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4 Quick Tips To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On While Walking!

As a dog owner, you would like to go on peaceful, long walks with your lovely pet in or near your neighbourhood. But, when your dog starts pulling on the leash, it can become frustrating at times. A relaxing exercise can turn into a burden over your shoulders. So, it is essential to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. Let’s discuss some easy tips to how to get dog to stop pulling on leash.

Why Does My Dog Pull on the Leash?

Dogs become cheerful and excited when you take them out on a walk most of the time. They want to explore their surroundings as soon as you walk out of your door. Therefore, you may feel that avoiding taking your dog out will be a better option. However, given the numerous benefits of a good, long walk for your pet, it is not a feasible option available to you. Lets know about the reasons and how to stop a dog from pulling on the leash.

Neglecting the Leash Training a Puppy

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The primary reason is neglecting the importance of leash training your puppy. Most pet owners unleash their puppies without providing them with sufficient dog training leash. As puppies grow older, they need a lot of structure and understanding of their surroundings and adapt to the human world accordingly. Skipping the elemental stage of leash training your puppy creates problems in the future. It is advisable to keep your puppies on a leash during the initial years of their lives. If you are not aware how to leash train a puppy you can consult a pet behaviorist for better results.

Incorrect Positioning of the Collar

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Moreover, the incorrect positioning of the collar may trigger the pulling response in your dog. There are a lot of dog harness with handle available in the market. It is crucial to choose the appropriate one to address the issue with your dog. Please make sure that the no pull collar for dogs you choose is not too loose and does not sit directly over the shoulders. It should fit nice and high over your dog’s neck. Having a well-fitted no pull harness for dogs will provide the owner with more control and better timing of information for the pet.

Failing to Create a Strong Bond

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As a dog owner, failing to create a strong bond of trust and leadership with your dog can also aggravate this problem. It takes a decent amount of time to build a desirable relationship based on trust, loyalty and friendship with a sense of command with your dog. Have control of your dog’s actions to avoid this problem. Your dog should understand and respect the chain of command. You must play the role of the leader, especially when you are out on a walk with your dog.

Wrong Manners of Handling Leash

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If you choose the wrong manner of handling the leash while walking with your lovely friend, the dog may try to evade the situation as soon as possible. Your dog can sense the tension when you hold the leash tight. They end up pulling the leash all the time. But, if you have the best dog harness for pulling nice and loose, it is almost the same feeling of having no leash at all for your dog. A loose grip over the leash provides a sense of freedom to your lovely friends.

How to Stop Dog from Pulling on Leash?

Ever wondered, what is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash? Now that we know about the different factors that cause this behavioral problem in your dogs, it is essential to find the necessary solutions to resolve the issue. You can refer to the following tips for how to train dog to walk on leash. All these will promote better behavior in your dog and help you develop a strong bond with these lovely creatures:

Choosing the appropriate Leashes for Dogs That Pull

You can choose to train your dog using different equipment available in the market. It is important to note that each piece of equipment will serve a specific purpose and, therefore, you must segregate these carefully and choose the most appropriate one. For example, many dog owners choose a puppy harness and leash to avoid pulling. But, a harness does not necessarily address this issue but intensifies the pulling response altogether. So, choosing the best dog harness for pulling for the appropriate training method is necessary.

Work upon your dog’s head control using the Gentle Leader

You should use the Gentle Leader if your dog is strong. A metal flat buckle dog collar may not be as effective in handling such a dog. So, using the Gentle leader will provide the dog with more direction and help affect change in your dog. It controls the movement of the head more effectively than the flat buckle collar and works on a pressure system rather than a pain system. It is easy to remove as well. So, it can prove to be beneficial to train your dog.

Turn your dog away from the distractions in the opposite directions

Practice this technique regularly to ensure that your dog responds positively to the pressure created onto the leash. You must practice restricting your dog’s movement and evading the contentious distractions. It is a helpful exercise that can develop a sense of good behaviour in your dearie friends. Create necessary distractions such as your doggie’s favorite treats or toys and practice regularly.

It is critical to remain consistent and focused altogether

It takes an immense amount of hard work and a decent period to get rid of our bad habits. Similarly, getting away from the obsession of pulling by your dog will demand sufficient efforts from your side and being consistent throughout the process. Thus, remain persistent with your approach and practise regularly with your dog to get over this habit. You must send clear signals to your dog from the tension you create onto the leash. If you are ambiguous with these signals, solving this problem will take more time than you desire.


You must follow the tips mentioned about how to stop dog from pulling on leash. So that it reach a desirable solution to the problem of your dog’s pulling behavior. As a responsible owner, you have to fix the issue quickly. In addition, it is necessary to create a solid relationship with your dogs. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend!