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How to Secure Patio Heater? – Tips to Stop Tipping

Winter comes along bringing the need for patio heaters. These essential things are the go-to appliances for every household to get a warm and cozy atmosphere even outside the house. Moreover, they are a very convenient solution for staying warm in any extreme cold weather. However, everyone faces one major issue with patio heaters: their placement. Usually, portable patio heaters are easy to carry and place at different locations. But, in cases of improper placement of these things, chances are they might tip over, leading to unfavorable conditions. Even some of you may think of switching to hanging patio heater. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to keep patio heater from tipping over and ways to fix a in a secured place without any slight chance for tilting.

How to Keep Patio Heater from Tipping Over?

So on that note, let us look at the below mentioned simple ways to avoid tilting patio heater:

Suitable it for a Particular Place

Make sure to choose the right type of patio heater while also considering its location where you wish to place it. Mostly one can place this appliance on their lawn, patio, backyard, deck, balcony, etc. Hence, it becomes important to look for all kinds of available deck heating options. This would help manage your space properly and serve the right purpose. For instance, tabletop patio heaters are ideal for compact spaces, whereas umbrella shaped heat lamps are good to fit under any kind of shed. All-in-all, considering this option will help you choose a heater for your desired outdoor location without compromising in terms of style, size, and design.

Safe Placement

Placement of a outdoor patio heat lamps is equally important as getting an ideal model. Simply moving this device all over your place won’t work. You’ll have to find an ideal and secure spot to place it. Moreover, installing the heater away from windows, panels, and entryways such as doors can help keep it from falling. Also, avoid placing it in overly crowded spaces with little space as this would surely cause disbalancing. Hence, to avoid tipping over, try putting your heater in open areas. You can also use a windshield to hinder airflow that might trip down your patio heater.

Anti-tilt Mechanism

Many patio heaters come with an in-built anti-tilt mechanism. One can simply turn on or activate such a feature to prevent their heater from tipping over. Even if this appliance does not have that said mechanism, a person can simply buy and install one that fits their model. Anti-tilt mechanism automatically shuts down the burners when it senses sudden falling. This ultimately reduces any risks of a gas leak when the device is tilted. Mostly, high-end models have pre-installed anti-tilt features.

Securing with Weights

Providing stability to a patio heater’s base can keep it from falling. One can use weights or anchor systems to secure the base and stabilize it. Securing your upright propane heater base with weights would balance and securely fit it at its position even in heavy airflow. Additionally, doing so would improve this appliance’s functioning. Besides putting weights, a person can also balance his/her patio heater by filling the base of its built-in reservoir. Although, ensure to choose only fire-resistant objects to place at the bottom of this machine. It is usually preferable to opt for water or sandbags as they are non-combustible. Weights might not look good but weighing down is an excellent way to prevent a patio heater from falling off or you will have some other options in market like patio heater with base weight.

Using Anchor Kit

If you don’t wish to move the patio heater anywhere, keep it still and fixed in a specific position at a place. Take the help of anchoring and bolt your heater’s base to a stable surface or ground. This would permanently secure it to the ground or any other spot as desired. Moreover, permanent fixtures would make it stable. With this simple way, your appliance will continue to work as efficiently as in mobile condition. You can get anti tilt switch for patio heater which is abundantly available.

Allowing Structural Support

We can also secure our patio heater by providing it with the support of a stable and rigid structure. Physical structures such as pillars or beams can provide good support to the entire model. All we have to do is arrange a pair of chords and fasten them with the heater and its structure to stabilize it. This would not just secure your device’s position but would also make it easier to shift and change its position anytime. Although the whole process can seem time-consuming, there will be stability even in heavy air currents.


A patio heater is a much-required unit in all households during peak seasons. In order to maintain this particular appliance in good working condition, it is essential to place it firmly in any spot. So choose a best patio heater from our buying guide Always consider the type and size of its unit and the location where you want to place it before getting your hands on one. Also, take note of all instructions for your patio heater’s usage from the manufacturer’s manual to ensure a satisfying user experience.