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Tips on How to Cure Dog and Puppy Hiccups?

Are you worried about your dog’s hiccups? There is nothing much to worry about your dog getting hiccups because they usually go away within a few minutes. Like humans, dogs can get hiccups, indicating severe health problems. If it continues for more than 30 minutes, it is time to visit the veterinarian. Explore more about various tips on how to get rid of dog hiccups and remedies associated with them.

Why Does My Dog Get Hiccups?

A condition known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter leads to an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, similar to hiccups, low calcium levels generally cause it. Both puppies and adult dogs get hiccups, and the reasons behind getting hiccups are almost similar to humans. It can happen from eating too fast or with extra energy. If high-grain foods are consumed quickly, it triggers hiccups in dogs. It is known that puppies are more hyperactive and playful than adult dogs. This over-energetic nature makes them more prone to hiccups.

Barking is a common habit among dogs that increases the breathing rate of dogs and triggers hiccups. Eating or drinking in a hurry can lead to trapped air inside the stomach. Involuntary contraction of the diaphragm can cause hiccups. If tumors occur inside the brain, chest, or abdomen, it may lead to chronic hiccups in the dog. Another reason for getting hiccups can be damage to phrenic or vagal nerves. Sometimes dogs are attacked by other dogs or meet with accidents and experience injuries to these nerves.

When Glottis, a part of a dog’s voice box, closes, then intake of air is ceased, and dogs experience hiccups. Generally, every part of the breathing process usually works, and hiccups are a sign that there is a glitch. The diaphragm receives all nerve supply from the spinal cord’s neck region of phrenic nerves. These nerves receive and transmit information from and to the diaphragm. If a phrenic nerve is immature or irritated in adult dogs, it causes hiccups.

How Long Do Dogs Hiccups Last?

Occasional hiccups are entirely usual, but if your dog has frequent or continuous hiccups, it can signal an underlying disorder. Hiccups usually last for a few seconds or minutes; that depends upon the issue from where it arises. However, sometimes it can occur for a long time, like 15minutes. It does not happen for more than 1 hour in the normal scenario, but if it exceeds, you should visit the vet immediately.

What If Dog Hiccups Don’t Go Away?

It is recommended to take your dog to a veterinarian if hiccups last more than a few hours. After a few hours, it changes to a wheezing sound that causes irregular or difficult breathing. If hiccups are intractable, they can be a severe health problem. Prolonged episodes of hiccups assisted with coughing sneezing can be a symptom of pneumonia or asthma.

On summer days, overexertion can trigger hiccups. Another concern for extended hiccups is gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea. You can make a video of your dog while having hiccups and show it to the veterinarian. The examination starts physically with blood cell count, chemistry panel, and urinalysis. Finding the cause behind elongated hiccups is recommended because specific reasons can be severe.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Hiccups?

A hiccup usually goes away after a few seconds. There are some tricks, which humans follow to get rid of it, but the efficiency of those methods is unknown. You should not scare your dog by applying weird tricks on them. Some involuntary functions are similar to getting hiccups, so you must distinguish between hiccups and other things. There are some tips on how to get rid of dog hiccups.

  1. Try to feed low grain dog food for your pet. High-grain foods can lead to hiccups. For this, you can observe their eating habits and figure out what types of food cause hiccups.
  2. Drinking water immediately after getting hiccups can help. Make sure to provide pet water fountain to your dog when they are getting hiccups.
  3. Exercise is essential for every animal, including your dog. It can be an exercise in a park or at home. There are several games like fetch or Frisbee by which dogs are engaged in physical activities. It stimulates the breathing and heart rate that cures hiccups.
  4. You can feed your dog when they are getting hiccups because eating changes the pattern of breathing and drives away hiccups.
  5. It is essential to make their breathing pattern normal and steady. You can give a nice tummy rub to make the breathing rate rhythmic and subside hiccups.
  6. If hiccups occur from eating too fast, then installing a slow feeder dog bowl can interrupt the hiccup cycle.
  7. A full spoon of honey or maple syrup can coat your dog’s throat and soothe any irritation. It distracts them and slows down the breathing process.
  8. Last but not least, frightening your dog a bit can stop hiccups. A little sudden clap or jump can distract their mind. However, please do not go beyond the limit that may hurt them.

Dogs should not be treated with human medicines without consulting the veterinarian. Feeding your dog a spoonful of sugar can lead to an upset stomach or obesity. Giving a sudden shock to dogs for curing hiccups can startle them easily. It is advisable not to frighten your dog intentionally. It leads to distrust and behavioral issues among the owner and the dog.

Are Hiccups A Sign Of Worms In Puppies?

Hiccups can occur due to worms in dogs. If hiccups occur regularly, veterinarians will suggest bringing stool samples to determine any living parasites inside the dog’s intestinal tract. If worms live inside your dog’s intestines, then vomiting or getting diarrhea are the symptoms. Heartworms or roundworms can cause a problem in a dog’s respiratory tract. Larvae of roundworms can migrate through the body and encyst in the lungs.

Inflammation occurs as a result, which manifests as hiccups. Hiccups are often triggered by an infection that is caused by intestinal worms. Dogs get these worms inside their bodies by consuming eggs or larvae in feces or soil. It hatches and attaches to the dog’s intestinal wall, where it slowly grows. Another way is worms often migrate across the placenta during pregnancy which puppies ingest. Though worms are not the exact reason for regular hiccups in puppies, being tested by a vet is always safe.


Hiccups are typical in puppies and adult dogs. For curing mild hiccups, change in their eating or drinking behaviour will slowly help. However, if it lasts for an extended duration, a few more questions can arise, and you can call the veterinarian for any issue. While hiccups are harmless, if it is associated with other symptoms related to your dog’s health, it is worth getting them checked. There is no apparent reason for hiccups other than looking adorable.