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How to Clean a Dusty Window Fan? 6 Simple Methods & Tips

Every fan in the house or office gets dirty due to dust and debris accumulated over its top. This problem is common in electric window fans which are great things in getting dirty faster. And this situation could affect air circulation. Hence, it asks us to clean our window fans from time to time, minimum weekly, to get ample air circulation. However, let’s not forget how tiresome that task could be. Moreover, one can find different fan models that demand different cleaning methods. But, don’t worry, we got you. There are some basic and simple tools nowadays needed to clean a window exhaust fan, making it simpler. For a hassle-free cleaning know how to clean a window fan. 

Things Required to Get a Spotless Window Fan

As said earlier, all that is necessary for cleaning window fans is super simple. Household tools found in every house are sufficient; no need for any complicated ones. Below are the primary things essential for acquiring a spotless window fan-

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Any kind of mild soap
  • Soft and non-abrasive cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Brush or sponge

With those things mentioned above, one can get a sparkly and shiny fan in just 30 minutes of cleaning.

How to Clean a Window Fan?

Let us enlighten you about the various ways of cleaning a window fan. However, in all these methods, one must remove the grill from their fan to eliminate dust. This process will ensure cleaning fan blades mot effectively. So, it is important to fix that grill to the fan after cleaning securely; failing to do so may lead to misfortunes.

Method-1 : Vacuum Cleaner

Firstly, arrange the necessary equipment of a vacuum cleaner and unplug your box window fan’s cord from its electrical source. Always wait for its blades to stand still, and do not hurry. It is not safe to start cleaning the fan immediately after unplugging because there might be chances of electric accidents. Later, remove it from the window & place it on a flat table surface. There is a grill attached to your fan for safety against blades. This grill and its shots capture dust more, requiring people to vacuum multiple times in those areas. Use your hand vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of blades to eliminate dust particles present in every corner. With proper vacuuming, you will see a spotless window fan in no time.

Method-2 : Cloth

There is another way of cleaning the grill. Use any kind of non-abrasive cloth to wipe your window fan’s grill. With such a cloth and any cleaning solution, one can remove the dirt from the blades. As we use a wet cleaning solution here, it is best to keep the blades for a few minutes under the sun. Do not put up wet blades back on your fan because it can lead to electrical accidents.

Method-3 : Leaf Blower

A leaf blower that gives out high-speed air can remove dust and debris, literally in a breeze. Use your blower in front of the blades and grill in a motion. It is a quicker and simpler process demanding little time and effort. So, those who have a leaf blower in their garage can follow this method.

Method-4 : Degreaser

Ammonia water effectively cleanses a window fan when wiped along with a cloth. However, putting pressure on blades and thoroughly washing off the rag is not all preferable. Be aware of not pouring water into your fan’s motor, which might lead to electrical accidents. Besides, detergents could lead to sticky situations, so it is better not to use them.

Method-5 : Hot or Warm Water

Among all other cleaning agents, Steam water is efficient in getting rid of any nasty dust. If the dirt becomes hard, then submerge all blades in warm soap solution for a few minutes and wipe them spotless. After applying steam, all you need is a towel to wipe these blades and the grill.

Method-6 : Automotive Cleaners

These cleaning agents are readily available in the market for cleaning window fans. Using these agents, one can make even their window fan with air filter spotless and put it under the sun for quite some time to dry up. This method is not very effective because most debris particles are hard to remove. So, we recommend using these agents with warm water for better results. After wiping with a wet cloth, use a dry cloth to dry off. That’s it!

Tips and Safety Precautions

  • To avoid electrical accidents, do not forget to unplug the electricity source before cleaning a window fan.
  • Try to clean the window fan at least once a week to keep it working efficiently. Dirt particles will become difficult to clean if left for a long time.
  • Soak the kitchen window exhaust fan blades before wiping their dirt to make the build-up soft.
  • Dry these blades and grills completely before putting them back. Ensure there is no moisture left on them.
  • When your window fan is not in use, wrap it in a plastic bag so that no dust can enter.


1. How to clean a window fan without taking it apart?

Ans: We can easily clean unremovable parts of window fans with compressed air cans. Gently spray the compressed air on blades and grills. Later, wipe them with non-abrasive cloth.

2. How can you keep window fans clean in a short time?

Ans: Dust-repellent sprays are the perfect answer to this question. When applied on top of a window fan and both sides of its blades, a dust-repellent spray will keep a window fan clean in a short time. Wipe the whole thing with a soft cloth.

3. Is vacuum cleaner effective for cleaning window fans?

Ans: Yes, Vacuum cleaners can come in handy in cleaning window fans because they suck up most dirt particles from top surfaces.


Basic tools present in a household can help a person clean window fans. Depending on using a window fan and your surrounding environment, clean your small or whole house window fan quickly following all steps mentioned above. Be aware of the electricity connection while unplugging and putting the fan back on. Apart from those above methods, there are compressed air cans which are in wide demand currently to get a super clean window fan. So, get your window fan as spotless as a new one in no time.