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How to Make a Log Splitter? – Build it Yourself

Log splitters are quite a useful piece of machinery. They are used to split the firewood from softwood and hardwood logs. Those logs are already cut into smooth rounds and sections. You can get log splitters easily from hardware stores. People working in forests or for any woodwork use it. Do you know that there are some ways by which you can build a log splitter at home? Here you will know all the possible explanations and mechanisms on how to build a log splitter.

How to Build a Log Splitter?

Building a log splitter is becoming more of a DIY (Do It Yourself) task. To build your own log splitter it requires a lot of hard work and phases. Here are the main steps and phases you have to go through:

Step-1 : Planning

It includes everything you would consider everything to develop. Starting from the size. Since you are building it yourself, you have to be clear that more the size more is the patience and hard work required. Then the second factor is power. There are many options to choose from the cheapest 7 hp to the most expensive ones. The more the power, the more is their weight and easier it will be to cut. Then comes the pump and hydraulics part. And the oil tanker with axle follows the list. This planning phase is all about collecting all the possible tools, parts, and plans to work on and with.

Step-2 : Implementation

This phase is all about assembling the parts. This is one of the most crucial parts of development. Everything should be accordingly and properly tied with other parts.

Step-3 : Testing

This phase is the last phase of development. Here you will test the machine you have built. Check everything properly and more than once for surety.

Plans to Build a Log Splitter

You can choose from many log splitter plans for building one.

1. Log Splitter Made of Scrap and Leftovers

Many ideas will help you build a splitter using scrap and garbage. make useful splitter out from waste.

2. Homemade Log Splitter

You can simply collect all the parts and assemble them to form a splitter. You get various options to select from, be it for the power, pumps, or any other part.

3. DIY Wood Splitter

This is a DIY homemade log splitter but is different from others. It comes with a pointed unicorn shape. It will go directly into the wood and tear the firewood apart. This can be one of the awesome gifts for your wood-worker friends.

4. Portable Hydraulic Log Splitter

You can build a small portable cutter working with hydraulic lift principle. This cutter can be a great replacement for your small log splitter. The work will be the same, but it may take longer due to its size.

5. Screw Splitter

Another replacement for a log splitter would be a screw splitter. Of course, working will be the same but the shape will be different. This will be an electrically-powered tool to help you split the wood in a controlled manner.

6. Use Kinetic Energy

To cut something, you need to apply force and pressure over it. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. You can create a cut easily using a swing movement or any forceful impact. It is also known as a wheel of debt. It is cheap and easy to use. The logs are placed on a platform, and then the turning wheel hits the log forcefully, thus cutting. This will be easily adaptable to the materials used around.

7. Redneck Splitter

This is a vertically tall alternate for a regular splitter. The logs are placed at ground levels, and the cutter is dropped from a height resulting in splitting the firewood. This is another example of a DIY splitter. It is named redneck because of its color when developed.

8. Basic Powered Log Splitter

It is also a homemade splitter that you will not find almost anywhere. An ax-shaped tool is attached at one end horizontally and an open area to place your log. The log is then pressed against the ax using a moving wall-like structure. This then causes a crush of wood when pressed. And thus, splitting the part you wished for. Again, it is an economic model that can be easily developed at home.

9. Heavy and Big Splitter

There is always an option for building a big and heavy splitter that will minimize your lifting efforts. This design is very hefty and costly. Building one can take a good amount of your time and money. However, the designer claimed that he found not a single log that this machine could not cut. So, if you are looking for an accurate and precise device, you can choose this one.


Hopefully, you have learned a lot about how many types of log splitters you can build. Building them will not be an easy task. Some will cost you a lot of time, and some will cost money. The question will be whether you should buy one or build one yourself.