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How to Blow Leaves using Leaf Blower – Tips & Techniques to Use it Properly

The autumn season can make you work a little extra in the backyard of your home. The tree leaves, rotten apples, animal poop, etc., need to be cleaned before your children want to play there. But did you know there is no need to hire professionals for this? Indeed! You can make your lawn and backyard clean and hygienic on your own. Though anybody can use a leaf blower, there are some tricks you should know before using it. In addition, there are certain techniques and strategies regarding how to use a leaf blower properly. We have come with all the information you need.

Best Time to Buy & Use a Leaf Blower

To buy a leaf blower, summer is the right time as you can choose the best one for your lawn in low budget. In fall months, the demand for leaf blowers will be high and eventually becomes expensive.

Next, choosing the right time to use a leaf blower is another step of effective cleaning. You should always prefer a dry day for doing your work as windy days can greatly hinder the job. However, it is advised to use a leaf blower on a sunny day. It is also sensible to use a leaf blower when the leaves are dry and light as wet leaves are heavier. However, they might make your work time-consuming, clumsy, and untidy.

You must keep in mind the direction of the wind too. Although it is not possible to find an entirely perfect day for this, you should find the most suitable weather for your chore.

Start doing your work at a considerable and suitable time for this work. As leaf blowing can become loud and clamorous at times. You must not take this work under consideration at the time when your neighbors are having their tea or early morning naps. Therefore, it is important to find the right weather and time to undertake this chore.

How to Use a Leaf Blower Vacuum?

While using a leaf blower, you should always keep in mind a couple of things such as; Your strategy, tools available, safety measures, and the areas you need to clean. Then, having the right plan, which has a proper mixture of all four things mentioned above, you are good to go. Only in 6 easy steps can you clean your lawn and gardens. Here are the stepwise instructions on how to turn on and use a leaf blower efficiently.

Step 1: Check the Fuel/Battery

It is always good to have a good start when doing something productive. The same goes with your leaf-blowing practice. It is good to keep all the materials you require handy and well-working. So the first step you should follow while cleaning your yard is to duly fill your leaf blower machine with the appropriate amount of fuel or battery. If you don’t have the right amount of fuel in your machine, it can make you leave your work in the middle. So you need to fill the tank of your machine and check the battery percentage before starting your work.

Step 2: Safeguard yourself

Your safety always comes first. When working with big and heavy machines, it becomes important to protect and safeguard yourself. For example, it is important to save your eyes and ears before blowing leaves. These two are most prone to get affected. Therefore, you should always wear an eye mask or eyewear that won’t affect your eyes. Similarly, it is important to protect your ears with earphones or muffs. At times, you may consider wearing a PPE kit to protect your lungs. But all in all, you cannot miss this step.

Step 3: Examine and audit the area

As a next step, it is advisable to take a tour of the area you need to clean. Take a look at the areas which need more precise cleaning and areas which do not need high maintenance. This will help you in making the right strategy for your work. While having a tour, you can pick up large debris, chairs, and pots from your garden. You can also remove any plastic or metal cans that are tough to be caught in the machine. It will make your task easier for you.

Step 4: Have a blueprint of the plan in your mind

Now you have made everything ready and inspected. All you need to do is arrange everything accordingly and have a well-made plan in your mind. This plan may include how long this might take, from where you will start or how much waste you will get at the end, etc. You may also plan which areas you will clean first and how you will map the entire area. While leaf blowing, you may need to think about how you will pile up the leaves, etc.

Step 5: Follow a reliable technique

A right technique is always important when blowing a large area. You need the right kind of equipment and plan. The most reliable technique includes; starting from the edge of the area in a rectangular shape, piling up all the waste in various small piles and the middle of the yard, taking the shrubs first, adjusting the airflow of your blower, etc. All this may take a little time, and you surely need some practice, but it is easy when you get a hold of it.

Step 6: Dispose of the garbage properly

You have done a pretty good job so far. As the last step, you should know where and how you dispose of the garbage you have collected. Collecting the waste in a trap and container is ideal for collecting the garbage. You can leave the waste where your city management services ask you to. Moreover, it is advisable to make compost of the waste you have collected in your backyard only. It is friendly to the environment and your garden also.

5 Important Leaf Blower Tips and Tricks

  • Choose the right angle: Prefer not to use the shallow angle to hold your leaf blower. It will only make the task tough for you. A good grip is very important to use the machine properly. That good grip comes from the right angle. Therefore, you must use an outer angle to hold the handle and use it for a longer period without aching your wrist.
  • Make your work look nice: It is important to make sure that you are doing everything in a tidy and clean manner. The purpose is to clean the area, not to make it dirtier. So, you should always have a disposing plan and the right technique to blow off all the leaves.
  • Pick the right blower: The right brand, model, and size are the essences of every good machine. Similarly, you must prefer the right size and model of your leaf blower according to your area and needs. Considering the size of your land and the amount of waste present in it, you can choose the right machine for your use.
  • Change the airflow when needed: It is advisable not to use the same air suction at all times. It would help if you changed the air pressure according to the need and size. For example, if the shrub is large, you must change the airflow to high suction. Similarly, if the waste is small, you need to change the airflow to low suction. This will keep the machine perfectly fine and the area correctly clean.
  • Use different techniques for different areas: The techniques you follow for blowing off the leaves are important. What’s more important is that you use suitable techniques for different areas. For example, if you are cleaning the middle area, you must use a circular blowing technique. Similarly, if you are cleaning the outer area, you must use the edge blowing technique.


Can you use a leaf blower for snow?

Yes, if your snowblower is not starting, you can temporarily use a leaf blower to blow off the snow. But your blower should be gas powered, not the electric or battery powered one. Because, electric leaf blowers will quickly break down as the job is between electricity and water.

How to make a leaf blower more powerful?

If you think your leaf blower is losing its efficiency, try taking the engine to its highest level to get the 100% output from it. Else, use the specialized leaf blower attachments that ensures strong performance for your tasks.

How to stop neighbors leaves from blowing in my yard?

Try installing wooden or wire or mesh fence to keep neighbors leaves away from your yard. Another cost-effective solution is, just have a talk with your neighbors to trim their trees.


If used correctly, this tool can help even beginners. It can save a lot of your time and hard work from your busy day. If you have never used a leaf blowing machine before, following these tricks will surely make you better at this job. Use these tricks to have a clean autumny garden for your children to play in. You always enjoy your tea in a neat environment, well this article gives you all the tips you need to have a hygienic and well-worth environment.