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How to Use a Wood Splitter? – Find Easy Way for Hefty Work

Ever heard of the term log splitter? A log splitter is nothing but a machine or equipment that you use to cut wooden logs. Most of the time, people in the forest use it to split the firewood from hardwood or softwood logs, especially from the log pre-cut into rounds or sections either by chainsaw or by a saw bench. To learn how to use a log splitter perfectly and for what purpose it can be used to continue reading, you will get all your answers.

How to Use a Log Splitter?

Consider working 8 to 10 hours of your day cutting up the logs using an ax with all your energy and efforts. Well, a wood splitter machine helps you do the same amount of work in just a fraction of your time, taking a very little amount of your energy. It is a very dangerous tool and should not be operated without supervision and properly understanding the mechanism.

Using a log splitter is only a one-person job. So make sure to know correct wood splitting technique. First, make sure you are in an open area or field to start using a log splitter. Also, put on your safety goggles and safety clothes. Goggles are very important. If not worn, they can cause very serious damage. Make sure you are not working under the influence of alcohol. Block off the wheels under it to not move or slip while working on it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Log Splitter

  1. Position the splitter near the wood- Since it has wheels, it becomes easier to be transported near the log.
  2. Place the splitter correctly- Place the equipment on the flat ground to avoid any scope of the machine’s falling and rolling.
  3. Load on the splitter- some logs can be loaded vertically or horizontally. Put the wood log against the splitting wedge.
  4. Turn on the valve or manual lever- Turning on the valve will help you push the log into the cylinder’s wedge.
  5. Remove the log- Once the log is cut or split, remove it, place it again under the cylinder, and repeat the process until you are done cutting off everything.

Log Splitter Safety Tips

So far, we have learned how to use a log splitter. Using a log splitter can be easy, but it is still a machine and is to be used with proper safety. There are a few things that you must take into considerations while using the splitter:

  • Choose an open field with no children around. Prefer using it in the daylight.
  • Make sure you do not wear any jewelry and loose clothes. Wear proper clothes, logging boots and safety goggles.
  • Check whether the beam is locked or not before starting.
  • Make sure the logs are squared off.
  • Using a log splitter is just one person’s job so do not group up or create a gang.
  • Don’t race for splitting more than one log at a time.

These safety tips will help you a lot while splitting, and instead of an acting amateur, you will look more like a trained regular person.

Types of Log Splitters

There are different types of splitters people use across the world. Before choosing which one you should pick, you should be aware that each log splitter comes with its pros and cons.

Electric Log Splitters

These are extremely lightweight and small in size when compared to others. They are easily portable and can run on any standard electrical outlet. They can easily run indoors and outdoors. Being small, they have a limitation with big logs, but average-sized logs are easily handled. They work on the principle of hydraulics. Some of the pros of these are that they are very powerful for their sizes, easily portable, and can be used inside.

Gas Powered Log Splitter

They come in variable sizes with variable power. It is majorly used in commercial businesses and for heavy tasks. These splitters work on 4-stroke engines used to pressurize using hydraulic pumps. They can work horizontally and vertically both. They need regular maintenance either with the pipes or the hydraulic pumps. Their cons are that they are very loud and need regular maintenance and the pros are that they are very powerful and durable and are easily available in a varying range of sizes.

Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

These hydraulic wood splitters run on manpower to build pressure. They are very reliable and efficient and can easily work horizontally and vertically. They vary from small to medium sizes. Their pros are they are easily available, light-weighted, and reduce splitting time. Their cons are that it is limited to the size of logs and requires patience because of the manpower.

How to Maintain a Log Splitter?

Every machine needs to be repaired and maintained after a certain time interval. A well-maintained machine runs flawlessly and lasts longer. Now let’s learn some wood splitting maintenance tricks:

  • Keep on checking the hydraulic pipes and pumps.
  • Gas engines are to be serviced every half a year or annually.
  • Empty the fuel when the machine is not in use.
  • Apply self-lubricating agents to keep it running smoothly.
  • Regularly sharpen the blades and remove the damaged parts


Hopefully, you have learned everything on how to operate log splitters. Remember that it is a useful but dangerous machine, so you should use it carefully. Make sure to follow all the necessary safety measures before switching on the log splitter. Do not forget to maintain the log splitter to keep on running smoothly.