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How to Clear Brush with Machete? – Uses & Safety Tips

A machete is a versatile tool; you can use it as an ax and knife. Though being a sharp object, it does matter that you follow certain safety measures to avoid any accidents. Things can go wrong if you do not take care of preventive actions when employing its use. The sharper the object, you should be more cautious. Below are tips and safety measures listed on how to use a machete.

Things to Know Before Using a Machete

  • Make sure there is no one around you when using the machete for gardening. It does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner in using it. A simple mishap could lead to a disastrous situation.
  • Do not cut with a machete that resembles a swing across your body. You have to make swings that end up with a slash outside in the cutting range.
  • For right-handed people, the swing should be right to left for the left-handed left to right.
  • If you are on a hike with someone else that requires a machete, make sure you maintain a safe distance from them. And clean off the pointy edges left behind by their cuts. Always look before cutting.
  • If you are not satisfied with the machetes available in the market you can make your own machete, have a look to know how to make a machete.

How to Use a Machete?

To clear up any wild spots in your garden machete is always a considerable option. Before going into the wild and swinging it as you like it is better to know the perfect machete techniques and tips. Learn how to use a machete in a proper way

Step-1 : Holding a Machete

It sounds simple, but it’s not; this is where ignorance will leave you with minor injuries and rashes. It’s also understandable that you would want to grip the machete tightly to avoid it being slipped from your hands. But that would lead to you having blisters down the line. One effective way to overcome this issue with almost every hand tool is to use a pinch grip.

Pinch grip is holding your machete with your thumb and forefinger while the remaining fingers are wrapped around the handle to support the grip of your forefinger and thumb. This effective holding applies to machetes and other hand tools.

Step-2 : Carrying the Machete Safely

There is a certain fear surrounding the machete, whether it is from the stranger or acquaintance carrying it or for the person carrying it feels worried if they end up misusing it on someone. And they have every reason to be scared. It’s a sharp object used by the military as a combat arm(s). So carrying the machete and ensuring the safety of yourself or the other is a necessary task.

You need to keep in mind a few things to keep your machete an agricultural tool for safe use. Like a gun, a machete has its safety, but the safety is not inbuilt, unlike guns. The safety of machete comes in the form of the sheath. When you are not using it’s in the best interest of everyone to put it into the sheath. As for your safety, make sure when you are sharpening it, you do so to the limit you require. Sharpening it too much could make it brittle and break on use.

Step-3 : Angle of contact

It’s a human instinct to strike a sharp object with force and a downward cleave. Not saying that it won’t work, but there is a much more effective way to use it better. Not to mention by striking it in a straight cleave, you will become tired, which makes you perceptible to fatigue. Using the machete in any state of tiredness can lead things to be too bad too quickly.

So the solution to this is cutting things at an acute or forty-five-degree angle. By cutting in the acute angle, you reduce the risk of getting tired from the machete use, but not just that it is a more effective way of cutting things. By taking an acute angle, you get more done, ensure your safety, and increase the longevity of your blade.

What is a Machete Used for?

  • Now that we have talked about things to take care of before using, safety concerns, and measures, let’s talk about the most vital thing, Where to use the machete.
  • When talking about machete uses the first thing that comes to mind is cutting bushes, the all-purpose tool sees most of its use in it, but that is not where it is limited to.
  • It’s a good tool for clearing out the way when trekking in a dense forest, splicing up the coconut in two, and most importantly, an important utility for your arm. And as you make use of it, make sure to dress for the job; gloves, long pants, sturdy shoes.
  • Always make frontal cuts; you don’t want your machete to slip from your hand and land close to someone’s face! Make wide sweeps or cuts, apply the force through your elbow ( elbow also helps direct your blows).
  • Be wary of your surroundings; you had informed people not to come close when you got a blade in hand doesn’t mean they won’t have to come for something urgent. But kids or pets won’t need a reason to come to you, and you are primarily on the lookout for them.
  • After use, patch it up into a scabbard or sheath. Just make sure its blade is not exposed to avoid tragedy.


As you can see machete is not a toy for anyone to swing around carelessly, it can be harmful to the user. Care should be employed whenever you use it. Avoid using it if you are fatigued in any form or way. This might lead to severe injuries and some irreversible damage in the worst-case scenario. Yet, in the right hands, it’s a tool of harvesting that can and has been put to good use, and you can do it too if you take the safety measures. So lay your hands on the best machete for clearing brush in your garden.