How to calm a cat down inage

How to Keep Your Cat Calm? | The 5 Simple Ways

One must observe and understand the nature and behaviour of cats to keep them calm and happy. Felines tend to get stressed and go insane occasionally, which is interestingly a part of their nature. Stressing or getting anxious affects their health and causes some distress. It will affect the way they interact and bond with their parents.

Triggers That May Cause Distress in Cats

Our furry friends get upset over many things. The stressed cat symptoms include car trips, a visit to the veterinarian, unfamiliar people, dogs, and sometimes other cats. one must look out for the triggers that may cause their pet to act bizarrely. Cats always mark their territory, objects, and even people with their natural pheromones, making them feel safe and secure.

Unfamiliar scents cause distress among them. Cats are susceptible to sounds. Loud noises of other animals, including cats, and strange people, often startle them. These cute cats are also sensitive to touch. They don’t like to be petted for a longer time. Sometimes, whisker stress may be a reason for them to get anxious. So make make sure of your cat mood and know when do kittens calm down with simple steps.

Signs of Stress in Cats

An unhappy cat will often twitch the end of its tail as a sign of warning to others. They will not think twice to use their perfect, sharp claws in self-defence. If cat feels threatened, they are likely to hide or crouch down to make them imperceptible and avoid any potential danger.

How to Calm Down a Cat?

You may wonder why my cat is very jumpy and nervous? When you notice anxiety in cats symptoms, one must know what triggers it and need to calm them down accordingly.

Remain Calm

One must always focus on being calm because cats never respond to negative tones. These kittens tend to get stressed if they find a change in their humans. It is better to wait for our furry companions to come on their own than to force them to be social. It is important to understand and create a bond with them.

Playing Provides Ease

Most cats love to play, especially with their parent(s). In order to create a diversion and help them calm down, one can play with them if their pets are comfortable. Kittens, in particular, tend to forget their rough patch and calm down easily if they spend some quality time playing.

Create a Safe Place

Our furry friends love high vantage points from where they can keep an eye out. Relaxation is an essential part of their destressing routine. It is essential to provide a safe, peaceful place to calm down whenever they get stressed or anxious. Allowing the cats to feel like they are in charge of their surroundings will help relaxed cat, opt for a comfortable cat bed.

A Visit to The Vet

If the cats behave abnormally suddenly and it gets challenging to calm down, a visit to the veterinarian may help the pet parents figure out. Most doctors suggest that sudden change in behaviour and constant frustrating activities can signify underlying issues like hyperthyroidism, making them behave unusually.

Understanding and Bonding

One must understand the body language of their pets and their natural behaviours. One must spend some quality time with their kittens to get to know them and create a bond with them. For instance, if the cat hisses when one is about to pet him, it might be a sign to stop. One must know their pets to understand them and help them.

How To Calm a Stressed Cat?

If their pets get unstable or anxious, it is important to provide them with space and create a diversion. The cats will come back to their parents on their terms when comfortable. Cats love familiar things and people. It is a part of their nature to lick everything and cover them in their pheromones to make themselves feel secure.

It is essential to stick to the regular routines as much as possible since a change in their activities may cause them to get stressed and scared. One can leave some interesting scratching posts or boxes around the house, which will help their pet cats to alleviate some stress.

How To Calm an Aggressive Cat?

People must acknowledge the basic fact that pets do not react aggressively to anyone or anything unless they feel threatened. A cat may come off aggressive when it defends or protects its territory or possessions. Aggression is not only the result of dominance but also of fear. Both are considered extremely dangerous.

One of the best ways to calm aggressive cats is to give them plenty of space and ample hiding spots where they can relax and calm down. Leaving them undisturbed can calm them down promptly. Patience and understanding will help to calm an aggressive kitten. Once the situation gets better, take the cat to an animal behaviourist and train him properly.

How To Calm a Scared Cat?

Fear is one of the hardwired emotions in cats. One must always move slowly towards the scared kittens since quick movements will worsen. Don’t try to move them or pick them up since there is a huge possibility that the cats may redirect their fear and stress on their parents and behave aggressively. You must work on removing the source of stress immediately.

The cat can be left alone in a room where they feel safe. One can even try turning on stress-reducing cat music. You must get to know your cats and prepare yourself for such situations. A tall cat condo may help cats calm down since they love to watch the happenings from a height. Cats feel safe being up in a high place, and it may also serve as a great escape place for them.

How To Calm a Cat at Night?

To get a good night’s rest and keep the cats calm, the pet parents must know that cats are crepuscular, which means they are most likely to be active at twilight and dawn. Cats tend to sleep most of the day, and the doctors recommend upping cat’s playtime in day time instead of playing at night. This may help them to fall asleep at night. Playing with them at the end of the day will ensure they get excess energy out. It is essential to feed them in the evening since hunger could be a reason to keep on meowing at night.

If it fails to keep the cat calm, one can get a timed feeder to help them out. Dimming the light where they sleep may also get them to sleep throughout the night. Since the cats are molded to behave in this way, one must not change immediately or control their behavior. Instead, one must keep the cat busy with other things to do. If the problem persists, a visit to the vet will help to figure out the reasons behind it and help the cats accordingly.

How To Calm a Cat in The Car?

It is indeed a fact that car rides can pressurize the cats. one must train their kitties right from the beginning to avoid distress during a car ride. Whether it is a quick drive to the vet or an extended vacation, untrained cats hate to travel and create a fuss.

It is important for the cat to feel safe in a carrier. To get the cat used to a car ride, one can leave the cat carrier out in the house and let the cat get comfortable with the carrier. Once the cat is used to a carrier, one can take them out for short trips to train them to travel in a car. One must make sure there is good airflow, and the ride will be much better if the cat is provided with its toys, towels, and calming cat treats.


Slow and steady wins the race. One must remain calm and help your cats to calm down whenever necessary. It is important to understand them before handling them and helping them. One should never try to control them. Giving them space they require and relaxing will help them remain calm in almost every case. It takes time for our furry companions to get used to us and our surroundings, and it is worth the wait. Hope now you get a knows how’s to calm a cat down.