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Train your Dog to Lay Down on your Command | A Step-By-Step Guide

Teaching your dog the basic positions and postures requires effort and a lot of training. While some dogs master to sit down very quickly, some dogs need more attempts. Some even resist sitting down and staying in position even for a minute. If your dog has mastered the sitting part, so if you are wondering how to teach a dog to lay down and stay? Then it’s the right time to teach him how to lie down. Teaching your dog to lie down is a great way to keep him well-mannered and control his impulses. Read on some easy ways and the step-by-step process to master your dog.

How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down?

For dogs who already know how to sit, it becomes easier to know how to teach a dog to lie down. Sitting and lying are some basic commands which every canine should follow. Before beginning, ensure that they focus your dog on the surroundings. If he becomes distracted, then your dog may not follow your commands.

So, set yourself and your dog aside in an area free of distractions for training your canine. If your pet doesn’t know how to lie down, then teach dog to lay down with certain tips and tricks. So you can follow these simple yet effective steps on how to teach a dog lie down?

Step 1: Seek Attention

Start by getting your dog’s attention. Sit in a squat position or kneel so that you are at your dog’s level. Hold the calming bites for dogs in your hand and show him that you are having something delicious with you.

Step 2: Comfortable Position

When your dog is sitting, hold the treat in front of your puppy’s nose, but wait to let him eat the treat. Slowly move your hand with the treat toward the ground and make sure the dog follows it.

Step 3: Repeat the Actions

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If your dog doesn’t follow the above actions, repeat them until he is set to lie down following your motion. Also, pull the treat away from the dog if he is not following the actions.

Step 4: Luring

Your dog should follow the treat to the floor with his nose. Drag the treat slightly outwards and then away from the nose. This entire motion of luring him should be in an “L” shape with your hand.

Step 5: Test it Now

Your dog will lower his head and shoulders; as you move the treat outward, they should drop their elbows to the floor.

Step 6: Pat & Praise

Once the elbows of the dog hit the ground, and he is in an entirely lying position, pat and praise the dog by giving him his best dog treats.

Step 7: Choose Proper Word

Once your dog correctly and consistently learns to lie down with the lure technique, try to use a verbal cue the next time. Deliver the word “down” while moving the treat toward the ground.

Step 8: Command with Familiar Word

Repeat this verbal cue to make your dog lie down without a treat. You can also use another familiar word in basic dog commands, like “sit.” Make sure to have a clear and firm tone while commanding your dog. Reward whenever your canine lies down following your command.

When your dog successfully and ideally learns to lie down, it’s time to bring up your release word. Release word refers to the cue you give when you permit your dog to get up from a lying position. You can use the word according to your convenience, something familiar to your canine like “up.” To make your dog stay in a particular position, use the cue “stay.” Make a point to be consistent in your practice sessions. Your canine will quickly learn these basics if you are constant and patient.

What are the Training Tips for Dogs?

Training sessions for the dogs must be fun, engaging, and rewarding and that is possible with some tips for dog training. Your pet should not feel stuck in the sessions, but he should fully enjoy them. Be mindful of these training tips for dogs, when teaching your pet something new or working on some basic daily manners. Glance through these dog training tips for beginners to know how to teach a dog to lay down.

#1 Be Consistent

Consistency makes the task or a habit successful whenever you do something new. For your dog to learn the basic manners effectively, you need to be consistent with your training sessions. If your pet is not repeating the actions daily, he will not be able to learn and catch things quickly.

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#2 Reward the Good Behavior

Dogs do a lot for just a piece of a treat. While training, whenever your dog follows your command and does the right thing, reward him with some treats or biscuits. It will encourage him to do more the next time. Always praise your pet, pat his back, and rub your hand firmly on his head to assure him that he did the right thing.

#3 Be Patient

When you ask your dog to follow a basic command, give it a few seconds to react and wait for a moment. Your pet might need a few moments to organize and process the order. Unable to be patient with your dog. If they don’t react to your command, try a hand motion, but do not repeat it several times. This will make the dog perplexed and frustrated.

$4 Do Not Yell or Punish

Dogs are not born with these basic manners, nor do humans. We humans, too, require a few attempts to perform something new. Unlike us, dogs also need some time to learn and absorb new things and behavioral manners. If the pet is not doing well, please do not yell, force, or beat him. This will discourage him. Avoid forcibly pushing him down to the position, as this may hurt him. Dogs do not learn something in this way, especially when you want to know how to teach a dog lay down. Be careful, calm, and affectionate towards the dog because they are more likely to learn when being loved and appreciated.


Dog laying down is an essential cue for dogs and can come in handy in various situations. By following the steps outlined in this ‘how to teach a dog to lay down?’, guide, you should be able to teach your dog how to lay down on command. Be patient and consistent with your lay down dog training session; soon enough, your pet will be a pro at lying down on cue. Thanks for reading!