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Hold your Kitty with Love & Care – Tips & Tricks for Properly Holding a Cat

When you have a cat as your pet, there are certain comforting factors and issues that you cannot neglect. You need to be aware of how a cat behaves at certain times. You cannot train them the way people train dogs. We have seen people struggling a lot with holding their cats. If you own a cat and struggle holding it or confused with the positions or the right way to hold a cat correctly, then you are at the right place. You can learn all the possible explanations and ways how to hold a cat correctly and comfortable.

How to Hold a Cat in Different Positions?

Not all cats like to be held by it in any position. Those who hold a cat by the neck might bring great discomfort to these animals. As many of us were taught that scruffing a cat causes cats to relax. You must avoid holding a cat by the scruff because in adult felines, scruffing triggers fear and stress rather than relaxation. There are only a few positions in which you can hold them. Either in a hugging way, or holding them in your arms close to the chest, or from their arms. Sometimes you should hold your cat like a baby the way we hold a infant. When a cat is happy, holding them becomes slightly more manageable. You must follow certain steps on what is the best way to hold a cat or when you are about to pick them up.

  • Ensure you are in a calm and quiet environment so that there is no surrounding disturbance causing inconvenience to them.
  • Get their favorite and the best raw cat foods or snack to give them a healthy and tasty treat.
  • Lift from their arms slowly and gently.
  • Ensure that you are properly holding cat under arms near your chest.
  • Reward them and cuddle a little to comfort them.
  • Just take it slow rushing into things will only bring discomfort to them. If your cat does not like to be held, then there is no point in scolding them or holding any grudges against them. It is usual for a cat not to like being held in any position.
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How to Put Down a Cat?

Another commonly asked question about cats is how to put a cat down. Putting down a cat is not as challenging as correct way to hold a cat. There are no particular methods or techniques to put your cat down. Whether you keep them down slowly and gently or drop them directly to the floor doesn’t matter. Studies have shown that cats are rough and wild animals, so you can avoid treating them delicately every time. Cats are very flexible and can manage an impact if they jump or drop down from 7-8 feet or even more. Now the answer to this question becomes easy, do not think much about dropping them or putting them down.

Why are Some Cats Not Cuddly?

As we have told you earlier in the above passage, some cats dislike being held. Some might expereince the cats not cuddly issue and that their felines do not enjoy being touched. It is for cuddling or even tickling. Cats are very small and get scared of very easily. When someone about 5 to 10 times bigger picks them might scare them. Another reason can be the feeling of being restrained. Cats are independent animals that do not enjoy being limited. Cat owners let their cats move freely around the street or area due to their independent nature, and thus the fear or feeling of being restrained can be a reason. You might do this out of love or to cuddle but some cats not like being held or might think of being restrained.

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Another important reason can be they may feel disrespected. Imagine you doing a task with someone’s help while others did the same task with any help, you will feel disrespected or shy, the same way when cats see other wild cats climbing up on their own and them being carried by you might discourage or disrespect them. To be honest, it is not natural for cats to be held or touched. One reason could be any bad experience or any injury that is stopping them from doing such. No matter their reason for not getting picked up or being held, you should respect their issue and comfort them accordingly. Training them or forcing them is not an answer here.

How to Get Cats Habituated to Being Held?

However, you cannot train your cats in any way. They are independent in every aspect, so you can make them habitual of being held. Since force is not an option, you can follow the following steps or tricks that can get a cat to let you hold them.

  • Get a perfect reward or treat to show them you care and love.
  • If your cat is relaxed, cuddle them by gently rubbing your hands from head to tail, straightening their hair along the length.
  • Once you reach a certain comforting state, gently place your hand against their chest.
  • Now slowly start lifting them and placing them in a standing position with legs touching the floor.
  • If you see no negligence, slowly try lifting them and holding them in your arms.
  • Practice these steps repeatedly after a certain interval of time and thus, not mock them enough to get frustrated. Care is the key to properly hold a cat.


In conclusion, your cat will get habitual and enjoy being held. Nevertheless, just accept that some cats not like being touched and are not habitual of affectionate or lovely behavior. There should be a mutual connection and acceptance. Respect their space and give them time to be prepared and habitual of being held.