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How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other? – 8 Easy Ways to Train Your Pet Get Along

Dogs are super friendly and lovely animals who love to get along and blend with people. But when it comes to bringing home a puppy, it might seem that they don’t get along well. Living with multiple pets is not as easy as it appears. It requires lots of practice, care, and planning to get dogs to get along. Now lets get into to the tips and how to get dogs to get along with other dogs.

Why don’t dogs get along together?

Unlike street animals, pet dogs have a protective stance towards the owner. Where street dogs are familiar with fighting and defending their territory, pet dogs are just the opposite in this matter. They have a pretty incompatible life with other animals outside the home.

Titled as the most socializing animal, dogs don’t seem to get along well with the other dogs and breeds. They love to create their territory, and invasion of any other animal can lead to a fight among them. Since canine have an exceptional smelling capability, their conflicts are somewhat frequent and salty. Even if your pet enjoys company, maybe that other pet is offensive, ascetic, and dubious. The reason why you have to introduce the two dogs carefully.

Ever think when can puppies be around other dogs? Socializing with others is something every pet needs. Whether meeting other canines while on a walk or bringing another dog to the family, interaction between them matters the most. Here are some points to consider while getting another dog home:

#1 Don’t Rush While Introducing

While thinking about how to introduce dogs to each other? Introducing a new member to a prevailing pack might be dangerous not only for you but also for your canine companion. Familiarizing your pet with the other dogs before tossing them together is good for avoiding fights between them. It’s most suitable to initially introduce them outside of your house in a relaxed environment.

They should be maintained and walked safely and with soft leash handling. Use separate leashes to train them. Once dogs look comfortable around each other, slowly decrease the distance between them. Once you are confident about their interaction, let them be great thoroughly. Again, it’s better to take help from professional dog handlers.

#2 Avoid Dog Fights

You should avoid getting your dogs in a situation where they might not cope well. It includes strolling your dog in the area with lots of other dogs or forcing your two pets to get along. It may only lead them to fight, which is tough to handle. Keep the dog on a short leash to control your aggressive dog. Don’t pull the leash without need.

Ever wonder how to discipline a dog after fighting? Let your pets sniff each other. If you notice aggressive behavior, move your dogs away slowly. Try again and if the reaction is satisfying, let them play for some time. Make them exercise and do activities simultaneously together to avoid conflicts. Train them together, as working them in pairs will make them easier to understand each other and get along.

#3 Sharing Food Between Them

When it comes to how to socialize an adult dog? Sharing food is between is a best option. Feed your both dogs simultaneously, make sure in different rooms for the time being. Your puppies need to learn to share. Make them determine that there will be enough food for both of them. Try feeding them at different corners of the same room with separate food bowls. This way, they will learn to share, and a feeling of jealousy will also decrease between your pets. After a while, when feeding goes smoother between your pets, make them eat at the same places.

#4 Attention Seekers

Give both of your pups equal training and attention. Since dogs are the vastest attention seekers, if one of them feels neglected, it may lead them to rivalry thoughts among each other. Therefore, always give equal treats and punishment to both. Never favour one dog while petting two. It only creates rivalry between them to get treated first.

#5 Your Dogs Need Not Compete

Competitive notions may arise in your dogs, which will lead them to fight for your attention. Your attention is something they would never like to share. The owner plays a very significant role here. Similarly, they need to treat them equally, whether giving punishment or reward. Cuddles and playtime should be equal for both dogs.

#6 Rewards

Don’t know how to stop dogs from fighting in the same household? Reward them with their favorite treats whenever your pets act calm and friendly with each other. This way, your doggies will prefer not to fight and with harmony. Reward both of your pups together unless you want a fight between them for it.

#7 The one in Control is You

It is common to have occasional fights between your canine companions. Make them understand the one with authority and control is you. Once they realize who is the in-charge here will make both dogs feel under control and less rebellious. Your job is to make them get along when you are not present with them.

How to introduce a puppy to a dominant dog? Punishing is not the only way to stop them from fighting. Sometimes letting them have a mild fight is ok. It is as much needed as you want to stop them. After a battle, let your dogs cool down and make them exercise, and burn the energy. They need to get exhausted and harmonize after it.

#8 Seek Professional Help

When your dogs start getting in more than sibling rivalry, it’s a call to get professional help. When a fight between your pets gets intensified to the level where they injure each other, you immediately need to find a qualified trainer or dog behaviorist to appraise a relationship.

Final Thoughts

Your canines can quickly become best buddies with persistence, love, and care. If you cannot make them learn how to get along, you should better hire a professional dog trainer. Dogs can get along with each other. All we need is a combination of training, circumstances, and self-control. Hope you find this how to get two dogs to get along helpful to stop fighting between your pets.