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How to Install, Synchronize & Troubleshoot Wireless Doorbell?

Choosing a doorbell that suits your vibe is a difficult task. Even though you may opt for an ideal or an advanced doorbell for your home such as wireless doorbell with camera, apart from installation, the synchronization can become hectic at times. Let’s know more about the easy steps on How to Sync Wireless Doorbell.

Installation of a Wireless Doorbell

The procedure to install a doorbell is lucid and can be done efficiently without any instruction manual. Follow these steps to install your doorbell with ease and comfort:

Fix the Doorbell at the Designated Place

You need to fix the wireless doorbell kits at a desirable place using adhesive tape, bolts and screws if need be. Make sure that you fix the bell securely because it may fall due to the vibration.

Fix the Push Button or Transmitter and the Receiver

Since most of the wireless doorbells have a decent range, it is advisable to make sure that you fix the receiver within the parameters of the push button to make sure that the bell rings as soon as someone pushes the button.

How to Sync Wireless Doorbell?

Follow these steps to synchronize your programmable wireless doorbell within no time:

Step-1 : Choose an Appropriate Ring Tone

Before beginning to sync the wireless doorbell, it is necessary to choose a ringtone that is loud enough to hear. Depending upon the different tone options available with your specific doorbell, go for the one that suits you.

Step-2 : Switch the Volume Level Appropriately

Due to the availability of an adjustable volume feature in wireless doorbells, it is convenient to set the volume level manually or using the remote of wireless doorbell rather than using the default volume levels. Just make sure that the doorbell is audible from any nook and corner of your house.

Step-3 : Check the Receiver’s Status or Chime

A wireless doorbell is usually battery-powered. So, make sure that the batteries are working and the receiver is working properly. This will ensure you receive all the notifications from wireless doorbell chime.

Step-4 : Begin the Syncing Process

Bring the receiver or the chime close to the Transmitter or the push button. Push the buttons on the Transmitter and the receiver simultaneously to work together. Synchronizing both these parts will enable them to recognize one another.

Why is Synchronizing a Wireless Doorbell Important?

The main purpose behind installing a doorbell is to get an alert when someone is at your doorstep. If you don’t sync the Transmitter and the receiver properly or at all, there is no point installing the doorbell in the first place because no matter how many times someone pushes the transmitter button, the receiver will not get any signals. The proper working of the doorbell requires a perfect synchronization.

How is synchronizing a Hard-Wired Doorbell different from a Wireless Doorbell?

There is a significant difference between the synchronizing procedure of a hard-wired doorbell and the wireless doorbell. As the name suggests, the Transmitter and the receiver in conventional hard-wired doorbells are connected via wire, so there is no signal breakage.

But in the case of a wireless doorbell, you need to make sure that there is no signal breakage because physical wires remain absent. The signals minimize as the distance between the Transmitter and the receiver increases. Moreover, the frequency of the Transmitter should match that of the receiver.

Troubleshooting and Resetting a Wireless Doorbell

There are some chances that your wireless doorbell is not working or a failed synchronization. Don’t panic everything will come into place by simple troubleshooting and resetting the wireless doorbell. All you need to do is remove the battery cover of both the devices and press the reset button on both. This will set back the device to factory setting immediately. Now you can again start the synchronization process of the doorbell from the step-1.


It may seem harder, but the syncing process in a wireless doorbell is easy and can be done without any necessary professional help. You just need to follow the steps given above and keep in mind the technicalities involved. Rest assured, you’ll be able to complete the synchronizing process without any problem. If you are living in a humid area or an area with more rainfall or snow fall then go for a waterproof wireless doorbell.