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How to Drill Straight Holes without a Drill Press – DIY 90 Degree Drill Guide

Drilling a hole is almost an easy task when you have a drill press. First, of course, it helps to dig a straight-deep hole. Have you ever wondered about any other means of drilling a hole without a drill press? With a drill press, you can drill a straight hole with ease. Are there any other means to do so? If yes, then how to drill a straight hole without a Drill Press? There are certain ways by which you can drill a straight hole even if you do not have a drill press.

How to Drill a Straight Hole without a Drill Press?

It is now clear that a drill press is unnecessary as long as you are creative. So, there are certain ways by which we can create many DIY tools and pieces of machinery that will help drill a perfectly vertical hole.

Method 1: Drill Square Hole using Metal Tubing

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  • Step 1: This step includes all the tools and attachments you will need along with the piece you wish to drill on. In hardware, you will be using steel square tubing. Some hacksaw, clamps, and drill bits will help.
  • Step 2: Search for a suitable metal piece in the shape of square tubing. This piece will help you keep steady and drill straight. Being cubical will help a lot and must have a 90-degree alignment. You can find this kind of piece from a hardware store or any local metal shop or factory.
  • Step 3: This step includes cutting. Cut the steel tubing into a small square for a length of about 4cm.
  • Step 4: Place the cut square steel piece painted side down on the board or wooden piece you wish to drill on and drill.

Method 2: DIY Drill Straight Jig

This is a DIY way to drill a hole

Drill Straight Jig Image
  • Step 1: Let’s just start by cutting off a piece of wood in a perfect square shape from a long wooden rectangle. Now stick the square piece on the remaining rectangle using the glue. Clamp the 2 pieces together tightly while the glue sets up. Make sure you leave some margin from the top of the square piece, giving us an L-shaped area.
  • Step 2: The L-shaped area holds the nail or drill bits straight. Now place that over the board or piece you wish to drill on.
  • Step 3: Use your hand to hold the clamp tightly against the board. You can easily drill on any board straight 90 degrees using this DIY. You can modify this model by making a jig to pass your drill easily. This is to get equal-sized holes.

Method 3: Drilling Straight Holes using CD or DVD

Now let’s just say your DIY model is not what it was supposed to be, or your craft is not up to the mark. These are some other techniques too that will help you with the same.

Drilling Straight Holes using CD Image
  • Step 1: If you see a CD or DVD lying around you can use it. Well, these discs have a circular-shaped margin in the middle. This margin will let you drill for passing through and hold it still in the process. You just have to hold it tightly. Make sure the disc should not move. Else you will not get a straight hole.
  • Step 2: You can use any 2 small wooden blocks or an L-shaped clamp to give you an area to drill through. You have to place your drill in the middle of the ‘L’ and hold the clamp tightly into the position.
  • Step 3: Lastly, you can use a guide attachment. This will make your drilling machine into a drill press and work perfectly. You can set the depth you want to drill to and change the angle. This will act as your portable drill press and can be carried in your bag too. This will dig the hole straight.


And those were some easy and creative ideas by which you can drill a straight hole easily. Now you no longer need a drill press. Hopefully, you have learned how to use and make these ideas step by step. Using these methods, you can now create a hole easily at any angle and of any depth.

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