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How to Prevent Cats From Jumping On Counters? Tips & Tricks

If you have a cat, you know your loved one has a habit of seeking a comfortable place. They are usually attracted to the high places and especially the kitchen countertops. But why do they prefer climbing on countertops and want to know how to keep cats off counters? In this guide, we provided the answer for you. A cat’s inherent nature is climbing trees and jumping far distances to protect themselves and their territory from danger. Along with this, gathering food becomes another necessity for them. Therefore it becomes apparent and unsurprising that domesticated cats also show such traits when staying indoors.

This desire for your loving pet can often lead you to trouble and embarrassment, especially when the owner is hosting any feasting events and all the work taking place in that corner of the house. We understand that this situation can be challenging to tackle. Therefore, we have provided some solutions to help keep your cats off the counter.

Why Cats are Lured to Counters?

Want to know how to keep cats out of kitchen counters and the reasons why they do it? Well, there could be several reasons why cats are always attracted to kitchen counters. Even in your day-to-day lives, you must have seen cats jumping from one building to another. Naturally, they love being on the top, and for cat kitchen counters of the house fit all their requirements. The kitchen Countertops are well-suitable as they need to be higher, and as a result, cats keep jumping on counters. If not, a well-positioned chair is a blessing to reach the desired position. Many times, kitties are attracted to water, and the sink will be a better alternative than the washroom water point.

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Who doesn’t love food? When kitchen counters aren’t cleaned well, they’re often left with tempting things to eat that cats enjoy nibbling on.

How to keep cats off counters Naturally?

If you are a cat parent, you know the frustration on how to keep cat out of kitchen. Your cat’s frequent visits to the kitchen counter can harm the owner and kitty. So let us see some of the ways to keep cats off counters.

#1 Carpeted Cat Tree

Sometimes they can accidentally slip on the heated stove in the kitchen. Their paws can also spread bacteria on the counter from the litter box they poop into. You must keep the natural characteristics of your pet the same. However, at the same time, you must provide a suitable alternative that benefits both of you. You can try using Carpeted cat tree furniture or construct some kitty shelves near the shelf.

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Make sure your cat is enjoying its new cozy corner, as it will only be advantageous because it stop cat from jumping on counter.

#2 Make Kitchen Counter Unattractive

Try to make the kitchen counters unattractive by ensuring that none of the things placed comforts your pet in any way. You can pull the shades down if your kitty relishes gazing out the window or resting under the natural lights. If your cat can reach the countertop only with the help of a chair, move the chair and eliminate the possibility.

#3 Clean Leftovers from Counter

When your feline friend prowls every counter peeking for leftover snacks, ensure that you thoroughly clean them and avoid leaving food sitting out. If your cat shows hunger signs, feeding them more is useful. This will discourage them from reaching countertops more often in search of food.

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#4 DIY Deterrents

‘You can try some tricky ideas that will make your cat reluctant to climb the countertops more often. These can be done by sticking double side tape or an aluminum foil-like sheet on the edges of the counter. These cat deterrents can remind your cat of the uneasiness of climbing on top. Soon they will learn that this place is not made for lounging and is no longer comfortable. You can also try using a baking sheet or plastic rugs.

#5 Sweet Talk

Like many humans, cats also respond much better to positive affirmation when compared to rude behavior or punishment. As mentioned above, one should always begin and stick to the least forceful method. Since gathering food is the innate nature of your cat, they repeatedly visit countertops for edibles. Then try to present them a treat on the floor instead.

#6 Lure with Toys or Treats

To lure them with incentives, you can give them a toy or some food every time they choose to sit on the floor. Within a few days, your feline friend will learn that they will receive a reward when they turn down the countertops, and this is one of the best way to keep cats off counters.

Things to Avoid While Keeping Cats Off counters

#1 Don’t be Rude

Every animal loves being treated with love and care. Therefore, don’t be rude and try not to shove them away. Avoid any physical harm or chemical spray to keep cat off the counter. While protecting your kitchen counter, never harm your pet physically or verbally. Your behavior can only make your cat afraid of you, not the counter. Avoid using any environmental punishment like lemon scent room freshener, especially when your cat is already scared. Environmental punishers can affect your pet’s health both physically and mentally. 

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#2 Be Clam

It’s important to be calm, loving, and understanding when instructing and guiding your cat to stay away by placing cat counter deterrents. Treating your feline friend roughly or angrily sounds undesirable and crude. This behavior is objectionable as your cat only behaves in this manner because of its inherent nature. Unpleasant behavior with your pets can induce stress and anxiety that may result in changed behavior.

#3 Consult Cat Behavior

If suggestions don’t work out, you should consult the cat behavior consultations. They thoroughly understand the cat’s behavior and would provide helpful advice in training cats to stay off counters.


You might initially fail to stop your cat from climbing on the counters, but your constant efforts will change your cat’s trait. If you are a considerate and understanding owner, try to follow all the above ideas and avoid using other means. The safety of your loved ones is now under your hands, so try to be cautious while keeping in mind the other alternative countertops. After fulfilling your cat’s needs and wants, the results will be a happier kitty and a clean and manageable fur-free counter.