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Where Do Dogs Like to be Pet? – Best Way for Petting a Puppy/Dog

Some tactics are needed for petting a dog, and following that can make you his favorite person. Are you familiar with dogs? Some petting strategies can make your dog wag his tail happily, and others can make them run in the opposite direction. Whether your pet dog or any dog you have just met, they should all be treated equally and nicely. Make sure you are not rude to any dog because it changes its perspective toward you. Try not to touch them at first without any consent, as some dogs do not initiate contact. Read more on how to pet a dog to know about its preferences and routines for petting.

Importance of Petting Dogs

Touching your dog during petting is helpful, but verbal affirmations are also required. Research showed that dogs prefer petting to any means of verbal affirmations.

  • Petting can help your dog develop good behaviors and maintain pleasant greetings. Give some belly rubs to avoid them from jumping over guests.
  • When you understand the dog’s body language, he will approach on his terms. It helps in building a mutual relationship between you two.
  • The way you pet a dog with slow touch and gentle pressure affects the dog’s emotion accordingly.
  • Your dog’s body becomes relaxed during the activities and feels calm, loved, and safe.
  • Petting helps reduce your dog’s anxiety toward strangers and makes a connection.

Specific fearful postures like barking, rolling on the back and pinning their ears back disappear with petting them. Petting your dog showers them with love, and their fear goes away. Behaving politely with them reduces their sense of frustration. Clear communication with your dog reduces their stress. Dogs quickly become anxious about a specific condition, that is why caring for them reduces all this and makes them feel better.

Dogs feel a lot more relaxed when their owners love them abundantly. You can see them smiling with joy. Nothing feels better than looking at your puppy happy. When you pet your dog, they feel safer and secure. Playing or taking your dog on a walk makes them feel anticipated. You can notice that by their happy prancing. Try to give resources like interactive dog toys, bed, or bone, which helps eliminate jealous behavior. This will help in coming out of aggression by reducing possessiveness.

When to Avoid Petting a Dog?

It is essential to maintain safety for both the people and the dog in the process of petting. That is why you should understand when to avoid petting a dog.

Signs of Aggression

Dogs can experience moments of aggression even if they are friendlier. If dogs feel threatened by humans, they exhibit specific behavior for self-defense. You should give some space to your dog so that they feel relaxed. For showing their aggressive behavior, dogs make them appear more prominent. You should stay away from them at this stage because they might bite you. It is best to avoid them by learning their body language. Pet owners should realize that wagging a tail or crouching body is not a friend.

Signs of Anxiety

An anxious dog can try to make him look smaller. You can accompany this behavior by lowering their head, ground in a crouch, or repeatedly licking their lips. They can also hide behind something to protect themselves. It is a small act of self-defense. If you are approaching a dog with anxiety attacks or stress, it is better to give them space and understand them.

Sometimes they can show behavior combining these postures, especially when they feel anxious. You should avoid touching them because all the postures are signs of fear, aggression, and anxiety. It is recommended to pet your dog for a while and then give them a pause. Many dogs enjoy being petted in different places and in different ways. There are different ways to pet them, so avoid doing that in times of aggression.

How to Pet a Dog – Possible Ways

Let’s see how do dogs like to be pet and what to avoid while petting them.

What is the best way to pet your dog?

Permission is the first step that is required before petting a dog. When you meet an unfamiliar dog, do not immediately try to pet them. You can ask for permission from their owners. If that particular dog shows interest in you, then approach quietly.

Where do dogs like to be petted or scratched?

The best places or spots to pet a dog are, top of the head and neck, front of the neck, Belly, underside of the chest, under the chin, sides of the thighs and near the base of the tail that is lower back.

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Image Source: Rover

Now, for your question where to pet a dog, start by petting their shoulder or chest first. Try to avoid staring at the dog or looming over at first. After one or two minutes, take your hand away and give them a pause. It is essential to understand the body language of the dog.

  • Do not try to touch a dog that is trying to sleep or chewing a toy
  • Avoid any dog who barks or growls often. Stay away from dogs that run loose without a guardian or are tied up.

Understand the canine body language you are trying to pet. Since dogs cannot speak or show their feelings, it requires a great communication line to understand them. No matter to whom the dog belongs, stay away from anxious and afraid ones. It is good to give them some space for the safety of both dogs and humans.


Do dogs like being pet?

Yes, dogs do like petting. They take it as a great affection from owners. It is good for dogs mental health and even significantly beneficial for humans.


As discussed in this guide on ‘How to pet dogs’, there are several boundaries related to petting. It is essential to understand their body language as per emotions. Dogs often become aggressive to repetitive destructive behaviors. Petting them builds a Physical and physiological relationship between humans and pets. So, try to handle your dog in a friendly manner and remain cautious when in a bad mood. In this way, you can quickly become the best partner for your furry friend.