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How to Get Dog Hair off Couch? | Tips and Tools to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Pets bring us so much joy and so many problems, as well, especially when it comes to pet hair. For all pet parents, their pet’s hair inevitably tends to be all over the place. Dog hair on the couch and floor is a common problem. It can be quite a burden to clean off furniture, floor, walls, curtains, clothes, etc. It can certainly feel like a struggle while trying to reduce and remove the amount of pet hair scattered all over the house. However, you can adopt a few methods about how to get dog hair off couch, floor and carpet from the following sections.

Removing Dog Hair from Floor

Dog hair tends to accumulate on all kinds of flooring. So, here are a few ways best pet hair remover tips of keeping floors clean.

#1 Cleaning Hardwood, tile and laminate floors

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A vacuum cleaner might not be the perfect choice for cleaning hardwood, laminate and tile floors. Air coming out of a vacuum cleaner can blow away dog hair and cause them to scatter around at difficult-to-reach places. The best way to pick up dog hair on hardwood floors is to use a microfiber mop or a rubber broom. However, you can use both the equipment to gather pet hair and clean off the floor. A microfiber mop or a rubber broom possesses an electrostatic property that attracts hair from unreachable corners of the house, giving better results than a vacuum cleaner. This method works best for dry surfaces. Though this requires a lot of effort, it is a very effective way of cleaning directly.

#2 How to Pick up Dog Hair from Hard Floors?

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They might not use electrostatic cleaning equipment during wet or humid climates as electrostatic energy is more effective in a dry atmosphere. Here comes the use of damp mops. You can also use dampened mop for the overall cleaning of the house, not just to collect pet hair. For example, you can use a dampened mop and some quantity of detergent or floor cleaner to collect dog hair from all over the place for dust-free surfaces. For even better results, one can vacuum or broom the floor to remove bigger particles and then use a damp mop for a perfect finish floor.

#3 Cleaning Baseboards

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For cleaning baseboards, one can switch to electrostatic wipes or dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are made of fragrant lubricants and liquid softeners coated on the surface of a layer of fabric. The best part about them is they are made of fiber or polyester and can be laundry washed and reused. Dryer sheets wipe out dog hairs from baseboards and clean the baseboards better than before. These sheets and wipes are handy as they are very convenient to use.

How to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet?

Removing pet hair from, carpet areas and rugs are a bit tricky. Dog hair can be found stranded on the carpets’ top layer and tangled within the carpet fibers. Looking for best vacuum for pet hair on carpet, here is the complete guide.


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Pet owners can couch vacuum the large carpet-covered areas or wall-to-wall carpets. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the surface to remove pet hair from rugs and carpets. This loosens the stranded hair while deodorizing the carpets and rugs. Using a rubber broom to remove embedded clumps of hair on carpets and rugs before using a vacuum helps avoid clogging, giving better results.

Using Squeegee or Carpet Brush

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Squeegee or carpet brush is ideal for small area carpets or rugs as these are used manually. You can use a brush to help pull out stranded hair by rolling them into lumps manually. Carpet brush can drag hair lumps across the fabric to remove hair build-ups in the corners or edges of carpets and rugs.

Using Pumice Stone

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A pumice stone can be considered for cleaning both carpets and rugs. A pumice stone acts like a magnet and attracts all pet hair from surfaces of rugs and carpets. Scraping it across the fabric surface helps accumulate dog hair, which can further be removed using a rubber broom.

Robot Vacuum

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Investing in a pet robot vacuum is a good option for those who can afford it. It cleans all the dirt and debris and effectively collects dog hair from all over the floor. It is an automatic machine with sensors and can continuously work all day long. One needs to clean its filters frequently after every use for effective results.

Tips for Removing Dog Hair from Furniture

Dog hairs cover the floor and carpets and take over furniture. Couches are the most prominent places where one can easily find dog hair. Here are some of the best tips for removing dog hair from furniture, let’s get into it.

Use Anti Static Spray

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Anti-static sprays and furniture polishes are used to create dust-free surfaces. In addition, it helps to remove dog hair from wooden furnishings. Also, a microfiber cloth can be made in use to clean wooden furnishings, laminate and glass furniture. All you need is a microfiber cloth sprinkled with water. This will attract pet hair even from the corners of the furniture and improve cleaning.

Use Rubber Gloves

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With a pair of rubber gloves, you can collect clumps of dog hair from upholstered, fabric furniture and couches. To clean these kinds of furniture, dampen the rubber gloves and rub them across the furniture’s surface to gather all the dog hair. Similarly, dampened sponge or rubber squeegee can help to remove dog hair from upholstered furniture and couches.

Use Fabric Softener

With a Fabric softener, you can remove dog hair and deodorize the furniture. Spraying a mixture of water and fabric softener on the furniture gives a hair-free and fresh smelling surface.

How to Get Dog Hair off Couch Using Different Methods?

Velcro or Rubber Gloves

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When you think of how to remove dog hair from couch? This is the perfect option. Rubber gloves and Velcro are based on electrostatic energy. This electrostatic attraction causes pet hair to collect and form into lumps that can be easily handpicked once gathered. Unfortunately, moving rubber gloves over fabrics and furniture generates friction and dog hair tends to stick to them.

Lint Roller

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The lint rollers are convenient for picking up dog hair remover for couch surfaces and any other furniture. The rollers can be rolled along the surface to gather pet hair. Lint rollers are fast and easy to use and can also remove pet hair from clothes.

Vacuum Cleaner

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Using vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dog hair from couch. Yes, Vacs are amongst the ideal tools for removing dog hair. You can carry out vacuuming quickly to remove dog hair from all kinds of floors and furniture. Yes, you can use Vacuum cleaners all around the house as they are more effective in cleaning.

Window Squeegee

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When vacuuming doesn’t provide desired results, you can sometimes opt for Window squeegees. Squeegees with long handles are easy to use. They come with rubber attached to it and can conveniently move back and forth over any surface. The attached rubber helps gather all of the pet hair from a surface by forming lumps that are manually picked out.

Hair Removal Broom

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Rubber brooms are a staple for households having pet dogs. These kinds of brooms can remove dog hair from all types of surfaces. For example, they can be used on hard floors, wooden flooring, or tile and laminate floors. Rubber brooms are also great at sweeping away dog hair from carpets and rugs.

Anti Static Spray

You can use an anti-static cleaning spray to clean wood furnishings, laminate furniture, or glass furniture. It helps to get rid of dog hairs that are stranded deep into the layers of furniture and fabrics. Taking a soft cloth sprayed with anti-static spray and rubbing it over any desired surface leads to better cleaning and removal of fine pet hair. Anti-static spray loosens pet hair from any surface and can also be used before vacuuming for better cleaning.


Getting rid of dog hair can be done in a lot of ways. However, Adopting better methods of cleaning pet hair can help get rid of them permanently. In addition, grooming pets at regular intervals and taking care of their health and hygiene can result in cleaner households.