipes of your house. All you need is-

  • A small toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Double-sided sponge scraper
  • Plumbing Snake Too
  • Garbage Disposal Brush
  • Most important enzyme cleaner.
  • Plunger pump- clog remover cleaner.

There’s always a question, “What type of enzyme cleaner is required?” We understand that there are several types of Enzyme Drain cleaners with abundant uses, and it isn’t easy to select one out of all.

Stick Enzyme Cleaner

Sometimes, it comes in the form of a stick that you have to release into the drain. Next time whenever you pour some water into the drainage, it will slowly dissolve the drain cleaner enzymes. This will further prevent accumulation and clogging in the long run.

Liquid Enzyme cleaner

It is another popular variety of enzyme cleaners for drains. A decent amount of mixture while pouring will stick in your drain pipes. These cleaners can only be useful for cleaning bathroom or kitchen pipes and sink.

Powder Enzyme Cleaners

Other Enzyme cleaners are designed to clean septic tank’s clogging. All you are required to do is flush down powder in the toilet pod. Then, slowly enzymes will start working on breaking down into compounds. This enzyme drain cleaner for toilets will ultimately save your money from regular septic system services requirements.

How to Use Enzyme Drain Cleaner?

Always follow instructions written on the back of the container.

  • Accordingly, mix water and drain clear in proportion to dilute mixture. Usually, it’s around 1-2 tablespoons of enzyme mixed with 1 cup water.
  • To work perfectly, you need to mix enzyme drain cleaner with lukewarm water.
  • Note: Always remember to use lukewarm water because it works as a catalyst. Contrary to that, cold water can slow down the gradual process of bacteria increase and restrict them from working.
  • Run a mixture of enzyme cleaner into the drain and give some time for enzymes to break down compounds perfectly.
  • They almost require a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Please keep in mind not to flush enzymes with a heavy water flow. If done so, water will forcefully push enzymes out of pipes, and there will be no clog clearance.

Pros and Cons of Enzyme Drain Cleaner

It’s the best alternative to choose over other harsh chemical-based products that harm you, your pet, and environment.


  • Environment friendly– First and foremost, they are eco-friendly and use natural bacteria to hasten the cleaning process.
  • Do not damage pipelines– harmful acidic chemicals damage pipelines and metal plumbing of houses. This is not the case with organic drain cleaners.
  • Best for septic tank cleaning-. Reduces frequency of costly septic tank pump-outs. These good bacteria slowly break down organic waste without harming natural bacteria present in the tank. Whereas chemical cleaners might clean the tank very quickly but kill natural bacteria, slowing down the process of decomposition.
  • Budget-friendly– Hiring plumbers to remove blockage can be too expensive. Therefore, regular use of natural drain declogger prevents further blockage and clogging drainage. Pour in concentrated enzymes in the drain to avoid building up grease and stinking smell.
  • Safer to store and use– if you have a family of small children and pets. Chemical cleaners can be very harmful when they contact any organic substance. They release toxic gases in the area and can be severely harmful when consumed by mistake.


With keeping all benefits on one side, we need you to know that magical cleaner has a few disadvantages.

  • Firstly they take a lot of time to clean compared to other chemical cleaners. Sometimes consumers might get annoyed with this. But one should remember that slow and steady wins the race and try to be patient and calm.
  • The speed of cleansing depends on flow of liquid in pipes. A natural cleaner might work very slowly if the clog is too thick.
  • Adding on to that only helps in breaking down organic material. Substances such as metals, glass, or plastic remain unhindered while cleansing.
  • Product contains natural bacteria and has a short-term expiry date. Henceforth it becomes difficult to find eco-friendly cleaners in every store.


It depends on the choice of consumers if they want to choose short-term benefits or switch to long-term eco-friendly ways. If you regularly maintain your drains’ hygiene, natural enzyme cleaners are the perfect product. Using harmful chemical cleaners can be risky for you and your plumbing lines. long-term effects of environmentally friendly enzyme cleaners are unchallenged and can be considered a blessing in disguise.