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Cat-proof your Christmas Tree – Tips to Decorate your Christmas Tree!

Christmas is definitely in the air now, with the crisp winter air and longer nights. Cue in the Christmas decorations and the trees in your hallway looking all pretty. However, the Christmas season is extremely frustrating if you are a cat owner. You must be no stranger to having your cat climb trees and destroy them completely. Broken branches, fallen decorations and a cat stuck in the tree – every cat owner relates to these. While the trees bear the brunt of the damage, they can be equally dangerous for the cats. Here we bring 8 tips and tricks on how to keep cats out of Christmas tree, saving you a world of trouble.

Effective Methods to Keep Cats Out of Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a popular holiday decoration, but they can also be a target for curious cats. If you’re finding that your feline friend is constantly climbing your tree. By following these tips and tricks, you can stop cat from climbing Christmas tree and enjoy a stress-free holiday season knowing that your tree is safe from furry mischief. If you are searching for how to keep cats away from Christmas tree then these tips as follows are life savers:

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#1 Choosing the Right Kind of Tree

Cats are natural hunters since they are more drawn to real trees. However, getting an artificial one might not interest them as much. They tend to lose interest quickly in artificial trees. Artificial trees often have a smell after manufacturing those cats might not find attractive. Hence you may find them staying away generally from them. However, if your feline friend is still intent on exploring, not decorating the lower half is a good idea. Hanging the decorations on the top half provides them lesser things to destroy at the ground level.

#2 Going with Specific Scents to Keep Felines Away

Cats are known to have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. You can use a spray to keep cats away from Christmas tree. And it is a popularly known fact that strong scents like citrus and mint repel felines in a blink. It is a good idea to spray the twigs with an air freshener or similar scents. Other options include sprinkling apple cider vinegar around the tree. Also, there are many brands selling natural cat deterrent sprays readily for this purpose. Most vets suggest that these smells are guaranteed to keep the cats away. So, while your trees smell fresh and nice, your cats will stay miles away from them.

#3 Setting Consistent Training and Ground Rules

While you might have succeeded in keeping the cats out of the tree, it is imperative to keep the training constant. Many times other members of the family might encourage this behavior. In the end this does not deter the cat from such a behavior. It just reinforces the fact that they can get away with certain behavior with certain people. Ensure that the rules are followed by all, with no lapses from any family member. The cat will soon learn to associate this with negative feedback and thus, you can successfully keep cats off Christmas tree.

#4 Using Aluminum Foil as a Deterrent

Cats have sensitive paws and dislike stepping on something unusual in texture. Aluminium foil can be a great savior in this respect. Keeping your tree base wrapped in aluminum foil to deter cats will also work and prevent cats from going near it. The crinkly noise and unfamiliar texture are good enough not to arouse their curiosity.

#5 Keeping Away Those Electrical Cords

For most cats, anything that dangles is an invitation to play. Most Christmas trees are decked with tinsel and electrical lights with long hanging cords. These are potentially dangerous as they may cause electrocution or sparking. One good idea would be to contain them tightly around the tree trunk, so they don’t move around and thus, help to deter cats from Christmas tree.

#6 Stabilizing the Tree

Most trees are wobbly and unstable on their bases. Add an inquisitive cat into the mix, and you’ve got a lot of destruction. Ensuring the tree is potted in a heavy planter is a good option. Securing the base is a good idea if you have an artificial tree so it doesn’t topple over easily.

#7 Removing all the Access Points

Ensure that no chairs or high tables are placed near the Christmas tree. These often act as a launchpad for your cat to climb or hang onto the trees. Removing these would make it much more difficult for them to access the tree.

#8 Choosing the Correct Size

While you might want a grand Christmas tree in your foyer, it is not good news for your cats. Bigger trees provide more access points, making climbing onto them easier. Most cats would also prefer perching in on those. The bigger the tree, the more difficulty you would have in removing the cats from their spots. Smaller trees, on the other hand, do not provide a lot of surface area. The damage incurred if a smaller tree topples is much lesser than a large one. Apart from that, smaller trees also make it difficult for cats to retain their sense of balance.

Safety Tips for Setting Up a Cat Friendly Christmas Tree

Here are a few safety tips to help you set up a cat friendly Christmas tree. By following these precautious tips, you can enjoy a beautiful and festive Christmas tree without having to worry about your cats getting into it.

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#1 Anchor your Tree

While arranging the cat safe christmas tree, ensure that it stands firmly on its base. Sometimes fixing it temporarily to a ceiling or wall is a great option. This can be done by utilizing a couple of eye bolts and securing them using a fishing line. It is also a good idea to keep the tree away from places your cat might generally climb on.

#2 Do Not Decorate Using Glass or Sharp Objects

While choosing baubles for the tree, avoid glass and crystal ones. These are very easily breakable and dangerous to cats. Small amounts may be ingested in an accident or get stuck in their paws. Sharp decorations like pointed stars may poke them and create bruising.

#3 Store the Tree in Water

Most real Christmas trees have a water bowl at the bottom to keep them alive. This is a potential hazard as cat drinking Christmas tree water can harm it. The water may contain chemicals and toxic residue for your feline friend. A good idea would be to use a steep tub so their faces cannot reach it.

#4 Do Not Use Chewable Objects

While ribbons and twine may look pretty on a tree, it is a good idea to avoid using them if you have a cat. Cats tend to chew on these, often leading to choking. Sometimes residues from these ribbons can remain entangled in the cut and create future health issues.

#5 Do Not Decorate Using Edible Ornaments

Consider thinking twice if you plan on using decorations like candy canes and gingerbread. Chances are your cat might nibble on this at any moment. These items contain ingredients that may cause stomach irritation in cats.

#6 Keep any Stray Branches Trimmed

If you bring a real Christmas tree, you might find a wild branch. It is a good idea to trim these branches. These may stick out at awkward angles and poke the cats. Sometimes they might also provoke your cat to chew on them, proving dangerous. 

#7 Choose Not to Use Seasonal Plants and Flowers

Cats are allergic to certain seasonal decorations that you should avoid. Poinsettias, especially, are dangerous to cats. Other examples would include lilies and amaryllis. Hollies and mistletoe are alright as long as cats do not ingest them. They have been found to create stomach problems in them.

#8 Choose your Decorations Wisely

Most Christmas trees are adorned with bright, sparkly ornaments. And for cats, this stokes their curiosity even more. A good means to avoid damage would be to opt for durable ornaments. Another option could be to only decorate around the top portion of the tree to make it difficult for their paws to reach.

#9 Do Not Keep Catnip Anywhere Near the Tree

While you might think having a few catnip toys around might be a good idea, it is not. Catnip will only serve to excite your felines even more. So, no matter how much you cat proof Christmas tree, it will be of no avail. The catnip will make your cats more excitable and playful. This lowers their sense of guard and can be dangerous. After coming in close contact with catnip, cats tend to be friskier.


With all the caution and cat-proofing, you might wonder why it seems like a big chore. However, the Christmas season can be rather enjoyable with just a few small precautions. Cats, by nature, are curious. Hence Christmas is a new experience for them. All the new sights, colors and smells stimulate cats a lot. While the chances of your cat hurting itself are never zero, it is a good idea to stay on the lookout. With just a few small modifications, it is possible to reduce the risk to a great extent. We hope this holiday season will be wonderful and safe for you and your furry friends with our tips to keep cats out of christmas tree.