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Making your Traveling with your Kitty Fun and Safe

Cats like familiarity, order, quiet, and comfort of home, so much so that when they go on long-distance travel (or any form of travel), they will wail at the experience. It leads to stress for both you and your pet, and the whole trip could be a damper. And to make things worse, some places are cat repulsive and would not allow you to stay in for the accommodation.

How to Travel with a Cat?

If you’re planning a road trip with cat and want to bring your fur buddy along, there are a few things you need to do to make sure the journey is safe and comfortable for both of you.

Accept that it Won’t be Easy

It will be a learning experience for you and your kitty. Still, it will be a long process, so prepare yourself mentally for the task and accept that even after all the preparations, things can go awry, and you will have to hear your cat wail and cry over the things you had prepared. Be patient and look to ease the pain, and like every difficult endeavor, you will get through it, and the reward is the company of your companion in a new environment.

Mode of Transport for Cats

Every mode of transport for cats adds complications and restrictions to the journey. The sweet solution would be to get accustomed to one kind of transport that suits your feline and you. But this is life, and things will go wrong at the wrong time. So your best bet is to get accustomed to all means of transport. Starting from visiting the local store with your cat in the car. And reserve taking cat on plane as the last cause. That’s when felines may suffer the worst.

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Traveling by Airplane

When it comes to cats in airplanes, you can take your pet with you to the cabin or send them in the cargo. Of course, you would want your cat to travel with you, and to make sure that happens, book as early as possible.

Traveling by Train

It is safer and more comfortable for your cat to travel by train than by plane, but that does not mean you should disregard the standard procedures you must follow and the preparations for a safe trip.

Traveling with a Cat in a Car

Getting your cat familiar with car travel is the simplest and easiest. The first thing you do when traveling with a cat in a car is to familiarize them with the territory, and then once they are familiar with that phase, you introduce them to car rides by visiting nearby places. Also, to ensure more safety, people must prefer to use the pet car seat for their feline.

Traveling Gear and Some Supplies to Keep in Mind

Pet Carrier for Cats

Your cat will spend a fair bit of time in it if you regularly travel. Even if it is on occasion, your cat will still be seeing and residing in its lot initially. It will be the feline’s temporary home for when you are traveling. So the logical conclusion is to use the best cat carrier or cat carrying backpacks. There are a few things to consider when picking pet carrier for cats. 

  • It should have enough openings to allow for good ventilation.
  • A label is attached to the carrier stating your address and telephone number of your traveling destination and home residence.

 Cat ID Tags    

You have put ID tags on your cat’s carrier, but that shouldn’t be the end. Put a sturdy collar and have 2 cat id tags attached to it, like with carrier tags. One contains your phone number, email ID, and home address, and the other enlists the address and phone number of the place where you will be staying.

Bring Cat Harness and Leash

When taking your cat out of its carrier, be sure to keep in mind the leash and harness as well. You must prepare your feline in advance for the cat harness and leash, since they take more time to adjust. Moreover, while traveling with your kitty in a car, it is best to have a pet seat belt ready.

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Consider Sedatives for Cats

It is uncommon for cats to require a tranquilizer during travel, but there are always exceptions, and yours could be it. The rule of thumb, when faced with these kinds of situations, is to visit your trusted veterinarian to acquire sedatives for cats. As a result, if your vet determines that sedating cats for travel is necessary, ask for an amount that allows you to have it not only for travel but as well to test how your cat responds to it.


Is it cruel to make your cat travel?

It is a tough call given their disposition. But not taking cats with you for travel would mean leaving them in the care of a pet sitter, trusted friend, or family. But life can be unpredictable, and you may not have the luxury when needed. And besides, you get to cuddle your kitty in real-time rather than look at their photos!

Should I feed my cat before traveling?

Feeding your cat before traveling is not recommended, as it could lead to motion sickness. On that note, check with your vet, and they will tell you the extra measures you need to take. You may need to take sedatives for cats like anti-nausea or those befitting its needs if your pet hates to travel.

Can’t I take my cat with me in airplane cabin?

That depends usually on various factors. Although, taking your cat with you in the airplance cabin would surely be nice. Some airplanes offer an option like that, but it is a luxury at best and scarce. So your best bet is to have your cat get acquainted with its carrier. And, of course, don’t just buy and hope for the best but see how long your cat is willing to be in it.


Traveling with your cat doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing experience for you, your cat, or both. What matters to you the most is the well-being of your pet and that they have a good time in the journey, the things done right can not only lead to a good experience but something that you can look forward to.