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How to Reset Fire or Smoke Alarm that Keeps Beeping – Causes & Fixes

The smoke detector is one of the must-have appliances for your home. The properly installed and well-maintained smoke alarms reduce the risk of death and injuries by the residential fire. But that does not mean it is perfect. Sometimes it raises false alarms due to unwanted external factors which cause the alarm to go off in non-emergency situations. The alarm going off by itself when there is no fire is a common failure of the device. This could cause anxiety and frustration, affecting our sense of emergency. It is important to you that it works right, and we will see the causes that would lead your smoke detector to chirp a false alarm. Also, find how to reset a smoke detector to fix it.

Reasons for Fire Alarm Beeping after Changing Battery

There are many reasons your smoke alarm starts chirping and then goes quiet. The reason can be minor as well as major. Both can be fixed with inspection of your surroundings that make the best use of your alarm.

1. Location

You must pick the location that does not teeter with the functioning of your alarm. Often, the smoke alarm gives sporadic fits of chirping and turning off because something in the environment triggered the alarm, albeit briefly. There are also ideal places where you should put your smoke alarm. These places are all the bedrooms, small and closed rooms in your home and such. One thing to keep in mind is if the temperature in these places is too high or too low, the alarm will still go off, thus adding weight to the location you choose to install alarms.

2. Accumulated Debris

When the smoke detector is filled with dirt or debris, it affects the detecting function of your alarm. Consequently, it can have a difference compared to what it is and create constant erratic chirping ( in the worst-case scenario, it could not go off when you need it to).

3. Faulty Battery Installment

This may sound silly or a point not even worth mentioning, but your alarm could go off if the battery is not installed or affixes properly. Not only that but sometimes the battery of the wrong model may also be installed, which could lead to it not making proper contact with the socket. In addition, the error of wrongly installed sockets can also occur even in the right models. And last but not least, your battery could be out of service time, and the fluctuating voltage could be causing the alarm to chirp. So, better the change the battery in smoke detector properly.

4. Fluctuation

Sometimes everything is as it should be in the placement of your alarms, and yet they could still chirp now and then. The reasoning for it can be down to two things. That your alarm is ac and that your power supply has an issue. As said, this will only occur in an alarm that carries AC, and the reason for that is the fluctuation of current. The fluctuation can be caused due to some appliance being turned and affecting the current flow or due to power surges around your area.

How to Reset Smoke Detector to Stop Alarm Chirping?

Smoke alarms nowadays come with a small processor that helps compute the situation of smoke through its sensors. These processors are also responsible for resetting the alarm when you change the battery, but sometimes that doesn’t occur, so it needs a manual resetting of the alarm. The battery is of two variants, battery backup and battery-powered, and both require a different procedure to reset the alarm.

1. Resetting in Battery-powered Fire Alarms

Take out the battery from the alarm and press the test button for ten to twenty seconds. This will cause the alarm to go off before going silent. Install the DC battery; when properly connected, it will be followed by a chirp for a brief moment, then go silent. That is your cue that it has reset.

2. Resetting in Battery Backup Smoke Alarms

Since it does not run on batteries but AC, turn down the electricity in your house before you go out to reset the alarm. First, remove the in-built backup battery. And then, the procedure is similar to DC one, hold the test button for ten to twenty minutes until the chirp goes off and put the batter back, and turn on the power supply.

Smoke Detector Maintenance Tips

Fixing the alarm is one part of the problem; the other just as crucial part is maintaining your alarm. But unlike other home appliances, smoke alarms play a crucial part in our life, although it could also be the case that they never see any use in their time. This is why the validity of the smoke alarm is less than the other appliances. And yet they need maintenance nevertheless. Because without them, we might be too late for the emergency when it hits us suddenly. They need proper care and looking after, and it can’t be done in haste or improperly. You need not check on them every day to ensure smooth and proper functioning. Just the routine checkups will do. Now, what are the things that need maintenance?

  • Interconnecting detectors: These types of detectors work as a big cohesive unit. Meaning when one of them goes off, all of them goes off. So if you have these types of detectors installed, they all are working in cohesion during maintenance.
  • Periodic checkups: As mentioned above, the smoke alarms need looking into every often. And the best way to do it is to look them up in fixed intervals, and it can range from every six months to a year. In this checkup, you can perform tasks like checking batteries’ validity and replacing them if need be.
  • Testing: You must check if your detectors are working properly or not; otherwise, they lose their purpose altogether. To do this, you need only to press the test button preinstalled in it.


Where is the reset button on a smoke detector?

There will be no particular button to reset the smoke alarm. You just need to use the Test, Silence and Hush buttons to reset. Else, there will be numbers on keypad with which you can reset by pressing “*72”.


With this, you not only have taken care of the annoying chirping that your alarm does sporadically but have also seen how you can make the most of them and take action in case there is something wrong with your detector. And finally, you can be assured that the little plastic in your home will keep you and your loved ones safe and even learn how to make your life more secure.