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How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People? – Everything You Need to Know

Canines are extremely playful and love to jump a lot. The jumping of dogs on humans is due to excessive excitement or just a way of communication. It is a widespread behaviour, and many dog psychologists and dog breeders can agree. However, dog jumping becomes a problem when a dog ignores all warnings and jumps on random strangers or on people who don’t feel comfortable with this behaviour. Then it becomes the owner’s responsibility to train and teach dogs about the boundaries that they need to respect other people. Here is the complete step by step guide on how to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers, let’s get into it.

The Reasons Why Do Dogs Jump on You and Strangers?

#1 Attention

Dogs jump on people out of curiosity or to attract their attention. Certain dogs demand care and love from the owner and people around them. When there is a lack of attention, the dog tries to get a hold of that attention in whichever way it may find possible. One such way is jumping on human beings. In some cases, it can be dangerous if a person has a heart condition or if the dog jumps on little children.

#2 Curious

Sometimes the specific smell makes pets very curious. If a person is wearing something the dog finds great interest in, that dog might jump just to show queer delight.

#3 Restless

When a dog is apprehensive or fearful about the environment or allergic to certain food or smell, the dog gets impatient. A dog continues to display symptoms of dismay, including jumping and breathing heavily. Sometimes, a dog gets restless due to certain health conditions, including hypertension. To find comfort in the owner’s company or communicate their distress, dogs pound on the owner or people they are comfortable with to get their point across.

#4 Scared

A dog does a low growl when it is scared for its life or children’s life. To ensure their safety, dogs get a bit defensive. They lash out at people they find suspicious, leap and jump on them, and shoo them away. A scared dog is capable of causing significant damage to the property as well as other lives.

#5 Aggressive

Intense eye contact is an aggressive gesture, and you should not take it lightly. If a dog is staring at you from a distance and producing low grunting noises, there are more chances of the dog attacking you within a few seconds. A dog attacks by jumping on the human being, followed by scratching and biting.

#6 Engagement

To engage with the human being for treats and plays. In order to get attention and to keep the treats coming. Dogs care deeply about their relationship with fellow humans. Dogs act mischievous and naughty to come to owner’s notice or other people.

How To Stop Dog From Jumping On People?

Is your pet behaving odd when it met with stranger, don’t know how to train dog not to jump on people. Here is simple tips to clam their behaviour. Explore this how to get dog to stop jumping on people guide with simple tips.

#1 Treats

Keeping extra dog treats in bag while going out for an outing is the best way to prevent risky behaviour. So if anything puts the dog’s mood off then an instant treat can be a great cool off.

#2 Exercises

Regular exercises keep a dog’s mood and excitement in check. A dog who does not get to socialize more often finds himself being overstimulated in the presence of other humans. Daily exercises help form a routine, provide stability in behaviour, and prevent outbursts.

#3 Mental Stimulation

Dogs love to engage with owners in playful activities, one of those activities is calling out dogs’ names. Games like “Fetch and catch” provide mental simulations which calm down the dog and promote healthy behaviour. Playing with the owner in the park and another social setup also teaches dogs how to socialize and behave in society. It is imperative to have such a routine in a dog’s life.

#4 Calm Down

Certain breeds are more prone to anxiety. If your dog breed is the anxious type, you should look out for certain elements as a pet owner. Some triggers might make your dog anxious and promote them to act out in the presence of certain people or stimuli.

#5 Sit and Stay Commands

“Sit and Stay” is a command the owner gives to dogs and its implication should be instantaneous. You should nurture a dog in such a way that whenever there is a call out for the “Sit and Stay” command, the dog should immediately respond to it without any delay. This is one of the best techniques.

#6 Handy Toy

Dog toys should be given to them when your pet is acting out. These interactive dog toys will act as a distractor, and the dog will declutch the human being.


Jumping on people is an activity that many dogs find hard to control. With the help of a dog trainer and owner, a dog can learn how to calm down its anxiety and behave appropriately in a social setup. If a dog acts out in public or gets very hard to deal with, you should consult a dog trainer or a doctor. A dog who has a hard time establishing boundaries with humans is a danger to everyone. Hope you find this how to stop dog from jumping on people guide helpful to clam your pet while walking and meet stranger.