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The 7 Best Home Remedies to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

A dog is the only creature on earth that loves us more than itself. We share a unique relationship with our dogs. A strong bond develops between the pet and the owner with time. But, as a pet owner, everyone can relate to facing the problem of managing dog hair present virtually everywhere inside the house. Even if you try to deal with them as delicately as possible, there is no single solution to this problem. Let’s find out how to get dog hair out of clothes efficiently.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Clothes?

Dogs tend to get rid of the extra, unwanted, thick hair present on their coat by shedding their hair at regular intervals. The amount and time of shedding vary according to the different breeds. Most dogs tend to shed a lot of hair during summers to stabilize their body temperature. Since you cannot alter the rate of shedding in your little friends, dealing with the menace of pet hair remains your only feasible option. Managing dog hair can become a hectic task for many dog owners. You can adopt the home remedies to remove pet hair from clothes to ensure the effective removal and cleaning.

Using a Lint roller with Tape

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The lint roller is a pretty inexpensive dog hair remover tool that you can easily purchase from a local pet store or order online. As you roll over the clothes, the tape gets covered easily with hair, and you can easily detach the sticky tape from the roller and throw it away. This technique will usually be handy for light clothes such as T-shirts or a pair of leggings etc. It is a simple technique but can become time-consuming if not done with due care. You can carry a lint-roller in your backpack or handbag for emergency usage.

Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Dog Hair

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If you are looking for how to get rid of dog hair everywhere, pet gloves are the best option. Any kind of Rubber gloves are available at a local medical store and are a relatively cheaper alternative to a lint-roller. Rubber gloves can help remove dog hair from your pants. You should wear rubber gloves and rub over the pants with hair in a single direction. Start on the top of your legs and rub down, or depending upon the texture of your pants, continue rubbing as long as the dog hair rolls off in wads and becomes easily removable using hands. The friction between the rubber gloves and the fabric of your pants will create a static charge that causes the dog hair to stick to the gloves. So, using this trick will allow effortless removal of your dog’s hair from your bottom wear.

Removing Pet Hair from Clothing with a Sponge

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A sponge is a necessary item used in every household for cleaning purposes. This method will help you clear away your dog’s fur from textured clothing like heavy woolens, sweaters, etc. Since a sponge has two surfaces, you’ll need to use the rugged surface for hair removal. Rub the rough side of the sponge gently over the clothes in a single direction. As you continue brushing over the clothing, you’ll notice that the hair will start collecting in a particular section, the fur that was seated deep inside the fabric will become easy to remove. The rough texture of the sponge will remove all the unwanted hair. This method will take a little effort and time from your side. It is a go-to technique for woolen clothing when you don’t want to send your clothes for dry cleaning.

Hair removal using any Tape

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This is a life-saving hack to remove the dog fur from your clothing when you get stuck in an uncomfortable situation. For instance, you are at school or the office and notice that you’ve dog hair all over your pants. This trick will save the day if you are in a pinch. Pat all over your trousers using the sticky side of the tape and remove the hair quickly. The best part about this trick is that you can use any sticky tape to tackle this situation. A sticky tape is a portable item that you can easily squeeze in your bag without a second thought.

Remove Dog Hair using Hands and Water

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This trick can work in your favor when you are in a public space, your clothes are not looking up to the mark due to the presence of hair strands. Go to the restroom, wet your hands, rub them together and flip the excess water off. When the hands become a little damp, start rubbing your hands on your shirt or pants. All the hair will gather onto your hands. You can roll them together, make a furball and throw them in the garbage. Make sure that you don’t use too much water. A tiny amount of water will work just fine.

Pet Hair Remover for Laundry with Tumble Trick

Ever wonder how to remove pet hair from laundry? You can use a tumble dryer to get rid of excessive hair strands stuck on different clothing items all at once. Just put the clothes you want to remove the dog fur from in the dryer for ten minutes without any heat setting. This pet hair remover for laundry process will soften the entangled fibres. However, the hair strands will get trapped inside the lint trap in the tumble dryer. Be extremely careful while adopting this method because there is a decent chance that your clothes may get damaged.

Using White Vinegar in the Washer

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This is a DIY hack that most people perform to remove the unwanted pet hair stuck on their clothes. You’ll have to add half a cup of white vinegar into the washer with your clothes. Using vinegar with clothes in the washer will remove the undesirable hair strands that miss your attention by blending with the fabric of the clothing item. Just make sure that the clothing items in the washer don’t get damaged due to an excessive amount of vinegar.

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Even though shedding is a natural process, it becomes crucial to make sure that you manually Deshed your dog’s unwanted fur. You can find different shedding tools online and in your nearest pet store. If you are not comfortable with the various tools to remove the dog’s unwanted undercoat, you should consult your nearest pet groomers because they’ll use the best method that suits your dog’s fur type to remove the unwanted fur. Since the dog fur tends to regrow at variable rates, ensure that deshedding occurs at regular intervals so that the dog sheds the least amount of hair naturally at your home.


As much as we love our pets, the problem of dealing with pet hair is universal and has to be faced by every pet owner. Proper knowledge about the different tips to remove the pet hair thus becomes extremely important. Furthermore, you don’t want your favorite clothes to look dirty with visible hair strands getting entangled, dampening the overall look of the clothing. So, use these tricks in your favor to look as sleek as possible in your favorite clothes. Your efforts will work to your benefit for sure.