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How to Sand Wood with Electric Sander? – 4 Simple Steps

If you are a DIY person and like to build stuff, you know how much effort and hours go into smoothing or scraping off the wood. Every one of us will put in all that hard work, and it still doesn’t look perfect because there is only so much we can do with a sandpaper. So, to save all of our arms and time, an electric sander would be a good investment. It is not only quicker but does a much better job without demanding much effort. However, to use this device, one must learn its basics to avoid fuss and mess. Hence, this detailed beginner’s guide is here for you to get enlightened on what is and how to use an electric sander.

What is a Sander?

A sander is a device used for smoothing and finishing surfaces, especially wood. It does the work of sandpaper much faster by running on electricity. This machine has various purposes, such as –

  • Removing material like paint or varnish from a surface, making it new and bare for a fresh new coat.
  • Preparing floors for finishing.
  • Smoothing the edges of planks.
  • Getting the excess material off surfaces.

Types of Electric Sanders

There are mainly 5 types of electric sanders. And all those types have their own strength and high quality, with very little. Meaning there is no issue with using any sander for any purpose. If you are a DIY enthusiast then getting a small hand held electric sander is enough. But if you are a professional woodworker, investing in all of them would prove to be the smart choice. Now, let’s know about each one in brief:

Random Orbital Sanders

These are the most common electric sanders used for home projects. They are extremely versatile and easy to use. If you have to own just one sanding machine for wood, it is a clear winner.

Belt Sanders

When it comes to removing a lot of material from a floor or surface in very little time, these are perfect. Although they are a little tough to handle as it is not easy to mount belt sandpaper, they work great to smooth out rough textures.

Rotary Sanders

As their name suggests, rotary sanders are those which have their heads moving in circles. This particular type is suitable for working on almost all kinds of textures and their edges.

Spindle And Disk Sanders

These are the table-mounted machines that stay stationary. Mainly, they are ideal for wood projects and provide more stability than those handheld ones. Though the device is easy to use, its material can be hard to manage.

Drum Sanders

Those who want to work on hardwood floors should definitely go for these. However, drum sanders are slightly expensive and, thus, are mostly rented for use. They work great to scrape materials off the floor and give it a nice finish. Besides, they can only be used on one surface.

How to Use an Electric Sander?

Using an electric sander is always safe and effective to provide smooth finish to surface. They do most of the work and make your project look better. Here is a simple 4-step guide to teaching you how to use this incredible device:

Step 1 – Get to Know It

Every sander differs in its type and brand, so, before plugging them in, read its user manual. It will give clear-cut knowledge.

Step 2 – Pick Perfect Tools

Next up, choosing the right sandpaper is essential. Most electric sheet sanders have a specific shape and require a particular type of sandpaper for functioning. To change the power sander sandpaper, a person needs to peel off the old one and press on the new one. User manual would tell people which sandpaper to use if they get confused.

Step 3 – Start Sanding

Keep your hand light as once you switch it on, the sandpaper glides across a surface easily, so you do not have to put too much pressure. The only time you need to put more pressure is for any major rough spots that won’t go away easily. Besides, keep a firm hold on your machine; otherwise, it will become hard to manage.

Step 4 – Wipe it Clean

After done with the sanding process, all that is left is wiping the surface with a tack cloth, mainly meant for this purpose. A tack cloth will make sure that there is no remaining dust on the floors. Any other kind of cloth might not work that well, and you’ll end up with dust in your finished product. So, with this kind of cloth, one will have a smooth and clean surface to use in any way they plan to.


Whether you’re an at-home woodworker or a professional, a good electric sander for wood is a purchase you will not regret. One might have doubts about it being dangerous, but actually, it wouldn’t hurt people even if they accidentally touch the sandpaper while plugged in. Be it a big bedroom floor or a small wooden chair, the best sander for wood is a go-to tool for all of us. So here’s to saving you from all the manual labor, hand cramps, and long hours.