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Tips on Correct Way To Measure Dog Height

It isn’t difficult to measure the height of people by standing against a wall and marking the position of the head with a tape measure, but for dogs, it isn’t as easy. Yes, measuring dog height is hasty task. You can determine dogs’ height from the ground to their withers, which is the highest point of their shoulder blades. This is helpful when determining how much a dog has grown over time or when showing it in dog shows. If you are taking dog’s measurements for harnesses, clothes, carriers, and shoes and it makes you confuse, you may hide your measuring tape. Let’s go over how to measure dog height the neck girth, the chest girth, and the back length of your pet.

How To Measure Dog Height?

For a simple measurement of your dog’s height in 3 steps, all you need is your dog and a measuring tape (or yardstick). Explore this step by step guide on how do you measure a dog’s height, chest, or neck.

  • If your dog is standing up straight, make sure that all four feet are on the floor and are spaced evenly apart. Its legs should be parallel to the floor, and its feet should be shoulder-width apart.
  • A dog with a short coat is easier to find the withers. If you look at the dog’s body, you may even be able to locate the withers.
  • Then, place the level with the end touching the wall on the dog’s withers to ensure it is level.
  • Make a mark at the point where the level’s bottom is touching the wall. By doing this, you’ll get to know the dog’s height.

How To Measure Dog Neck Girth?

  • Harness manufacturers often sell harnesses based on the dog’s weight, but it’s important to measure your dog’s size with a measuring tape.
  • You can select the appropriate harness size based on your dog’s weight and measurement in inches or centimetres.
  • It is the highest point of the dog’s shoulders, located behind the base of its neck.
  • You can feel this bony point on your dog by feeling around here. By doing this, you can easily measure your dog’s neck girth.

How To Measure Dog Chest Girth?

  • First, you must measure the circumference of a dog’s chest by placing one end of the measuring tape against his spine and wrapping it around his body with him standing up.
  • Please do not measure your pup’s waste under the armpits unless this is the largest part of his/her waste.
  • When measuring the dog’s collar, place your middle and pointer fingers between the measuring tape and your dog.
  • Your measurement is determined by placing the end of the measuring tape next to the beginning.
  • Accurate chest measurements are crucial in clothing, especially in breeds with a larger chest. If your dog has thick fur or the chest measurements fall between sizes, choose one larger size.

How Quickly Do Puppies Grow?

Measuring a full-grown dog is more accessible than puppies because they grow all the time. It can be handled well, too, if you know how they grow. From 1 week to 8 weeks, puppies grow about 5-10% per day. From then on, the growth rate will slow down, but they will continue to grow for another 6 to 18 months.

During the first week of a puppy’s life, the puppy doubles in weight from its birth weight. The exact amount varies due to the varying birth weight of small to giant breeds. You can predict your dog’s adult size by taking weight and paw size measures. However, dog breeds do not mature at the same rate; small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds, and giant breeds mature at different rates.


Dog height is very important, and learning how to measure a dogs height and size precisely is essential for any responsible owner. Dogs are not all alike, even within the same breed. Some French bulldogs have extremely large and strong chests, while others have small and lean bodies. Dachshunds have a more muscular body, while sausage dogs are more svelte and lean. These dog measurements will enable you to plan accordingly and improve the quality of the life of your pet. Also, don’t forget to give him his favourite treats after each session. Keep your pup happy and healthy!