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How to Clean Your Dutsy Floor Fan Within Minutes?

Fans are one of the few things we tend to forget to clean. We use them every day, which makes them susceptible to accumulating dust and debris with each passing day. If not cleaned promptly, a floor fan will circulate dust and dirty air throughout a house. Moreover, it would not only spread dirt and pollen in the air you breathe but will also trigger allergies. Eventually, your floor fan will become less effective over time, and every dust build-up will be significantly visible. In addition, excess dust can cause technical difficulties affecting this appliance’s motor, wiring, and other essential parts. This will ultimately result in a reduced life span of the floor fan. Therefore, it is important to clean it once in a while to get good air and extend its life span. So lets dive into the hacks and process of how to clean a floor fan.

How to Clean a Floor Fan?

How to Clean Fan Blades?

Cleaning a floor fan might not require too much effort if it is not overly loaded with grime and dust. So, for slightly dirty ones, follow these methods below:

Method-1 : Blow Your Fan

Blowing works in many cases when a floor fan does not have any heavy dust build-ups or solidified dirt. One can use a nozzle or a hose attached to their vacuum cleaner to dust off debris from their fan’s blades. This method can be used at the beginning and end of fan seasons. Also, it is quite effective if carried out at regular intervals to maintain a clean environment.

Method-2 : Wipe Your Fan

Another method to cleaning dusty fan blades is wiping. Using dampened towels or wipes can conveniently remove all the filth from surfaces. However, you might need to use some cleaning solutions for better results. Additionally, make sure to unplug your appliance before starting with this procedure.

Fan Cleaning Hacks

Though most fans do well when we just clean their exteriors, some might require extra effort to work efficiently. These appliances, when heavily loaded with layers of grime and dirt, need proper cleaning from their exteriors as well as interiors. So, in such situations, go for these steps below:

  • If you own an electrical floor fan, make sure to unplug it from its power source before cleaning. As for battery-operated ones, turn off their power units to avoid any kind of mishaps.
  • Next up, dismantle your device’s exterior set up and remove its wire grill. Use a screwdriver to remove screws and free the front and rear grill.
  • Now, to clean these grills, take a container or tub, large enough filled with warm water. Add any kind of cleaning solution to it. Later, soak the grill in this cleaning mixture for some time.
  • Proceed further by removing fan blades from the rotor and dipping them into that above-prepared water solution.
  • Now, to clean the motor stem, use a blower or compressor. This would quickly blow away all debris settled there. Furthermore, check the motor’s front and rear portions to ensure proper cleaning.
  • You can also wipe this motor’s body with gentle wipes or a fiber cloth. Dampen a cloth and wipe off all smudges and visible dirt. Dishwashing gel will also come to aid in cleaning your appliance’s exterior body.
  • Once done with all this process, dry all the components and reassemble them in order.
  • Finally, make sure to properly dry the fan before plugging it into its power supply.

Cleaning other Types of Fans

When it comes to fans, there are some famous kinds like ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and tower fans, apart from floor fans. So, let us take a look at easiest way to clean any type of a fan:

Ceiling Fan

  • Firstly, spread a sheet or a rough cloth on the floor just below your ceiling fan to accumulate all debris, preventing it from scattering everywhere.
  • Now, with a dusting cloth, brush away loose dust from your appliance’s blades. One can also use a broom or a long-handled brush to pull out all dirt particles.
  • Lastly, take a dampened cloth to wipe its blades’ surface to ensure a sqeaky clean dustless fan.
  • Although, remember not to apply pressure as this might bend the ceiling fan causing it to fall off its ceiling.

Exhaust Fan

This kind can get extremely dirty and sticky with every use. So, use a degreaser to remove the grime and soak its filters in hot water. You can also use a damp cloth with some cleaning solution to wipe those exteriors. Besides, replacing your device’s filters can also work.

Tower Fan

  • Tower fans need a similar cleaning procedure as that to those floor ones.
  • Firstly, unplug your fan from its power source.
  • Use a vacuum attached to a nozzle and blow air on the grill to dust off all debris. Move the vacuum nozzle throughout its vents to ensure all over dusting.
  • Now, switch on your fan to blow out the remaining dust accumulated inside its tower.
1. How to open a fan to clean?

Ans: The fan is easy to dessemble with slight attempt of unscewing the bolts and taking apart the dome and the baldes. Once you took apart them you can vacuum them and wipe them clean.

2. How to clean a floor fan without taking it apart?

Ans: If you cannot take apart the fan then the best way to clean a fan is by blowing it with compressed air so that all debris will be flown away.

3. How often to clean floor fan?

Ans: It is advisable to clean your floor fan every 3-4 weeks.


Fans are responsible for supplying fresh air and maintaining the airflow in all our houses. Unfortunately, dust particles tend to attract and settle on these appliances’ blades making them look filthy. With all the dirt and dust circulating, it becomes necessary to clean them as and when needed. Moreover, using appropriate cleaning methods can enhance their performance and ensure that they last for a longer time.