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How to Fix a Motion Sensor Light? – 2 Methods to Reset

In a world driven by technology, working closely with all the gadgets surrounding you becomes essential. Nowadays, outside lights with sensor have become a part of every household because of their security system. However, handling all the controls can be annoying and frustrating for many. Controlling and understanding functions is not an easy cup of tea. Fidgeting with the sensitivity settings might lead to malfunction and therefore require resetting. Since there are a variety of functions in the gadgets, we have tried to provide the keys to all the impediments. All you need to know is when and how to reset motion sensor lights in a few easy steps. Along with different methods to reset motion sensor security lights.

When to Reset a Motion Sensor Lights?

There could be multiple reasons for resetting motion light of your house. As you know, any motion detector light must switch on automatically whenever a moving object, vehicle, or human is within sensor range. So when is the right situation to reset a motion sensor light?

Less Sensitive

When neither the human presence nor moving object triggers light sensitivity.


It happens when the sensor detects the tiniest movement and turns on and off unnecessary, like birds or toys activity.

Prolonged Light Period

The lights continue to glow even after the movement had already stopped a long time ago.

House Maintenance

After a certain time, a power outage might occur, or another electrical event can demand a reset to most hardware.

Lack of Consistency

There are times when motion-sensitive led lights wont turn on and off now and then. Then this is the right time to change the faulty sensor or another such issue.

How to Reset Motion Sensor Lights?

The process is not that difficult, how much it sounds. It is quite an easy method that doesn’t require a professional degree or heavy equipment.

Solution-1 : Breaker Method

For a simple model, all you are required to do is-

  1. Go to the main fuse, which passes the electricity to your light.
  2. Switch off the breaker for at least thirty to sixty seconds.
  3. After that, switch on the circuit again.

The simple procedure will automatically reset the sensor. However, the steps vary from model to model. For a few products, resetting time might extend up to an hour.

Solution-2 : Light Switch Method

For a wall switch model, try these troubleshooting tips

  1. First switch on the light for at least 2 seconds, then off for the same. Keep repeating the process a minimum of 5 times.
  2. After the light is on, switch it off again for five seconds.
  3. When the light is off, wait for the motion detector to work.

Another way of fixing your motion sensor light is to change the sensitivity level. Try to adjust it to be less sensitive or more sensitive as per your need.


Motion sensor lights have become security essential everywhere. It helps in protecting your property from unnecessary intrusion and trespassing. Some models of motion sensors continue to work with perfection in the long run. However, power outages, a turbulent atmosphere, and an expiry Shelf date can cause them to fail. Therefore you can use some tips to reset your motion sensor lights and enjoy. Most of the time, these steps can help reset the device in a matter of minutes.