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How Do You Make Hummingbird Food? | Best Hummingbird Feeder Recipes

These little migratory birds who travel worldwide throughout different seasons need a lot of food to survive. It is said that hummingbirds need to feed every 15 minutes, and for this purpose, these little giants take nectars from approximately 1000 followers daily. It is quite a lot of nectar. Though the natural source of nectar is flowers, and you cannot beat that, you could be of some help. You can easily prepare nectar for hummingbirds and keep them out as feeders so they can have a treat outside your place when the birds travel. They attract birds to colourful flowers, but when preparing the nectar, don’t use the colour trick to attract the birds. You might cause. But, exactly how do you make hummingbird food in the first place? We got you a list of ingredients and some procedures for how to make hummingbird food. Scroll to see!

How To Make Hummingbird Food?

You only need a few items to prepare nectar for hummingbirds. A few things would be required and must be readily available at your home every time. It is the easiest recipe you could look into, with easy-to-find ingredients. You are all set to go for how to make hummingbird food:

2 most important things:

  • Refined white sugar
  • Water
  • And, a cup to mix

How To Make Hummingbird Nectar Recipe?

The procedure is easy, and it is nothing but just the solution of sugar in water. It is formed by simply dissolving sugar in the water. Although there is not much to the procedure, there are undoubtedly some steps and tips to keep in mind for how to make hummingbird nectar recipe.

  • You need to take only refined white sugar for the nectar, which can dissolve entirely in the water.
  • So, the best hummingbird food recipe sugar water ratio is the composition of solution 1:4. That is, you need to take one cup of sugar in 4 cups of water.
  • Now, all you need to do is to stir the sugar well, so it completely dissolves in the water.
  • To dissolve the sugar, you can also heat the solution. During the process, ensure you keep it cool, as too much heat can make the sugar stick and form crystals.

The nectar is ready for your hummingbird when the sugar dissolves in water.

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How Often To Change Hummingbird Nectar?

Unhealthy food is dangerous, even for your hummingbird, so you must change the nectar regularly. If you can keep a check on the nectar, it is easy to decide when to change the food. For instance, if you see fermentation or a black layer forming on the nectar, we suggest you immediately clean it. 

A hummingbird would rarely make daily visits to your place. Therefore, the nectar might remain in quantity with deteriorated quality. 

So, how often to change hummingbird nectar? You could decide the time interval of changing the nectar based on the weather, just in case it helps. When it is summer, things rot quicker; hence, you must replace the food in 2-3 days. On the other hand, if it’s winter, you can relax and extend the duration up to a week. Although, you should be extra careful during monsoons as the food may collect unhygienic residues around the nectar, which would need immediate cleaning.

In addition to the replacement, you should also be careful regarding the placement of the nectar. Make sure it catches your bird’s eye and not the sun’s. Excessive heat can ruin things more quickly comparatively, and less heat might do some damage as well. So, hunt down a place that gets equal shade and sun.

Tips For Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

It is not a very typical task to make little nectar food for your hummingbirds, but there are things you should keep in mind when you are preparing homemade hummingbird nectar food and feeding them.

  • Maintain hygiene. It is an essential thing to care for. If you want to do things for the birds, maintain hygienic service.
  • Avoid the formation of crystals if you dissolve the hummingbird sugar water with the use of heat.
  • Use only refined white sugar. It is considered safe for birds. Other alternatives, such as honey or unprocessed sugar, might harm the birds.
  • Change the nectar every few days. There might be no signs of contamination, yet we suggest you change it frequently.
  • Don’t add colouring to attract birds. Colouring compounds contain chemicals that could be harmful to birds.
  • Keep recipe for homemade hummingbird food in proper shade and sunlight. It would save the food from early deterioration.
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What kind of sugar should I use?

While preparing nectar for the hummingbirds, use only refined white sugar as it has dissolved completely. Avoid any other sweet alternative or unprocessed sugar because it can harm the birds.

For how long can I boil the water to dissolve the sugar?

You can use heat to dissolve the sugar water for hummingbirds quickly but boil the solution at low flame for a few minutes at most. Excessive heat would lead to crystal formation which might get stuck if too big.

Is there a particular time in a year, I should put the food out for the hummingbirds?

Although you can set up the recipe to feed hummingbirds throughout the year since this little peeker is migratory and migrates to different destinations, you can plan accordingly.
For instance, the birds stay in North America during all the summer while flying away later on.

Can I add coloring to the solution?

No, do not add color to the solution. The coloring agents contain chemicals that can be extremely harmful to the bird.

How long is the extra solution prepared, safe in the refrigerator?

It is advised to not prepare a very excessive amount of solution since it is quite a simple recipe you can make within minutes. But if you have it is suggested to store it for a maximum of 2 weeks and not more than that. If you see the water getting deteriorated before that, throw it away.

Can I use distilled water to prepare the solution?

Now, you should not use distilled water for recipe for hummingbird feeding. Springwater is best if you are out preparing nectar for the birds. If you do not have spring water at the moment, you can also use tap water but not distilled water.


Preparing the nectar in a bird shell would be neither very difficult nor time-consuming but will surely give you a feel-good vibe. How long would you invest in preparing a best hummingbird feeder recipes? Certainly not much, right? It is hard for animals to find their food, unlike humans, which is why it would be good if you could make a tiny contribution for them so that they can chirp outside your balconies and on terraces. That would be nice! And, when you are ready to feel nice, read the procedure and tips to follow before you make the diy hummingbird food.