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How to Give Liquid Medicine to A Difficult Cat?

There’s nothing more feisty than a cat that’s unwilling to take his medicine. If you’d like to know how to give a difficult cat liquid medicine, try giving it in the food he likes. You can also give your cat a small quantity of food it is sure to eat, rather than a large portion that it may not finish. Let’s discuss the detailed procedure of how to give a cat liquid medicine to your stubborn kitten.

How to Give a Cat Liquid Medicine?

Looking for the best way to give a cat liquid medicine, here is the guide. The medication should be prepared according to the instructions on the bottle or provided by your veterinarian. Many liquid medications will need to be shaken before each dose. Here is step by step guide about how to trick a cat to take liquid medicine.

#1 Prepare the Medicine

If you plan on administering your medication via syringe or dropper, load the syringe with the prescribed amount of medication.

  • Make sure you follow all instructions carefully.
  • Store the dropper or syringe in a convenient place from your dosing area.

#2 Wrap the Cat

The towel will work best if your cat is wiggly or likely to scratch you. It will be better if you wrap your pet snugly so that only its head peeks out. By wrapping the neck, the claws will be safely contained and cannot scratch you, and then the maker consumes medicine.

#3 Open the Cat’s Mouth and Raise the Head

Use your left hand to administer the medication and your right to open the cat’s mouth. Without switching hands, simply rotate your wrist. The lowering of the cat’s jaw will drop down a little and open the mouth wider if the head is tipped upwards.

#4 Place the Syringe in the Cat’s Mouth

You should place the syringe in the cat’s mouth, pick it up in your free hand and place the open end on the syringe hub so that it rests behind the cat’s lower fangs (the teeth at the front of the lower jaw).

#5 Give the Cat Something Sweet

Unwrap the towel slowly, speaking calmly to the cat. Most likely, the kitten will run away right after consuming the medicine. If not, give it some appreciation and a tasty treat. Rewarding the cat after making it consume medication will help relieve its resentment.


You may need help holding your cat still while you give her medicine. If you do not have a helper on hand, wrap her in a towel and hold her against your body with just her head free. Do not wrap her too tightly. Most cats spit out some medication. Speak calmly to your cat if he strives to stop administering medicine if he becomes anxious. Refrigerate the medication if necessary after thoroughly rinsing the syringe with water.