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Vexed with your Cat’s Habit of Clawing & Scratching Furniture? | Discover Ways to Stop that Habit

Scratch!! Scratch!! This word isn’t new for cat owners. Keeping a cat comes with its benefits and flaws. Scratching is perhaps the most significant drawback of owning a cat in your house. But this cannot prevent people from keeping their favorite furry babies at home. Though your love for your cat is genuine and sincere when losing your favorite furniture or sofa set to your cat’s scratching, you might want help and search for ways how to stop cats from scratching furniture? So here we are, yet again to provide solutions to your most significant pet concerns. Keep reading the article to find out more.

Why do Cats Scratch Furniture?

First of all, remember that your cat likes to scratch and claw. It is like their favorite hobby and thing to do. But there are numerous other reasons why your cat likes to scratch. The reasons might vary from cat to cat. Sometimes it depends on their moods as well. Cats like to express themselves through scratching. They love to show their ongoing emotions to their owner through their actions. But sometimes, this emotional cycle can be a negative one, too, and scratching might result from their stress and anxiety. So it depends on the owner to determine whether it is a happy scratching or anxious one. 

Many times cats also threaten other cats using the method of scratching, or they simply would mark their territory and differentiate it from its rivals through the means of scratching. But sometimes, this scratching would mean nothing. It might be a normal position to stretch or remove the worn-out nails to get sharper new ones. But suppose your cat does it only in front of you. In that case, the scratching might demand your undivided attention. 

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What Not to Do About your Cat’s Scratching Habits?

Scratching is sometimes good. It helps your cat to get rid of the husk built over time. It is an essential exercise for them. You may find it annoying, but scratching is necessary for your cat’s well-being and to attain healthy body movement. But usually, new cat parents need to get used to their favorite sofa being ruined or teared up by their lovely pets. This forces them to take unnecessary steps that might worsen the situation. So here is where you need to be careful not to hurt your cat’s emotions. The first and foremost thing to top the charts of the not to do’s list is understanding your cat’s behavior and not judging it or taking it personally.

Why do cats scratch furniture? As explained earlier, scratching is normal and can be a necessity for your cat, so pet parents need to analyze the emotions behind their cat’s scratching habit and not take it otherwise. Also, remember to avoid surgical means, i.e., the procedure of cat declawing. This surgical procedure is painful and would lead to more severe problems and cause your cat to bite and behave more aggressively in the future. Instead, try to provide them with other alternatives for scratching. Whereas alternatives would help your cat, scolding would turn their habit into a more revengeful one. 

How to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture?

Here are the best ways and proven tips on how to keep cats from scratching furniture sets and cushions. 

#1 No Declawing

Claws are cats’ only tools to prevent and defend themselves from the outside world. Many pet parents unknowingly declaw their cats for safety purposes, not knowing that it might lead to a greater aggressive nature, including tearing and scratching of furniture. Being a surgical method, declawing is cruel and harms our cats. It generally makes them unruly, and their start to show unusual behaviors like biting and scratching more rigorously. So to prevent their scratching fever, avoid declawing. 

#2 Provide Cats With Other Attracting Surfaces

Talking about other attractive surfaces, we indirectly suggest providing them with alternatives. You can replace their habit of scratching your sofa sets by giving them other objects or scratching posts. Depending on your cat’s taste, these may be vertical or horizontal posts. Keep a strongly built cat scratching post near their favorite spots in the house, and prevent them from scratching the furniture. 

#3 Cover It Up

Covering the furniture can so be very efficient when it comes to scratching. A cat’s scratching causes excellent damage to furniture and ruins it from the inside. Though you cannot prevent your cat from scratching, you can use protective covers, anti scratch spray for cats and layers to minimize the damage. As a cat owner, one must use an extra cover as a protective layer. You can cover your furniture, doors, using spray to keep cats off furniture and carpets with either thick plastic covers or tin foils. 

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#4 Use Adhesive Scratching Tapes

Cat scratch tapes is a one-stop solution. Coming in all sizes and shapes, these scratching tapes are sticky; thus, when your cat scratches on to them, they feel the stickiness of the surface. And subsequently, they don’t like it. Whether it be furniture or sofas, doors, or door knobs, you can place these tapes on any suitable area which you feel is the place that requires these adhesive tapes, and your job is done; leave the rest to the tapes.

#5 Use Caps For Nails

There are many plastic caps available in the market today. These plastic caps have the potential to work against scratching and thus, protect furniture from cats. You can apply the soft plastic caps on top of your cat’s nails by gluing them and also remove them whenever you want instead of cutting cat nails. These soft cat caps for nails last longer and remain on the top of the claws for about six to seven weeks. You can also shop for them easily in the online application on the internet. This way, you’ll have extra protection against scratching. 

#6 Grooming

Clipping cat nails in the grooming session with the best cat nail trimmers might sound like an unlikeable substitute for preventing cat scratching furniture, but trust us, it’s pretty effective. Research has proved that cats with better nail care pose a lesser threat or danger to furniture and doors. When you regularly trim your cat’s nails, you decrease or limit the greater damage to your furniture as the regular trimming of nails reduces the sharpness and makes their claws blunt. So try to clip off your cat’s nails regularly and watch the magic happen. 

#7 Disapproving Tones

If nothing works out well, a threat, sounds of hissing, or sounds attached with a punishing feel to it is the last resort. Every animal is trained according to its owner’s demands, so you could homeschool your cat. If you want your cat not to scratch, then giving them the training related to this can turn out well. With disapproving tones and correction sounds, your cat will know where to scratch and where not to. 

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Which Scratching Surface is Best for your Cat?

When it comes to scratching, we all know that it’s important and is a helpful exercise. As pet parents, one should remember and be able to differentiate between ‘right and wrong scratching.’ We should learn to disapprove and discourage the wrong scratching, but we should never stop our cats from scratching. Thus arises the question, which is the best surface for cats? A cat is typically fond of surfaces with a rough touch attached to them. And most commonly, surfaces of tree barks, ropes, leather, wool, or cardboard are favorites of our dear purrfect friends, the cats. But the availability of simple sandpaper or a cat scratching pad will also work for them quite well. So, we suggest you to keep cat scratch pads or a similar rought texture near your feline.


So now that you know how to keep your cat happy, implement it. Instead of preventing scratching, redirect it to an alternative available near you. Your motive is not to hamper their growth but to help build the bond between you and your pet well. With the tips here the next you watch your pet closely or away with a wifi pet camera you can actually see it stay away from the valuable furniture. We hope this article has enlightened you and proved sufficient. Keep reading.