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Dog Bleeding in Heat – Here’s How to Help your Pet When it Needs

If you have a female dog, being aware of several aspects of her health is key to ensuring a good lifestyle. One such aspect (and an important one) of a female dog is when she’s in heat. When in heat, female dogs will show signs such as varying energy and hormone levels later. If you’re unlearned about a female dog heat cycle, you may encounter an unwanted pregnancy or other health issues. Today we will elucidate how to stop a dog in heat from bleeding?

What is the Dog Heat Cycle?

Female dogs have a heat cycle about every six months, lasting around 2 to 4 weeks. It is a reproductive stage and may vary when the dog goes into heat and its frequency based on its breed. When a female dog reaches sexual maturity, she will experience a rise following a sudden reduction in canines’ estrogen levels. After which, the ovaries release eggs. 

Better known as the estrus cycle, a female dog will likely experience several changes that we’ll discuss further. Female dogs are also more receptive toward mating with male dogs when on a heat cycle. The heat cycle in dogs is classified into 4 stages:

Proestrus Stage

Proestrus is the first stage where we can see changes in female dog in heat behavior. In this stage, a dog experiences various changes, such as:

  • Swollen vulva
  • A change in the appetite 
  • A change in personality
  • Tail tucking/ Guarding the vulva 

The duration of this stage might range from 3 to 17 days. The female dog is also resistant to the company of the male dogs during this period of the heat cycle. 

Estrus Stage

The second stage- estrus cycle in dogs lasts for about 9 to 11 days but could be shorter or even longer for some dogs. This stage is also known as when female dogs are genuinely in heat. Unlike the proestrus stage, female dogs are not resistant to male company and naturally follow their instinct to breed. 

Diestrus Stage

The Diestrus stage depends on whether the female dog is pregnant or not. The stage lasts for about two months. The female dog will no longer be fertile during this time. If the female dog is pregnant, this stage will continue until the birth of her puppies. If not pregnant, the dog will move toward the next stage. 

Anestrus Stage

The anestrus is the end of a dog’s heat cycle. Also known as the uterine repair or resting phase, this stage can be between 90 to 150 days. After this stage, the cycle is repeated, and the proestrus stage begins. 

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What Happens When a Dog is in Heat?

When you see your female dog in heat bleeding, an essential thing to remember is never to panic! Being in heat is normal in a female dog’s life and many living beings’ lives. Here are a few indications of what happens when a dog is in heat:

Continual Urination

Generally, the most common thing to happen to a dog in heat is repeated urination. If your dog is urinating more than its normal cycle, it’s best to assume she has entered her heat cycle. However, before jumping to conclusions, confirm the rest of the signs. Regardless, if your pet urinates continuosly ensure to keep it hydrated with various measures like a dog water fountain.

Attraction to Male Dogs

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Being in heat means a dog can reproduce, and the only way to complete this mating season is with a partner. You may notice your dog trying to ‘flirt’ with other male dogs during walks or other activities as a way to mate. This process is also better known as flagging.

Behavioral Change 

As mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of behavior changes in a female dog in heat as hormonal change is high. These frequent hormone changes can cause your dog to have mood swings and become unprecedentedly aggressive. At such times, canines will love to have some privacy time. Thus, ensure to give them that privacy by letting them rest in their comfortable and best dog houses.

Bleeding in Vagina

In entering her proestrus stage, your dog might experience bleeding/discharge in her vagina. It occurs at a light stage and increases with time as she reaches the Estrus stage. There are additional signals your dog may show while on heat, especially if it’s their first heat cycle. These include a swollen vulva which you can check or constant licking (cleaning) of genitals. Besides, it can also be a weird experience for them, so be sure to make them feel secure and comfortable during this phase. Once you get used to heat, taking care will be easier.

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Heat Cycle Cleanup Tips for Dogs

Keeping your dog clean when bleeding or frequently urinating is crucial to maintaining proper hygiene and preventing infections or diseases. Also, there are many things you can do for this, like:

Making Use of Diapers

Using disposable or reusable diapers is a great way to avoid any stains. Diapers will also help your dog to feel comfortable. Ensure that you choose the correct size to keep leakages from happening. You can also use wipes for quick cleaning. 

Frequent Baths

During a heat cycle, frequent baths become a must to ensure your dog is clean. Ensure that you are using a mild shampoo and not a regular shampoo, as it affects dogs’ acid mantle, which is responsible for protecting against viruses and bacteria. Baths should be relaxing and not forceful; try to make the experience enjoyable with grooming supplies. Shampoo and conditioners that do not dry your dog’s skin are also important, as they are already quite irritable.

What Should I Do When My Dog Gets Her Period?

Now let’s come down to the real question, what do you do when your dog gets her period? After all, periods mean your dog will bleed and require a special diaper. Nowadays, you can easily find various dog diapers for heat to keep your pet from urinating and bleeding.  The first thing you’ll need to do in dog period is to restrict them from staining everything right from carpet to blankets. When in a heat cycle, female dogs have more affection toward their owners or become aggressive. Given the hormonal changes a female dog undergoes, giving them more attention during this time is nice.

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Spending time grooming, playing with, or giving them a special cuddly blanket will make them feel calm and distract them.  Moreover, you can also deal with your dog’s bleeding during the heat by spaying them. It will stop your dog from going into heat and thus stop their bleeding. However, spaying isn’t recommended if you don’t mind your dog’s breeding. Also, it’s best to discuss when you should get your dog spayed. 

How to Stop a Dog in Heat from Bleeding?

If your dog is in heat and bleeding, there are a few things on how to stop a dog in heat from bleeding. First, avoid letting your dog get too excited or stressed, as this can cause her bleeding to worsen. Keep her calm and relaxed, and consider confining her to a quiet area if necessary. Secondly, apply pressure to her vulva with a clean cloth or gauze pad to help stem the flow of blood. You may need to do this several times throughout the day. Finally, give her a clean bath each day to help keep her area clean and free of any potential infection.


In a nutshell, when female dogs undergo heat, they go through many physical and behavioral changes. One is bleeding during periods that can be tackled by diapers or spaying them before getting into heat. Even so, what’s more important is that you give them extra care and cuddles during their menstrual period.