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Why Don’t My Parents Want a Dog? How to Convince Them to Buy One

You’ve often thought about petting him, walking him, and sleeping next to him at night – your best friend for life. But your parents don’t seem so enthusiastic about the idea. You can beg for food, but Mom and Dad will never give in, no matter how much you beg. It is hard to imagine how your life would be if you didn’t have a pet dog. You feel desperate, frustrated and confused. You have so many friends who have dogs, so why can’t you? If you still want a pet dog, don’t give up – we will show you how. Don’t worry, and we are here to help you and give you some tips on how to convince your parents to get a dog if they don’t want one.

How to Convince your Parents to Let you Get a Dog?

There might 10 to 100 tricky ways to convince your parents to get a puppy or dog. But proper plan with sincerity is always the right choice to persuade your parents or someone from whom you need permission to get a dog.

1. Follow the Plan

Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, he needs food, walks, exercise, grooming, and training. By creating a list of daily tasks, you show your parents that you understand how much time and effort to raise a dog. If you don’t have an excellent track record of responsibility, then it is time to start some. you have to begin by proving to them that you will help your parents a lot. You will help them so much that she won’t even have to remind you to walk your new pet or clean up after him.

2. Tell them How You Intend to Implement the Routine

It will be better if you should discuss how you plan to implement this routine with them. Will you get up earlier to feed and walk the dog? Are you willing to give up some after-school training to take care of him? Will you clean up after him? Are you willing to provide the cost? Families get dogs for their kids, but their parents typically do all the work. Let them know you’re willing to take on a lot of the responsibility.

3. List Out Everything

Getting a dog has several benefits. For one thing, it’s like having a companion for family time. They add security and teach you life skills like sacrifice, compassion, etc. Having a dog means spending more time as a family. Family walks, backyard games, and training sessions are some of the activities that the entire clan can enjoy. It might make you feel safer to own a dog. You don’t have to get a guard dog, but you can train most breeds to know who is welcome in your home. Plus, households with dogs are less likely to be stolen.

4. Do Research

Each breed has its characteristics, from size and appearance to temperament and exercise requirements. A cute dog you see in the park may not suit your family. For instance, if you want a dog to go hiking during the summer, you may want a breed that does well in the water. A large breed may take up too much space when you live in an apartment. Describe your reasons for wanting a particular breed. You might want a Corgi, but you might like a Lhasa. Research different breeds and how you can adopt a dog to your home. Take into account factors such as your location, climate, dog food availability, etc.

5. Decide What You Want

Many dog breeds you see listed as underdog breeds for people who like to be alone are not recommended for living with your family, but it is important to make sure you choose a breed that everyone in the family can live with. There is a lot of work with puppies! Unlike an adult dog (18 months or older), they have already done a lot of that work (and paid for some of those puppy-only costs) for you. It is worth considering getting an adult dog instead of a puppy. If you cannot convince your parents to get a dog, embrace the idea of having an adult dog. After all, an adult dog is WAY better than none – believe us.

6. Talk to your parents about their concerns

If your mom or dad is allergic to dogs, you could give them a list of hypoallergenic breeds. If they’re worried about your grades or extracurricular activities, you shouldn’t get defensive. Listen carefully and respond honestly. It’s essential to listen to their concerns. Then, please provide them with a reasonable time to consider your proposal. Owning a dog can be a joy, but it’s also a responsibility. The more your parents see that you are capable and willing to take on that responsibility, the more likely you might get a dog.

7. Buy a Dog When You’ve Saved Enough Money

Save enough money to buy a dog and pay for his care and upkeep. If you’re too young to work outside the house, you might want to consider a paper route for extra income. We think if you are too young to get a dog now, you must realize you will only be able to have one when you are old enough to accept one from your parents. They are the ones who pay the bills, so they will get to decide what happens to the dog. Your parents can see that you are responsible for saving when you have enough in your savings account.


Even if you have done everything to win your parents over, there is one more thing you can do. Try writing them a letter. Maybe, in all their worries about costs, time, and responsibility, your parents have just forgotten how AMAZING you are. If, at first, you don’t succeed, don’t give up! You don’t hear “man’s best friend” for nothing! Keep on trying and good luck! We’re rooting for you because we know what joy a dog (whether pup or adult) can bring. Hope this article well guided you on how to ask your parents for a pet.