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How to Edge a Lawn? | DIY in 7 Steps

Having a beautiful, lush, green lawn surrounding your sweet home sounds wonderful. But having to maintain that lawn is a tedious task if not done properly. To beautify your lawn, it is important that you ‘edge’ them. Want to know what is edging? It is nothing but putting a line between the concrete sidewalk or border and the grass. To make the process smoother and faster, one should use a lawn edger. Know in detail how to use a lawn edger to edge the lawn in the best way.

What is a Lawn Edger?

A lawn edger, also known as an edge trimmer, is used to trim and define yard boundaries. It is often utilized around the perimeter of your lawn to form a barrier between it and the adjacent sidewalk, driveway, or flowerbeds. Without edging, grass grows over the limits, giving your lawn an unsightly and overgrown appearance. Lawn edgers are pretty easy to use if you get the hang of it. But if you aren’t aware of how a lawn edger is supposed to be used, here’s your full guide to use it.

How to Use a Lawn Edger?

Step-1 : Mowing the grass

It is always wise to start the whole beautification procedure by beginning with mowing the lawn. As you mow the lawn, you’ll know the height of grass that is acceptable to you in your lawn. Make sure you don’t leave the grass too tall or too short that the lawn starts to look bald.

Step-2 : Chalking out the Path

If you are new to the process, you should ensure where you will edge. It’ll be easier for you to cut the grass straight along a rope or tape. And this is not just for beginners, but anyone edging their lawns should follow this practice. Just draw out a path for yourself to avoid going out of the line while edging.

Step-3 : Selecting the Right Edger

There are two kinds of grass edgers available in the market- Manual and Powered. You may use electric edgers like string trimmers or regular manual edgers as your choice. One basic thing to remember is that you’ll have more control over the manual lawn edgers, but the powered edgers will make your job faster.

Step-4 : Safety Gear

Unless you are Hulk, remember to use safety gear like glasses and gloves. They will protect you from any kind of debris or grass. If you are sensitive to dust and pollen, you may even consider using a face mask to protect your nose and mouth.

Step-5 : Edging the Boundaries

When you are set with all your gear, practice edging over a little patch of your lawn, check for any wires or pipes before getting to it. You wouldn’t want to risk damaging anything, so leave some margin while edging. Once you are done with it, check for any rough or sharp points and even them out.

Step-6 : Trimming the bushes

Once the lawn is done, give a quick trimming and pruning to the bushes and shrubs in and around your lawn. This would make everything look neat and even.

Step-7 : Clean Slate

Viola! Now that everything’s been done don’t forget to clean up the mess you’ve left behind. Even after trimming an edge, if you leave the debris in the lawn, it makes all your efforts to beautify the lawn go in vain. So make sure to collect the waste or use a collecting bag and the edger for an easy process.

Lawn Edging Tips and Techniques

Using yard equipment is no kids play. Dangerously even if it seems easy at first, you may accidentally put yourself at risk of hurting yourself. So while using any yard equipment or a lawn edger, in particular, there are some things that you should consider for your own safety.

  • Lawn edgers are equipped with sharp blades to cut the edges with precision. But the same blades that will help groom your lawn could prove dangerous to you or the ones around you.
  • As with any other basic equipment, you should follow minimum safety measures with lawn edgers. Like wearing face and hand protection and wearing properly covered and sturdy footwear. Make sure that your kids or pets aren’t near where you are working. They could get hurt if anything slightly wrong happens.
  • If the grass has been freshly watered or is wet, avoid edging the lawn at that time, as there are chances that you might slip.
  • If you use a powered edger, avoid tripping over the chord.
  • Lastly, do not start the engine of your edger while the blade and ground are in contact. Precaution is better than cure, so follow these little safety tips.


1. How to use a lawn edger?

Ans: The best and the easiest step-by-step method has been provided above. If you follow the steps given, you’ll find using lawn edgers amazingly simple.

2. Do you push or pull a lawn edger?

Ans: Always remember to push a lawn edger in the forward direction.

3. What is the difference between a lawn edger and a lawn trimmer?

Ans: A lawn edger is used to make the lawn edges sharper and create boundary lines, while lawn trimmers help maintain those boundaries. Together they make a great team, and you could consider investing in them.


Everyone wants a well-kept lawn, and what better way to achieve that than to pay special attention to the details! While keeping these small tips in mind, you can easily achieve a manicured and beautiful lawn. This guide has been made keeping in mind the use of lawn edgers even for beginners. Grab the best edgers for lawn to maintain great looking garden. Happy Gardening!