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How to Use Floor Jack Safely to Repair Car? – Pro Tips Included

A floor jack is a mechanical tool used to lift cars or another vehicle safely for minor repairs. It is such a helpful tool and can be a terrific addition for the garage. The jack has four wheels which are operated manually and lifted by the use of hydraulics. These wheels are useful for the mobility of the jack, especially in narrow spaces within a garage. Using this device isn’t a difficult job. However, a few of us might find it difficult to use it first, especially when using the hydraulic lift. Here, we provide all the details from how to use a floor jack to all the safety tips you need to follow.

How to Use a Floor Jack?

A car floor jack also has a long handle, which eases the process of sliding the device beneath the vehicle. After using the floor jack, you no longer need to get dirty and risk your lives while sliding under the car. There are different floor lift jacks, and the most commonly used are mechanical and hydraulic.

How to Use a Mechanical Floor Jack?

Step 1– Bring your car to a flat surface. You need to keep it in parking mode and put on the hand brake for an automatic transmission car. However, for a manual one, put it on first gear and the hand brake.

Step 2– If the problem is with wheels, Place a block-like structure behind and in front. If an extra block is available, keep on the opposite side to avoid a rollback while repairing.

Step 3– Assemble the handle and locate the jack point under your car. Then place the floor jack over there.

Step 4– After fixing the jack with the handle, start rotating it clockwise. This will raise the vehicle stop when the desired height is reached.

Step 5– After finishing the repair on your car, slowly turn the handle and lower down the car. Keep rotating till the time wheels adjoin the ground.

Step 6– Dismantle the handle from your floor jack and keep it back along with the handle for further use.

How to Use a Hydraulic Jack?

Step 1-These are a bit technical to use, but the first few steps are similar for mechanical and hydraulic floor jacks.

Step 2– After parking the car on a flat surface and putting it on the hand brake. You need to bring the jack close to the car.

Step 3– Roll down the jack under the car until the saddle gets placed under the jack point of the car.

Step 4– You need to force the pump up and down on the handle. It will automatically compress the oil to sweep via the valves present in the hydraulic cylinder. The compressed oil fuel of the cylinder is gradually converted into mechanical energy. This energy will help in lifting the arm until the saddle comes into touch with the car.

Step 5– Remove the jack with caution after coming outside the car.

Safety Tips to Follow While Using a Floor Jack

Even though this might appear simple, there are a few tips that you need to remember for your Safety. It should be your priority because even a small car is 50 times heavier than an average human. Lack of preventive measures can lead to sudden, unexpected damage to your vehicle and you.

  1. Always wear protective gear like eye goggles, gloves, and other essentials.
  2. Remember to check the floor jack before using it. Ensure that all the required accessories are available and replace them if unavailable or not working.
  3. Before purchasing or using, refer to the weight capacity of the jack on its labels. If you have purchased before checking, don’t panic. Shift all the heavy items outside the car as keeping them would hamper the car weight.
  4. Identify the right jack points since it varies from model to model.
  5. Always try to park your car on a flat surface that is gravel and bump-free.
  6. Don’t start repairing and fixing the jack until the parking brake is activated.
  7. Ensure that the oil is at the standard level to avoid any accident in a hydraulic cylinder.
  8. If you feel pumping up the jacks is a hefty task you can opt for an electric automotive hydraulic floor jack
  9. One should always prefer to use wheel chocks along with floor jacks. Place these on the parallel side wheels you are not working on.
  10. Never solely rely on the floor jack. Use a jack stand for more support and Safety. Ensure that both jack and the jack stand are stable by nudging the car.
  11. Keep the adjustable jack stands at the same height so that your automobile doesn’t sit tilted.
  12. A sudden descent can damage the vehicle. Therefore Slowly, turn the handle in the clockwise direction in a mechanical jack.


Take the necessary precautions while using a car jack. Never use these tools when you are in a panic condition, leading to any mishaps. Being mindful and using common sense can prevent any further accidents. As soon as you learn to use the device properly, it will save you money, and repairing cars will become budget-friendly. If you own commercial vehicles you can use a heavy duty floor jack. Frequent visits to an automobile shop will become avoidable for minor issues. Make your approach safe and see the change.