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8 Free DIY Pans and Step to Build a Dog House – Complete Guide

Are you wondering about providing a good house for your dog? Doghouses are accompanied by simple projects and can be completed by anyone with basic building skills. It will take half too few days. Before building any doghouses, try to measure the dimensions according to your dog’s size to be the right fit for you. The homemade outdoor dog kennel ideas will ensure a safe place for your pet and protection from harsh weather. Owners can take pride in making the house. Read to know some of the impressive insulated dog house plans, Now lets check out how to build a dog house with simple step by step guide.

Dog House Plans

#1 House With Porch

This doghouse is perfect for any dog of all sizes. It has enough lounging space and dogs get plenty of coverage from elements. It is also very sturdy and comfortable for your dog.

#2 Medium Size Houses

This house is excellent for small or medium-sized dogs and covers all elements. It also has a space to place the dog’s name on the outside.

#3 Modern Doghouse

It resembles a super cute tiny house, with ample rooms for small or medium-sized dogs. You can change the dimension for large dogs.

#4 Creative House

This doghouse is fun, creative and adorable for your dog. The creative dog house has a tiny front porch and space to add light. Dogs feel secure with added light, and they will not be afraid of darkness.

#5 Crooked House

This doghouse is a bit cartoonish where it is very simple to build. It is one of the unique dog houses.

#6 Tropical Doghouse

A dog who loves to live close to water or go on a vacation can stay in these tropical doghouses. It is comfortable for larger dogs with cute details in it.

#7 Geometric Doghouse

This type of doghouse is a bit smaller for medium-sized dogs. However, it is a good fit for smaller dogs and visually appealing.

#8 Camper Doghouse

The Camper is one of the adorable doghouses that appears fit for smaller dogs. It looks very fancy.

How To Build a Dog House?

Building a doghouse should be attractive and safe for your companion. There are some basic principles, which are essential to remember. Here is complete step by step guide on how to build a dog house, lets check it out.

#Step 1 (Plan For Doghouse)

The house should consist of a floor above the ground to prevent water leakage on the rainiest days. It will also isolate the floor from the cold ground during winters. You should scale the dimensions up or down as necessary for your dog’s accommodation. The doghouse should be large enough so that your dog can turn around quickly in it. A small house gets heated efficiently by a dog’s natural body heat.

#Step 2 (Frame The Base)

The second step is to take two 24 treated wood studs and cut them into 43-inches lengths. Then two 24 treated wood studs are cut into 27-inch lengths. The last one is one 2-4 treated wood studs cut into 24-inch length. You need to frame a box with these studs to create a 29-inch wide and 47-inch long base.

#Step 3 (Sheath The Base)

All the wood studs mentioned the need to be fixed with deck screws to create a solid floor which is the central part of doghouse plans. It keeps your pet from being exposed to elements. Eight 1-6 boards of treated woods are taken to cut into 29-inch lengths. A hammer or nail gun is used to attach 3inch galvanized nails to each cardboard end. The gaps are used to keep the interior cool in hot weather.

#Step4 (Create The Back Wall Framing)

For the back wall, you have to cut three 24 inch non treated wood studs cut into 27-inch lengths and ten 24inch non treated wood studs cut into thirteen 3/8-inch lengths.

#Step 5 (Create The Front Wall Framing)

After the floor is completed, the frames for walls need to be made. For this, you need four 24inch non treated wood studs, which are cut into 27-inch lengths. Next, 10 non treated wood studs are taken of 24inch lengths cut into 13 3/8- inch lengths.

#Step 6 (Create Left And Right Wall Framing)

Repeat all the steps mentioned above for sidewall framing. Then, use 3-inch screws to fix all of them.

# Step 7 (Attach The Framing Walls)

After framing the front walls, fasten them together using 2-1/2-inch deck screws. After that, attach the walls to the base allowing expanding 1inch at both sides and back.

# Step 8 (Create The Roof Framing)

For framing the roof, you need four 2*4 non treated wood studs that need to be cut to 18-inches lengths. Next, attach a metal plate at the endpoint where woods are joined. Use a drill, and 3-inches screws are used to connect them.

#Step 9 (Mount The Roof Framing)

After framing, mount the roof framing flush on sides and back with a 12-inch overhang on the front. Fasten them together with 2-1/2-inch deck screws. All the bar rafters are joined when they meet each other. After that, a metal plate is attached to connect the screws.

#Step 10 (Install The Siding)

For installing the siding, use ½-inch plywood or any other material according to your choice. The sizes should be according to the needs of your dog. Measure it for getting precise dimensions. The side of the roof frame includes siding material. Fasten everything all together with 1-1/4-inch deck screws.

#Step 11(Attach The Roofing)

Attach the roof cut ¾-inch plywood to 49 ½ inches by 46 ½ inches. After fastening the plywood to the framing with a ¾-inch, overhang on the front, sides and back. Next, you can install a drip edge around the perimeter of the roof. Next, you can apply felt paper and asphalt shingles.

#Step 12 (Attach The Trim)

The next step is to attach the trip using 1-by-3inch trim boards. Attachment can be done using construction adhesive and brad nailer. Always measure it for getting precise dimensions. No additional steps are required for basic doghouse after this, but the continuation can be done for additional up-gradation.

#Step 13 (Create The Side Door Opening)

For creating a side door opening, cut out a 24-inch-by-33inches rectangle from the sides. Remove the bottom frame piece after this and cut out any extra material from the edges of the siding. It will allow a new door to swing open more easily and frequently. An additional framing to the back of the wall can be done above the cut-out.

#Step 14 (Install The Door)

You can cut out the piano hinge as per the size and attach it to the doghouse to install the door. Screws, which are connected to the piano hinge, can be used. You can bolt a ¼-inch threaded eye bolt into the 5/16-inch hole and secure it with a nut. Another thread eyebolt can be built of ¼-inch to the bottom of the door.

#Step 15 (Attach The Grass Roofing)

Between two eyebolts span 16-inches of chain and connect it using 1/8-inch quick and metal snap hook. Natural grass or plants can also be planted here using saplings and soil. Dogs will love this natural environment around them.

#Step 16 (Construct The Ramp Base)

For grass roofing, the top portion fasten1-by-6trim around it. It should stick upto 1/ ½ inches above the roof. The trim should be left of the back for drainage. You can staple a flet paper between 1-by-6 trim. You can use rubber-roofing material for better waterproofing and apply it to plywood with construction adhesive. Silicone sealant fills any gaps along edges to prevent water leakage. Artificial grasses can be adhered to using exterior-grade construction adhesive.

#Step 17 (Cover The Ramp With Artificial Grass)

To construct the ramp base:

  • Cut the left ramp profile using ½-inch plywood to match sidings. Make sure to cut our right ramp profiles of 3/4inches of plywood.
  • Attach both sides using pocket screws and construction adhesive to give extra strength; according to the shown dimension, cut the middle surfaces.
  • For additional strength, add framing as required.

#Step 18 (Secure The Ramp)

After stapling felt paper on top of the ramp surface, use rubber-roofing material for better waterproofing and apply it to plywood. Artificial grass can be attached with construction adhesive.

#Step 19 (Ensuring Stability)

For securing the ramp, drive 3-inch deck screws from inside the dog house through studs into the side of the ramp. Add blocking to fill the gaps between ramp and doghouse for more stability.


Insulation should be included in the doghouse plan using a variety of materials. Dog’s deserves a comfortable home so that you can upgrade it from time to time. This dog house ideas guide above shows you to build a suitable doghouse design it. It is essential to keep your pet comfortable. Using recycled carpet is a cost-effective solution for building doghouses.