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A Skunk Smelling Dog? | Here’s How you Can Rid of that Smell

Being as notorious as they are, dogs are sure to turn your life upside down, one way or another. They can turn anything into a mess and make you do extra work. From gliding in mud to chewing off furniture, you’ll always have a little something at your hands. You can never be too careful with these four-legged woof trains. A millisecond worth slips up, and there you have it, a new task of how to get skunk smell off dog?

Your dog getting sprayed by a skunk is one of those instances when the pay-up is way too much. Most of our readers would be either confused or clueless about how to proceed. Today I will address the issue at hand as best as possible for everyone loving and living with their canine friends.

What is Skunk Spray?

We’ve all had our fair share of encounters with a skunk, and it’s an atrocious odor. One can always point out when a skunk is around. You can smell it. The horrific odor, similar to rotten eggs, never goes unnoticed. Skunks use their spray as a weapon. They use it to defend themselves from predators. But unlike popular belief, they do not incline skunks to use this weaponry on every other entity they encounter; rather, they use it as a last resort.

A skunk can spray six times simultaneously before they use up its reserve. But they avoid doing so as it takes about a fortnight for them to restock on it. In the meantime, it would render them completely defenseless against their enemies.

How to Get Skunk Smell Off Dog?

Want to know the steps to get rid of skunk smell? Here is the step-by-step process of how to get skunk smell off a dog and keep your dog fresh and healthy.

#1 Keep your Dog Out of The House

In the process of how to get skunk smell off dogs, first, never bring a skunk-sprayed dog, or any animal in general, inside the house. The skunk oil needs to be removed completely from the coat to get rid of the smell completely. It is best achieved outdoors, in natural air. After that, get a dog into the house.

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#2 Remove the Odor

  • Using tomato juice has been a much-talked-about way to eliminate the skunk smell on dogs. As easy as it sounds, this dog skunk remedy would conceal the smell and not expel it.
  • There are also certain best skunk shampoo for dogs available in the market that can help with the problem. You can browse your options and consult your vet on how to get rid of dog smell? However, they cannot use this particular alternative instantly.
  • A mixture of water and diluted vinegar also proves to be effective.

#3 Alternate Method

Here is something that has proved effective plenty of times and can be done immediately. You can bathe your dog sprayed by skunk in a blend prepared by using the following ingredients:

  • One quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide.
  • A quarter cup of baking soda.
  • A teaspoon full of liquid dish soap.
  • One quart of tepid water.
  • A mixing bowl.
  • Protective eye lotion.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Bath towels and paper.


  • Mix these ingredients and apply them to your dog, and wash thoroughly.
  • Leave the solution on until the smell is non-existent. Please don’t leave it on for long, as the hydrogen peroxide can bleach the coat.
  • Be extra cautious not to get any of it into the eyes and mouth.
  • The solution needs to be prepared on the spot.
  • Do not store the solution in a container, as it might explode.

How often you should bathe your dog when it is sprayed by a skunk? Well, it depends upon the methods used. Bathing your skunked buddy is a necessary step forward in this process. You can use your usual best smelling puppy shampoo for this step. Once you are done, pat your dog dry and let them soak in the warm sun. If the smell is not at all reduced, you can bathe your pet again but ensure there is at least 4-5 hours in between.

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How to Keep Skunks Out of your Yard?

  • Using a diluted mixture of castor oil and dishwashing detergent is one of the best ways. The odor is repulsive to skunks. Spray the area at night when the skunk is out on a hunt.
  • Citrus fruits are repulsive to most animals, including skunks. Scatter orange or lemon peels around the yard as a natural skunk repellent.
  • Light is probably the most effective skunk repellent. Skunks are nocturnal creatures with extremely sensitive eyes. They could be driven away with the help of a bright light or a motion sensor floodlight.
  • Predator urine (dogs and coyotes can deter skunks). Scattering ammonia-soaked rags around the yard could also help with the matter. However, these must be replaced regularly.
  • Put bars of strong-smelling soap in the range of your garden. Skunks, ironically, despise strong scents. The smell of black pepper is enough to inflame and irk their sinus cavities.
  • One of the best preventative measures is to treat your lawn to eliminate their favorite snacks, i.e., grubs.
    • Apply milky spore disease or beneficial nematodes to your lawn.
    • Fencing is also a good idea for small areas like a garden patch.
    • Fruits and vegetables in your garden can serve as skunk bait, so try enclosing them with a low fence.
    • If you can locate the skunk, you can fill in the hole with dirt.

These are some effective ways to keep a skunk out of your yard and very far away from your dog. If these methods are ineffective, you can always seek professional help in ridding your yard of them.


Dogs getting sprayed by a skunk has to be a chaotic yet common experience for most of us. Our best friends are extra friendly with everyone, and anyone is bound to have some repercussions, one way or another. But having them in our lives makes every little better, so it’s worth the extra mile. Don’t you think? All they can do is be well versed in the basics of getting rid of the smell and protecting our furry friends, both simultaneously. We’ve covered most of the ground regarding how to get rid of skunk smell on dog.

Rest assured, skunk sprays are neither fatal nor dangerous to you or your pets, as some people fear them to be. It is utterly harmless. All you have to worry about is the smell. So the next time your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, remember these tips and use them to your benefit to rid him of the smell and make both of you cheery and happy.