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Time to Trim your Kitty’s Nails with Ease & Fun

Cats are indeed one of the most lovable pets across the world, but their sharp overgrown cat claws are a given threat for all the owners of this furry creature. Pet owners often try to avoid trimming their cat’s nails because of the occurring repercussions. If you ever tried, you would know that cats are afraid of such an incident. It could result in the pet attacking you or causing other damages. Usually, pet owners try to train themselves on how to trim cat nails before getting into the business or visit a veteran to complete the task without much damage.

So, how exactly would you trim your cat’s sharp, dangerous claws without getting yourself scratched and frightening the cat?

Preparation for Trimming Cat Nails

Cutting your pet kitty’s nails is very important because its claws can cause damage not only to things but people too. They can certainly scratch you or your cushions and pillows throughout the day. On the other hand, if they do not harm you or your interiors and furniture, there is also a chance that too long and sharp claws could hurt the cat. They tend to scratch their body, and if used extensively, they can cause pain to a great extent.

Before you jump into the procedure for trimming cats claws, you could do a few things before the trimming process to make your feline comfortable with the activity. A trimer does not look very comfortable anyway, and pets are like kids so they might be afraid of the tool. Therefore, before your rush, try these things.

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  • Make your cat familiar with the tool. Animals usually outburst when given in to new things without prior interaction. Try to set things in motion between the cat and the best nail trimmer for cats. Let the cat understand things at its own pace before you take things into your hands.
  • Create a rather calm and comfortable environment. Animals get distracted by the tiniest of instances or noises. So, before trimming, set the environment where your cat would be comfortable. Once you have set in the mood, take them into your lap.
  • Animals do not like someone playing with their paws too much. So, try to handle their paws carefully and get as comfortable as possible.

How to Trim Cat Nails: Stepwise Procedure

Now that you are ready for the battle, it is good to know the procedure on how to cut cat nails before entering the battlefield. Trimming a cat’s nails would be easy if you are gentle and your cat cooperates, which only happens sometimes or with training. But here are the steps you could use to get going in the right direction.

One At a Time: 

Since you are going to start with the procedure, it is necessary to understand beforehand that you will only be able to trim some of the nails in one sitting. You should try one at a time. Alongside, you could give delicious cat treats to make felines believe that the trimming is not too bad after all.

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Lay your Cat Comfortably

When you begin the process, don’t try to force the cat’s hand out because that makes your fur buddy uncomfortable and vulnerable, making it fold inside. Lay the cat in a comfortable place and come over the top. Slowly grab your cat’s paw without stretching it too much.

Push the Paws Gently

Now that you have a hold of the cat paws, you can proceed further. Take the paws and gently squeeze them. As you squeeze them, you will see that the claws come down, and you can catch the sight of sharp nails.

Look for Widening Nails

The cat’s nails are wide on the claw’s inside and narrow down as they stretch outside. The point where you see them getting widened is where you are allowed to cut. Beyond that, you would see a pink shade that should not be hampered as it might hurt your cat.

Pick your Trimmer and Trim One Nail

You can pick up your cat claw clippers and bring them to cut down one nail. Don’t stretch the paws; clip the outer edge with cat nail clippers to avoid hurting the cat. Your cat may protest so try to make it comfortable, so that you can complete the process. If you stop trimming when your feline protests, it may repeat in the future.

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Cat Treats Time

When you have accomplished clipping one of the nails, it is okay to leave the cat if it is not very comfortable. Otherwise, you may continue the process. After completing the activity, treat some good cat cookies or toys, so your kitties have a positive side to look at the next time you try to trim their claws.

It is normal for your cat to push you back when you try to reach out to them to trim because they are frightened. So, it is absolutely fine. Just make sure you do not lose your temper with them; make them feel comfortable. Alongside, follow the steps precisely to avoid getting them as well as yourself hurt.

What to Avoid While Trimming Cat Claws?

Cutting cat nails is a very delicate task that should be done with utmost concentration while keeping things in mind, or it could harm the cat, eventually harming you. The procedure is relatively easy, but there are some things you should avoid while doing the work not to evoke your cat. 

  • Take your time with things. If you hurry things up unnecessarily, they might take messy turns. You might cut the nails too deep, which can cause pain for your cat.
  • Refrain from doing things forcefully. If your cat does not want to get its nail trimmed or is in a bad mood, don’t try to force the procedure. Try to improve their mood or wait until it gets better.
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  • Don’t cut to the quick. The quick is the inner part of your cat’s claws and nails. The part has a set-up of blood vessels, and thus you do not want to dig deep. Just try to trim the upper edge of the sharper parts.
  • Don’t trim randomly. It is good to have a schedule for the activity within 2-3 weeks. Don’t try things randomly; it might frighten or make the cat uncomfortable.

Trimming your cat’s nails might not be accessible if it is your first time. Most people try to get it done with the help of veterans to avoid any harm, but if you could do it, it would bring you closer to your little cat. Also, if you follow the steps and the tips, you can get away with clipping cat nails without much hassle. 


Pets could get fussy if they trigger something dangerous, like trimmers and clippers, and you can make them comfortable to avoid that situation. Especially if you have a kitten, it would be easy to establish a habit, but an adult might revolt more, so give it time with some treats and be firm. Just follow the golden rule of “One At a Time” before trimming cat nails and you will get done with things without harming things on your way out of it.